Tuesday, March 26, 2013

One of Those Days

So I sat down at my vanity to brush my hair this morning. 

I was wearing my favorite gardening jeans. 

See the little hole right above the pocket? 

Not the big tear, that wasn't there yet. 

I mean this little hole right there. 

Which wasn't even that big and I didn't notice it. 

Now see the curly cue metal chair? 

That little hole somehow hooked onto that little curly cue and.....

I was stuck. 

To the chair. 

I couldn't stand up and I couldn't for the life of me get myself unhooked. 

And I fell over. 

Yes, on the floor with a chair stuck to my butt. 

And nobody home. 

So I started yanking on the back of my jeans. 

My favorite ones. 

And they ripped. 

But not in the right place. 

And I was still stuck and couldn't get up and couldn't move. 

Then the dog started licking my face. 

Yup, this dog. 

I got a good face washing, let me tell you. 

Meanwhile the other dog was tearing apart his stuffed animal all over the floor. 

I was laughing and crying at the same time. 

As I wiggled myself out of my jeans. 

Which wasn't easy. 

And I think I hurt myself. 

Yea, I was a sight. 

So, after putting said jeans back on and washing my face, I decided to soothe my harried nerves by doing a little weeding outside. 

I got out my kneeling pad, put on my gloves and went to work. 

But pretty soon my nose started twitching. 

There was this really awful smell. 

And it seemed to be coming from close by. 

Yup, it was me. 

I was kneeling in dog doo. 

And not only that, but it was all over my shoes, my gloves, and my jeans. 

Because I had put my kneeling pad right down in it and also stepped in it and handled it when I moved the kneeling pad. Then I put my hands on my knees. It's a wonder it wasn't in my hair. 

It was one of those days. 

What you laughin' at! 

Hope your day was better! 



  1. Hello Karen
    Nice pictures you show.
    Beautiful white cockatiel you - I had many years ago a gray, it was over 17 years.
    Wishing you and your a good day / good Easter :) Hugs Hanne Bente

  2. That is not fun! One of those days that i would just have to take a deep breath and remember that all is well. I hope today is much much better!

  3. Truth is definitely funnier than fiction. I don't like to laugh when someone is hurt Karen- but this scenario made me chuckle ~:)

  4. Remember on Seinfeld when George's day used to have to say to himself "serenity now" after a day like that? That's what I would have done :)

  5. You'll be smiling when you think of this day some day in the future - I promise! <3

  6. You really meant it when you said you "one of those days"......yours seemed to illustrate that phrase to the max.....I guess lessons learned are don't brush your hair, don't wear your favorite jeans, and don't weed.....I hope your day today is just the opposite and full of good happenings....

  7. Oh my goodness, Karen! I am sitting here laughing at your misfortune. Sorry about that! I hope today is a "little bit" better!

  8. oh, this had me laughing until i had tears in my eyes!!! thanks, karen!

  9. Oh no! What an awful day! I will say you had me smiling and giggling :) Sorry to be laughing at your expense....but the way you wrote it had me envisioning the whole thing :)

    I hope your Wednesday goes well!


  10. "Oh, Karen! I'm SO sorry!" gasped Maureen as she fell on the floor in a fit of laughter.

  11. LOL- I hope you washed up before you typed this post! lol What an awful day-good you can laugh about it (now)....xo Diana

  12. Dearest Karen,
    Oh my; that was truly one of those days from the black book which pages you want to turn in a hurry!
    What a fate for getting caught on that chair! It's just one of those manoeuvres that you can't repeat; even if you would try hard!
    It also did make you realize that you have DOGS!
    Hugs to you and good luck for the remainder of Holy Week. In Dutch we call it: Goede Week... Your's was NOT good however!

  13. Oh I hope my day is better than that. I'm so sorry - but I was kinda sorta laughing at different times while reading this - not because I'm sadistic - but because this is the sort of thing that usually happens to me. Hope your day gets incredibly better.

  14. Oh my goodness. I hate to laugh at your misfortune, but I am cracking up right now! What a day. I hope today has started out much better for you!

  15. That heavy day friend, have days when we would rather not get out of bed, but how good it came out, in the future this will all be fun to have friends.
    Big kiss and think about it in the future!

  16. Sorry, just have to wipe away my tears of laughter!! Oh dear Karen (stifling a belly laugh!), maybe you should play the lottery, they say that sort of thing brings you luck!! This wasn't the day you also lost all your followers was it??! Sorry to laugh at your expense...but it was REALLY funny! Chel x

  17. Oh poor you, Karen! I really hope you didn't hurt yourself too badly. At least you were able to laugh (or else you wouldn't have been able to post this)...

    Wishing you a much improved Wednesday - wouldn't take much to beat your Tuesday...


  18. Not a good day but you will laugh about it in the future.

  19. Karen!!!!!!!!! I am cracking up! I mean I was very concerned but I could just picture all of this happening and holy cow!!! I'm glad you are ok!!!! What in the world!!! And the poop! This seems to be my life as of lately with my 5 month old going on a sleeping strike! The good thing is....your garden looks OUTSTANDING!!! Here is to a fresh new day for all of us!!!

  20. OH my goodness! You are cracking me up! If only you and the chair had been on video! You would have won 10,000 on America's Funniest Videos. :) So glad you were able to free yourself. Good thing the doggies came to offer moral support. :)

  21. O my Karen, What a day...bless you!! the dog licking your face & the other ripping his toy whilst you were escaping from your jeans... did make me LOL I am glad you are ok.. and smell a better!!!Have a great Easter... Hugs May x x x

  22. Oh my, what a day. Thanks for sharing your misery with us, at least I know there are others that do things like have a chair stuck on your butt.

  23. Okay sweet friend that was funny -- I needed to laugh and I got a full measure of it.. I am sorry but something like that has happened to me to dealing in construction -- anyway long story - now having the dog lucking your face - umm that's funny as you are trying to get undone.. and so on - totally - see I am giggling as I type this.. By the way I've had that kind of bird too it killed-over and died while I was holding it - talk about a strange moment..I sure miss her..
    Hugs - have a Happy Easter..


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