Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Companionable Silence

In honor of my sweet Husband's birthday, I am republishing this post originally published on 6/23/11. 

I recently found this Norman Rockwell print at my local Thrift and Gift and brought it home to hang in my kitchen. Like all of his works, this one had a thought provoking message, and a quite humorous one. I don't know the title of this print and I didn't want to take it apart from it's beautiful framing to try and find out, so I have nick-named it 'Companionable Silence'.

I started thinking that this might describe my marriage. You see, Hubby and I have been together a very long time. We met at the beginning of High School. We were 'High School Sweethearts'. I knew the moment I looked into those amazing blue eyes, that he was the one for me. And although we were young, 'too young' some would say, we married right out of school to begin our life together. We couldn't wait. We had to be together. This means that we pretty much know everything there is to know about one another.

And so, there is not this need to talk so much. We are comfortable just sitting together. We don't need to spend every minute together. We each have our own interests, duties and hobbies. Today, Hubby is out playing golf with our eldest Son. I have the day to myself. I was allowed to sleep in.

Hubby has a demanding job. He is constantly on the phone, on the computer, talking to business associates, clients, co-workers, all day long. Sometimes he just wants some silence. This is hard for me at times. I like to talk, to plan, to analyze life. And I have to give Hubby a lot of credit. He is amazing to talk to. He is intelligent, kind, compassionate, agreeable, and has a wicked sense of humor. And he also knows when to keep his mouth shut.

But all this talking gets to be too much for him sometimes. He needs his solitude. He needs time to let his mind wander. So out the door he goes.......

This is a man who needs to stay busy. But he needs mindless activities to let his thoughts wander. I know that I can always find him if I need him in his favorite places.

This wonderful man of mine cuts and hauls in approximately 8 cords of wood every year. Every evening I can hear him, out chopping wood on his enormous chopping block. We buy it split and delivered, but the wood always needs splitting again, not to mention stacking. But he loves to spend time at his wood pile. He loves everything about it, the fresh air, the smell of freshly split wood, the exercise, and especially the solitude.

In the dark of winter, I go out with him in the cold, crisp air to be his silent companion. We live in cougar country and I worry about him out in the dark. I help him carry in the armloads of wood. We light the fire and sit together every evening, he on his laptop, me reading or crocheting while we watch our favorite t.v. shows. Once in a while we have a thought to share. Most of the time, one of us will say, 'I was just going to say that!' We are in sinc.

In the warmer months I know I can find him in his workshop. He loves to tinker. He keeps all of his tools neatly organized and well taken care of. He is a fixer. Anything that I need fixed, he is right on it. All I have to do is mention it. Sometimes I forget I have asked him, and he will present it to me already done without a word. The 'Strong and Silent' type, I like to call him. My very own 'Clint Eastwood'. 'Man of Few Words'.

Did I mention that he had a wicked sense of humor? We share the same outlook on life. We find the humor in most every situation. It is a wry sense of humor, we two share. We love irony.

So even though we live in Companionable Silence most of the time, Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

This is a man who has stood by me through thick and thin. And believe me, there was plenty of thin. This was a man who has worked hard all of his life to provide for his family. This is a man who never blinked each time I told him that our family was adding one more, and who actually greeted the news with joy. This is a man who built me a home with his own two hands.

So at the end of each day, while we sit in Companionable Silence, watching the setting sun turning the hills to gold, I count my blessings. In Silence.

Happy Birthday my sweet man. 

My best friend. 



  1. Karen, how wonderful that you didn't remain silent on this topic! It's fascinating to read about other people's relationships, and wonderful to read about happy ones. There is something so peaceful about companionable silence. And I like the thought of you in the winter darkness protecting him from cougars!

  2. thank you Christine! It is nice to read about other people's lives. That is the great thing about the blogosphere! You can sit in your own little home and get a glimpse into other people's way of life. I am slowly getting through your wonderful blog, reading all of your stories and posts and I am having the time of my life. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing! xx Karen

  3. Your story is simply amazing Karen

  4. What a lovely tribute - Happy Birthday Dennis!!

  5. What a wonderful tribute to your lovely Husband...Happy Birthday to him!! Mind you he does have a lovin wife by his side... Hugs May x x x

  6. What a sweet and loving tribute to your Hubby! Happy Birthday wishes to him!
    My Hubby and I are much the same. Even driving in the Jeep on long trips to see our children we don't talk much. Every now and then he does stop by the sunroom when I'm on the computer just to check in.
    Silence is golden.... :)

  7. happy birthday to your husband! its also my husbands birthday today!!! thanks again for following/visiting me!
    laura x

  8. Wishes for your husbands birthday!He is very lucky to have a wife like you.Couple's happinness is one of the greatest things can "happen".
    I am so sorry with your little accident at home. Hope everything is going better now!I want to thank you once again for your kind,sweet and generous comments you always leave on my blog!Thank you Karen and take care! Big hugs

  9. Hey Karen - wonderful posts ♥. Congratulations with your husband. Wish you a good day :) Hugs Hanne Bente

  10. I hope your Hubby had a wonderful birthday! I know I, too, can relate in my marriage. It's all good :)

  11. Happy birthday to your husband, Karen!

    This is the beauty of a long marriage - companionship. Too many people give up way too soon! <3

  12. What a wonderful blessing! Congratulations to him and to the union of you. I know what you're feeling, love my husband and I thank God every day for him to be in my life! And live our husbands!
    kisses dear friend and best wishes always!

  13. Mom, you couldn't have made this any more perfect! This is Dad to a 'T'. He always knew how to make me feel special or dry my tears without saying a word; a ride in the Spitfire with the top down blasting Journey, a hug and kiss on the forehead at just the right time or simply listening as I babbled on through my tears about some stupid boy that broke my heart. I still have a voicemail saved on my phone that he left me on my birthday in 2008 just so I can listen to it when I need a smile. He is an amazing, hard working man that I am proud to call my Dad.


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