Monday, March 18, 2013

A Day in March

Springtime - almost!  

It was one of those unsettled March days with a good brisk wind and clouds scuttling across the sky, allowing the sunshine to peek out now and again. 

My view from the kitchen window encouraged me to hurry with my chores so I could get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. 

I never managed to cook the corned beef and cabbage dinner I planned for St. Patrick's Day, so today I prepared that for the crock pot. 

Won't 'The Mr.' be surprised when he comes home tonight! 

I had such a headache yesterday, I didn't feel like doing much. 

He will be happy to see that I feel better today and he won't miss out on our St. Paddy's Day tradition. 

We are both half Irish. 

My Great Grandfather came from County Cork, Ireland. 

And his Great Grandfather did too! 

Maybe they knew each other! 

So there it is, simmering away, filling the house with wonderful, homey smells. 

We had so many Irish traditions growing up. 

I can remember reading 'Angela's Ashes' and feeling such a familiarity with the little 'sayings'. 

All things I heard growing up from my Grandparents. 

They emigrated to South Boston in the 1920's. 

A big Irish community. 

Eventually moving to the country, 30 miles south. 

We had so many Irish names in our classrooms. 

McCarthy, McClellan, McCoy, every name under the Irish sun. 

Families were large and very close. 

We went to Irish Dance Recitals, Sunday School, St. Patrick Day parades, and cheered on the Celtics.

We had freckles and blue eyes, and every family had at least one redhead. 

I think of these things as I go about my day. 

The wind is blowing the chimes outside. 

Such a lovely sound. 

I hurry to finish up my chores to go outside and listen. 

The birds are happy today, too, and I can hear them twittering and calling to one another. 

There are no sweeter sounds than wind, and chimes, and singing birds on a sunny day. 

I have some Iris bulbs to pot up and that keeps me busy. 

This one little bag gives me enough bulbs to pot up 6 large pots. 

They will be so pretty in early summer when they bloom. 

A lovely reward for very little effort. 

I also re-pot these lovely double primroses - a gift from a Dear Friend, along with the pretty purple gardening gloves. 

She came to visit last week. 

We spent the day stitching after sharing lunch together. 

I worked on some embroidery, she crocheted some tiny booties for a baby shower. 

But I do think we did more gabbing than stitching! 

I think of our lovely day together as I pot up her sweet gift. 

Maggie supervises, taking a break to drink out of the saucer of water I keep filled for the birds. 

I enjoy my time in the sunshine, as the forecast is for a big storm to hit by Wednesday with heavy rain and strong winds. 

The first day of Spring! 

Can you see me in the gazing ball? 

A gift from my Dear Mother years ago. 

My early daffodils are still blooming down in the back corner, but it is a little too cool to sit and enjoy them. 

So I am content to view them from the deck. 

As I zoom my camera in, the source of the cold wind becomes apparent. 

We've had freshly fallen snow in the foothills over the weekend. 

As I finish up my potting, I hear the buzz of this little sweetheart, a female Anna's Hummingbird. I now have two varieties of Hummingbirds coming to the feeders. The Anna Hummingbirds that have wintered over, and now the smaller and more colorful Rufous Hummingbirds have arrived, which are the smallest birds in the state. 

Rufous Hummingbirds

They arrive just as the Indian Plum trees start to bloom. A favorite nectar flower. 

These are native under-story trees that are the first to bloom. They don't get very tall, but are filled with long pendulous white blossoms which will turn into tiny plums that are a favorite of birds and wildlife.

This one is growing right in the back yard.

Here you can see the blooms, back lit by the late afternoon sun. 
We encourage native plants and I have kept this one watered during our long summer drought last year.

I've added my little Anna's Hummingbird visitor to my nature journal. 

Now that Spring is nearly here, I will be adding the Rufous, too. 

But that will have to wait for another day. 

The sun is low in the sky now and the cool wind drives me back inside for a warm cup of coffee. 

I leave Maggie to keep watch as I warm by the fire, still burning in the woodstove. 

I've enjoyed my day. 

Thank you for sharing it with me. 

And thank you for all of your sweet comments. 

They mean so much to me. 

I love when you come to visit! 



  1. i love your deck! i love your view!!! awesome!

    beautiful hummingbird sketch! and that crockpot looks yummy!

  2. 30 miles South of Boston? The "Irish Riviera" - that's my neck of the woods (or was - until a few years ago when my husband and I moved North of the city). I'm glad you enjoyed your time outdoors - the mountains are just breathtaking!

  3. I am not sure what I like most! Your story about your Irish upbringing, your pots all ready to be planted, your drawing in your nature journal or the gazing ball from your mom! What a fantastic post! Your view is pretty outstanding I must say too! And I'm glad you had a chance to catch up with your dear friend! Awesome!!!

  4. What a colorful and cute bird that little Rufous Hummingbird is! And what a great sketch of the little Anna's.
    Thanks for sharing your day with us and the lovely view of the mountains!

  5. My husband and I didn't get to have corned beef and cabbage yesterday so we, too, had some tonight - it was scrumptious! My great grandmother also came from Ireland :)

    You pictures are always delightful to look at! I am ready for Spring and flowers, but the snow is still melting here. I don't even have any tulips or daffodils popping up out of the ground yet. Hopefully soon.

    I am so glad you shared your day - it was lovely :)


  6. very weekend i would like to vist some new places this time i choose to visit this place before i vist i read your blog really thanku your inforamtion helps me a lot act i am very new to that place week i am planning to visit K Gudi Resort

  7. Good morning Karen (at here is 7.46) Wonderful posts you have entered. Have enjoyed seeing / reading it. Reading "little" about you / your family and enjoy your beautiful pictures.
    We have not really spring here. In the eastern part of the country Zealand's snowstorm. I live in central Jutland we have fortunately escaped the blizzard but we have minus 4.0 degrees.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog - pigeons sit and coo outside my window. Wishing you a great Tuesday :) Hugs Hanne Bente

  8. What a wonderful post, Karen. I love traditions, I think is very important keeping memories of your family. I like thinking on the history of my family and their hard work to get a good life. I like the view from your kitchen and your garden. (I hope you can understand my English)
    Thanks for sharing


  9. Thank you for your kind visits to my blog! I keep meaning to pop over to your blog and I just kept missing the opportunity! Loved your blog post. My hubby wants corned beef and cabbage tomorrow night!
    We has dinner at my daughter's on St Pat's so ii didn't get to cook!
    Love your hummingbirds.

  10. Very beautiful photos of your home and the surroundings. I'm impressed with nature. So dense forest , so abundant verdure. Yes, it seems that spring begun to smile ! Hugs Olympia

  11. I love your kitchen window view!! And yes the sound of winchimes is wonderul isn't it? I love the primroses!!

  12. I enjoyed your charming day and the views, and the flowers. I'm thinking I'm going to need to get more shelves and containers for flower pots for my deck - I do love the way you've potted up flowers. I'm not looking forward to that big storm - yesterday was so delightful with sunshine almost all day - though cool, but still sunny and bright.

  13. I always enjoy looking at your breathtaking scenery. I don't know how you get anything done...I'd be lost in the view for hours. We may be getting rain for the first day of spring, but we really need it.

  14. Thank you for sharing your day with us. I can almost smell the heavenly aromas from your crock pot...if I lived closer I would invite myself to dinner. You have the most beautiful views from your deck, the mountains, the skies, the fresh green leaves..stunning!!

  15. I read that you were planting "Irish" bulbs and had to go back and re-read. I was thinking, "Oh, what are Irish bulbs?" Thought they followed with your St. Patty's Day reminisces. Funny how our eyes trick us sometimes.

    I'm always happy to visit, Karen. Happy St. Joseph's Day! <3

  16. Bless your little Irish heart my Grandmother was Irish also and she used to tell me everyone has a bit of Irish in them my dear.
    Love the gazing ball from your dear Mother I am sure it gives you much joy and yes I can see you.
    Your sketch is beautiful. I would love to sit in your little piece of paradise with a coffee and gobbling. Hugs b

  17. It feels as though I have spent the day with you whilst reading your post. Such a lovely day, lovely views, lovely bits and pieces to do during the day. I can almost smell your cooking and feel the crisp air coming my way. Thank you. Chel x

  18. Sounds so wonderful! I love that photo of Maggie drinking from the saucer. So neat how you can see the mountains in the background. I always enjoy getting glimpses of your amazing view :)

  19. Looking at all your lovely sights sure has me wishing for Spring in my world. The daffodils and some lilies and irises are beginning to push through the ground and lilac buds are filling out. Maybe soon.
    Your flowers are coming along nicely.
    I had to smile at Maggie drinking from the bird's water. :)

  20. What a lovely post - yet again. I love these little excursions I can take into the Pacific Northwest and your peaceful life. I'm with Betsy - I wouldn't get anything done at all with that view.

    Your drawing talents are really something, too!

    I hope the storm doesn't materialise. Here in Aberdeen we have had snow all day but nothing is sticking where we are. Further inland is a different story, though.

  21. I love your garden and lovely views,very beautiful photos of your home and the surroundings!

  22. I loved this! It was like taking a walk with you! Your sweet hummingbird was especially nice. And I adore the room from your deck. Breathtaking! Hope you enjoyed your St. Paddy's day meal. yummm

  23. As always just wonderful. I am going to hang a hummingbird feeder this year also. Your blog cheers me up!

  24. Hi Karen,
    I enjoyed reading this post so much. You have very beautiful views around your home. And how nice to spend a bit of time with a friend chatting and doing needlework. I love the sketch of the hummingbird in your nature journal. I used to keep one too when I was a student. When my boys are a bit older we will start a nature journal together; that would be a fun activity.

  25. Both my daughter and I had headaches yesterday. I'm so glad to feel better today. It is raining alot today, not hard but raining. I have my primrose repotted my daughter gave me for my birthday. It's out on the front step with my potted tulips to get some rain on them. I need to put up the little greenhouse I bought from the hardware store I work at. Maybe this weekend. I like yours with plants on it. Love the hummingbirds. We've had them around. Stay dry and warm, my friend. Hugs!

  26. Love your photos! What a view! Loved hearing about your Irish roots. I am reading a book by Maeve Binchy right now and it is set in Ireland as all her books are. She is one of my favorite authors and I am so sad that she died so this is her last book. Looking forward to spring!

  27. You are so sweet to stop by my blog. Thank you for your kind comments. Thanks for sharing your day. It gives me hope for a spring in our neck of the woods one day:-)

  28. Lovely post, really captured spring around your place! What a beautiful view you have from your home! I love your nature journal! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  29. Hi Karen, I swoon and sigh each time I see your magnificent views.. both inside and out.
    Thanks for starting my day with a Wow- 'wish I were there'

  30. i love your views! i have some irish in me too. my grandmother's maiden name was cochlin and they came from ireland. can't think of where now. interesting how both of your grandfathers came from the same place! i loved angela's ashes. i didn't read the book but listened to the audio version read by the author. i really enjoyed it, sad as it was. the irish part of me came out in my twins, red hair, blue eyes and freckles :)

  31. I really love the "greenhouse" style window you have - the view is so pretty too!

  32. Thank you for sharing your day with us. Wouldn't it be great to get together IRL? Your nature journal is great. I can not draw for the life of me, so I really appreciate others' talents. Have a great 1st day of Spring!

  33. Such wonderful views! And a very nice day too.

  34. Beautiful post yet again, The views from your home are Stunning!! Thank you for sharing your Happy Day!! Hugs May x x x

  35. The smell of good food cooking, gardening, hanging out with friends and fond memories... I don't think it gets much better than that! I had to crack up at the red head comment because it's true. Both my first husband and I are half Irish and our grandson has a head full of beautiful red hair. :)


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