Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Country Drive

It was a fine day to do errands and shopping.

Won't you come along as we drive to town? 

Should we take a walk in this beautiful woodland?

Doesn't it look inviting?

Maybe the scene of a fairy tale -

Hansel and Gretel?

But we have no bread crumbs, so we must decline.

This old barn rests at the edge of the woods in a foggy mist.

Weathered and patched, but with a new roof to keep her in service a few more years. 

Do you wonder what is inside?  

Here we spy it across the fields,

home to happy cattle and a small white pony,

in a surprisingly green, well fertilized pasture!  

Dramatic clouds billow above as we drive along the slow country lane. 

They march across the sky

as we leave the sheltering mountains behind. 

Tall trees reach upward.

Gentle and lovely, painted against the sky.

Errands complete, we head for home,

with purple mountains reflecting the clouds; 

Snow still clinging to pointed peaks. 

Fields of brown grass hide emerging green shoots. 

Clouds rise ever so slightly, revealing the base of Mt. Rainier. 

Tall, naked Cottonwoods punctuate the evergreen view of Douglas Fir, Hemlock and Western Red Cedar. 

A sudden sunbeam drops below the clouds,

 illuminating the tops of bare, late winter trees as the sun sinks low along the horizon. 

And as we take the final turn to climb the mountain road towards home, 

We get one last view of the setting sun.

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  1. You have a lovely drive to town!
    I love that old weathered wood on the barn.
    Your skies were very dramatic but the one with the sun glistening the tops of the trees is very lovely! You caught that moment perfectly!

  2. Great image series showing. Thank you for showing these beautiful pictures. Wish you a good day / good new week :) Hanne Bente

  3. Oh c`est tres tres beau !!
    Merci de votre doux commentaire chez moi !!

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  4. Oh your photos and your drive always relaxes me. Thank you. The photos are stunning. B

  5. Thanks for letting me tag along. The scenery's great, especially the old barn.

  6. You got some really GREAT photos- especially the cloud one! Amazing-xo Diana

  7. You saw all these on your country drive? That's it, I'm moving out there :)

  8. I adore going along on your country drives! That barn in the fog, is to die for! Love it!

  9. Thank you for taking us on your drive, I felt as though I was in the car with you. Such beautiful sky and clouds. Take care. Chel x

  10. pretty barns - love the rusty roofed one. and always love a good fence or two!

  11. I did enjoy the drive with you into town....So many wonderful sites we saw and the sky was definitely putting on a show for us...I always enjoy the beauty you capture on our walks and drives...

    You know it's very relaxing to visit you; your posts are always full of nature's beauty....

  12. Again, a very nice post Karen!

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

  13. Wow - great scenery - what a lovely trip to town. Thanks for the ride.

  14. The drive was, indeed, a beautiful one. Glad you took us along for the ride, Karen! <3

  15. Gorgeous Karen!!! I love the photo with the red roofed barn and the glistening trees!!! It is absolutely spectacular! Well they all are!!! You are one lucky lady to live in such a heavenly place!!!

  16. You live in nirvana! The sky shots and the contrast of the trees! Lovely!!! And, of course, that beautiful mountain!

  17. Such a beautiful country drive! I love the woodland photos and all the pretty trees. Thank you for bringing us along :)

  18. I enjoyed your drive to town, lovely pictures.

  19. Such a beautiful drive and you know I love the old barns.

  20. What a wonderful series of shots... I love that last one with the red barn roof and the low rays of the sun.. just gorgeous! I'm so glad you came by to share on Weekly Top Shot #73!

  21. Dearest Karen,
    Dramatic clouds all the way! Lovely drive with great 'vistas'.
    Thanks for taking those special photos along the drive!
    Hugs to you,

  22. A wonderful scenic Drive Karen! I love the pillowing clouds and the gorgeous mountains. I use to live in Vermont and miss the back country roads.

  23. Lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing! Φιλιά από Ελλάδα!

  24. Oh how I loved coming along with you, Karen. Beautiful, beautiful, and did I mention beautiful? :)
    Happy day to you & yours,

  25. What a fun, enjoyable and calming trip. The photographs and the words made me feel like I had a tiny vacation.

  26. I get the biggest thrill seeing your surrounding -- I want to visit there one of these future days.. and in the mean time I gotta say thanks for the barn photo here it was fun to see another one.. Maybe next time drive up to the place and ask the farmer to poses for you - wink - I bet he would..
    Thanks for sharing a bit of your day..

    1. That's so funny, Kristeen! Maybe he would, or maybe he would say - no trespassing! ha ha! I hope you do get to visit and be sure to let me know and we can meet up! xoxo

  27. Such a lovely area...where do you live again...I am thinking I remember in the Pacific Northwest somewhere. xoxo

    1. Hi Koralee - yes, about an hour south of Seattle near Mt. Rainier. About 5 hours from you! Thanks for visiting today xoxo

  28. I'm such a sucker for old barns. Throw in a gorgeous Spring day and I can't imagine anything better.

  29. What a lovely trip with you, The photos are so relaxing & your words to match are very calming...Simply beautiful! Hugs May x x x

  30. I'm loving those light kissed trees.

  31. I felt like I was walking thru storyland with you as the narrator. Thank you for this beautiful illustrated adventure.

  32. So beautiful! I love old barns. For years we could see the red roof of a barn on the shoreline in the distance from our cottage. I was so upset when they tore it down! It changed the view entirely.

  33. I would love to drive along with you - beautiful countryside!

  34. what a beautiful trip!! thank you. amazing what beauty and awe surrounds us!

  35. Those clouds look amazing Karen!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  36. Hello Sweet Karen,

    It is such a blessing being able to come visit you again :) Your pictures are breath-taking - I love the one of the clouds! It's very beautiful. Thank you for the lovely drive for I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I hope you are doing well. Thank you for the warm welcome back. I look forward to visiting again, my friend. Have a blessed weekend.


  37. Beautiful. I can almost smell spring.
    Have a lovely weekend, Karen.

  38. Beautiful photos! What a lovely drive!

  39. Beautiful! very poetic too. Thank you for sharing, Karen! nature always has a way of settling me into what truly matters.


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