Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend Musings

Yesterday the fog finally lifted, revealing our beloved Mt. Rainier.

 We haven't had a glimpse of the mountain in weeks. 

I spent the afternoon with my friend, Ginger, browsing at the Windmill Nursery in Sumner, WA. 

But first we had lunch at the little bistro on site. 

There was a lovely selection of early spring flowers. 

Primroses, Heather, potted Daffodils, 


Vinca, and so much more. 

I had to show some restraint! 

I did come home with two flats of flowers that I will be potting up for some early spring color on my deck. 

There was also a gift shop. 

Of course I had to bring these little charmers home! 

They will go perfectly with these! 

And these! Oh, I have such a weakness for robin's egg blue pottery! 

And blue glass! The fish sauce server and tiny hand blown glass pitcher was my Dear Mother's. 

And who doesn't love blue canning jars? Don't they make lovely vases for daisies and wildflowers?

The skies are not so clear today! The clouds are moving very fast. 

 I won't be doing any potting today.

It is windy and cold,

making my wind chimes sing and dance. 

This is the only sun for today!

(Do you see our little spider friend peering at us from the top?)

So I am staying in and looking out. 

 I did get some beautiful roses for Valentine's Day to keep me company. 

And a gift of angels, too! 

With chocolates to keep me sweet. 

Oh, and did I mention that I am pet sitting this little girl, Peanut, for the weekend? (A photo of my oldest son  on his wedding day, peeking behind my computer)

And this little sweetheart, Weenie Baby.  (She is very suspicious of the camera! Don't get too close!)

So who needs sunny skies when I have so much love inside! 

Wishing you a cozy and love filled weekend, too! 

What are you doing this weekend? 



  1. love your little weekend boarder! so cute! nice spring time blossoms, too! cute little spider, hang in there. the bugs will be back soon!

  2. I sense a bit of longing for spring time! Thank you for visiting my blog Karen. I was born in Yakima WA where my grandparents and lots of family once lived. Your mountain is beautiful...almost as pretty as our MT Hood-lol.
    Enjoy your week.

  3. Love Mt. Rainer! WA is such a lovely state. Your blue jars are fabulous! So happy that you had a nice Valentines Day!

  4. What a beautiful windmill and beautiful flowers!!!

  5. This sounds like a wonderful day - the flowers are lovely and the cute dishes - oh m y. I adore the little flower bowls. Sweet Valentine's gifts - oh so sweet. Your view of the mountain is stunning!

    Our weekend is slow and leisurely - today we headed out to do errands and the sky began to clear (they predicted rain) so we turned around and headed down to Skagit - we drove out through Bow and Edison - and saw over 50 eagles today. Most were flying - some were sitting in trees in groups and one was even sitting on the ground - other birds were spotted and I think I got some good hawk photos - at last. We took a car picnic and ate parked in front of a gorgeous view of the flats.

    The next two days are unscheduled - resting up - maybe seeing the Grandsons - just enjoying a long weekend together.

  6. Oh how I love that blue glass! Just perfect!!! And the shot of the mountain is enough to just knock me off my chair!!! How fun to rediscover it after the fog lifts! It's like a little treat! Actually you have so many little treats in this post! What a wonderful weekend!!!!

  7. Preciosas fotos..muy bonitas...un beso desde Murcia

  8. Wow Karen, you really had good times :) i'm glad for that and I love love all pictures in this post :) you visited

    Hope you have a beautiful day!

    Blessing :)

  9. beautiful photos and love that little puppy :) ha, i DID see the spider! sounds like a perfect day with a friend~

  10. Wonderful mountain photo. We really don't have views like that were I live. You really do have a great collection. So glad you had a wonderful day! I can't wait for spring either!

  11. What a nice post full of beautiful pictures. Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure with your friend. It's been so springlike here, but that's going to change by Tuesday...spring is almost here.

  12. Wonderful weekend Karen! you really have a lot of love around you, and this is the most important in the world


  13. I love the dishes and the blue glass! And what a view! Gorgeous. :)

  14. Beautiful photos Karen,wonderful weekend!!

  15. I love all of your spring touches, Karen - they're so warm and inviting. I spent the day planting a peach tree that Norm gave me for Valentine's Day - the weather has been warm and sunny for the past few days here. <3

  16. oh dear, I wouldn't have a place to put anything more if I bought the items that you did. They are very pretty though. I have a collection of blue jars as well. All of them are old. My mom thought it was ok to buy new ones....not the same though but loved the gift. This weekend I'm fighting a cold....yes, again. May not have been completely over the one I had awhile back. Was feeling good for a couple weeks then this hit me!Sigh! Am a bit better today and need to go to work tomorrow. Maybe a trip to dr. on Tues when my dr is in to see what's going on? Will see! It's been sometimes sunny here then cloudy again and chilly too. Winter in the Pacific Northwest, huh?

  17. Dearest Karen,
    You indeed did receive lots of sunny rays inside the home. How sweet; even your resident pet-spider! Love your robin's egg colored pottery too. So much about the psychology of color... But if we surround us just with what will lift our spirits up; that's the purpose of life!
    Hugs to you and love those two four-legged babies for me; had a black and tan Mauzie-girl for 12½ years.

  18. Beautiful photos!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Come say hi!

  19. So enjoyed your spring flowers. It's only a month away for us, but it seems like a year. I'm starting to get really tired of my winter coat, gloves and boots. Your doggie visitor is adorable.

  20. You are so lucky to be able to shop for flowers. It's one of my most favorite things to do! Have a great time putting them in, hopefully this week:)

  21. It sounds like you had an eventful and colorful weekend!!! I hope you're able to get planting soon! Yes, I noticed the spider (cool!) and the photos of the mountain and sky are gorgeous as always!

  22. What a wonderful weekend you had! I loved all the photos and glad you have the two adorable pups to keep you company with your other two of course!

  23. Pansies - wow beautiful photos of them -- makes me want to plant something.
    I spy-ed your spider after you said - to funny and it's a live.. I love your wind chime and the last photo chime as well.. and I am in love with the all shades of blue - so I enjoyed seeing all you glass ware...


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