Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday, Monday

I hope that you all had a wonderful day celebrating those special Fathers in your lives and I want thank you for all of your very sweet and touching sentiments on my Fathers Day post. 

Fathers are unique to every family and carry the history of our ancestor's going back through time. 

Fathers always teach us, either by example or default. 

Either way, they keep us connected to our history and we must always try our best to honor our lineage by carrying on those positive attributes and strengths passed down to us by our Father's and Grandfather's before us. 

By passing on those positive attributes and leaving the negative behind, we ensure future generations blessings beyond measure. 

Speaking of blessings, we have had a few days of sun and clouds of equal measure, especially nice for Father's Day, as I hosted a little celebration for The Mr. 

Here's the beaming Man of the Hour, surrounded by three of his favorite guy's. 

From left to right; son in law, Eric (Heather) , Dennis, Gabe (eldest son) and Dustin (youngest). 

Another special guest, Weenie Baby, takes a little time out where she can keep her eye on both the inside and outside. 

You know, just in case somebody drops something tasty :)

Her partner in crime, Peanut savors a morsel. 

On the menu: 

Chicken Kabobs with pineapple and red pepper

Beef Kabobs with green pepper, sweet onion and mushrooms

Garden Macaroni Salad

Green Salad with golden 'cherry' tomatoes

Corn on the cob

Watermelon slices

Popsicle Champagne (served with popsicle in glass - yum!)

Boston Cream Pie

This is my messy plate. 

It was good. 

You'll have to take my word for it. 

I was running around for days to get ready for it all. 

Then it was over in a flash. 

Funny how that works! 

I meant to get photos of everyone, but I was so busy. 

I did manage to take this sweet photo of my daughter in law Erica (Gabe), and my 'soon to be' daughter in law, Jen (Dustin). 

One nice thing about this time of life for me is that my family keeps on growing in lovely ways! 

I did manage to take some photos before everyone arrived.

My sweet Mr. brought me home these beautiful yellow lilies on Friday. 

They look perfect with my redecorated kitchen. 

I can't have a beach cottage, but I can create my own right here. 

No matter that the sea is an hour away......

The yellow lilies look so pretty with the blues and greens. 

A little peek - I will show you all the details next time. 

Today I am just going to relax after my busy days of cleaning, shopping, and entertaining.

I love having my whole family here, filling the house with love and laughter. 

I enjoyed honoring the wonderful Father my husband is.


Today is the last day of our nice weather, so I am going to gather some roses and do a little reminiscing. 

I hope you had a lovely weekend and that you have some wonderful reminiscences of your own. 



  1. you have a beautiful (growing) family. :)

  2. Looks like everyone had a good time and the food looks yummy.,

  3. Beautiful family and love the flowers!

  4. It's always wonderful having family over. : )

  5. The flowers are stunning.
    You are blessed with your family, and the dogs are cute too :)

    I believe beside God, the you are standing behind your amazing family as amazing Mother.

    Love your house as always. It smells Love, kindness, tenderness, and caring each other.


  6. You don't have a cottage by the sea but I must say that you have a space that is just as perfect in the trees! Your family is so lovely!!! And your plate of yummies literally made my stomach growl!!! YUM! Did you make the pie?? I haven't had Boston cream pie in sooo long!!! Your table and home are so inviting! And your blooms rock!

  7. Lovely photos - it looks like everyone had a wonderful time. The house and deck are decorated so beautifully. We had nice weather for two days now - I think that is our limit. I haven't heard the little frog across the street singing yet - but he still might tonight.

  8. It's nice to spend the day with family, you have got a delightful garden and a very cute little dog!

  9. I love the first and last photos, Karen, how you framed the view and roses, so pretty. Looks like you had a lovely day with your wonderful family and pets :)

  10. Looks like it was a wonderful weekend. Weenie Baby is adorable!!

  11. Yummmm - your party looks delicious. It's so nice you were all able to get together for Fathers Day.

  12. What a beautiful family, their story is beautiful home decorated in greater whim! my friend I also have a Gabriel, Gabriel sweet and soft.
    I like honoring parents too, my now dead but his memory lives in me and step into the next generation. My husband is a wonderful father, and loving this.
    The family grows every day and it gives us a sense of pleasure. A week lit for you and a big kiss.

  13. Wow some handsome looking men around your sweet home.. lovely words and photos.. I get such a enjoyment when I drop in to visit here -- Thanks for sharing your day.. This Father's Day was a bit hard -- it was the first Father's day with out my Daddy.. but it's all good -- lovely thoughts filled my day about him and my sweetheart fatherhood...
    Ps --My favorite photo today is number 6..

  14. Dearest Karen,
    We too had a lovely Father's day. Sweet message from daughter Liz, she was not home but will call us this week from The Netherlands. All our felines were home with their human 'Papi'... But Monday the 17th, disaster struck and we have lost our sweet Sacha girl. She apparently got hit by a car. Her age was 6 yrs + 2.5 month. We loved her and she loved us. Will post about her tonight. Cried so much yesterday and was of no use for accomplishing much. One of those sad days in life that we face when losing a four-legged family member. Your photos speak of a perfect Father's Day too. So glad you got together to eat and it is so true. Lots of preparation and gone in a whiff.
    Hugs to you,

  15. Oh my word! Your food looks so delicious! I started my diet today and this really hasn't helped :-) Your family looks so happy and what an environment to be in. Happy days! Chel x

  16. The food looks so yummy! I just picked up some corn on the cob to eat for dinner tonight. I can't wait! It's so funny how we spend days planning a get together then it is gone in a flash. Strange how that works out :) haha.

  17. Wonderful post Karen, Beautiful photos of a perfect day, That food looks yummy... wonderful day for you all... Hugs May x x x

  18. Your home always looks so inviting! With all the smiles it's easy to see the day was enjoyed by all.

  19. What a wonderful time you all must have had! It all looked so great.

  20. Wish you are always a big happy family sweet Karen!

  21. What a fun day filled with your precious family.

  22. Beautiful post and photos, Karen, of an obviously lovely Father's Day. I love the red painted floors too! ;-)


  23. Your plate of food looks so delicious, Karen. I'm so glad everything went as planned and you had a lovely time with your family.

  24. Hi Karen,

    It looks like you and your dear hubby had a wonderful Father's Day surrounded with family. Your patio is so inviting with all those planters!

  25. Karen, what a lovely family! And what a nice celebration, too...a perfect Father's Day gathering! The food looks scrumptious, and your little touches in your beautiful home are always so lovely. Glad you all had a wonderful day. We kind've celebrated on Saturday instead, and I will be posting that day-trip in a few days. Have to post another recent trip first! I am STAYING behind with everyone, and I hope no one disowns me!

  26. It looks like a perfect day, Karen. I do find your deck to be divine....better than the sea. <3

  27. Loved the menu and the back patio!!

  28. Looks like everyone had a great time - smiling faces all around. Your deck looks lovely, Karen. With a deck like this and the views that you have, I could sit there all day and just watch the sky, your mountain and listen to the birds singing in the woods.


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