Friday, February 22, 2013

Light and Dark

There is an absolutely wonderful feeling to waking up to beautiful sunshine. 

Today is stormy and rainy, so I wanted to remember the beautiful light,

 just the other day when potting up my spring flowers. 

This time of year in the Pacific Northwest, sunshine is as elusive as the shadows it creates. 

So when it shines, there is no taking it for granted. 

I love the sunbeams as they stream in the morning light. 

They warm the house and brighten the spirit. 

It fills the heart with joy! 

There is something so magical about the way it dances around the room. 

The sunshine brings a promise of spring. 

Who can resist the call to play outside in the warming rays?

To dream of better days to come. 

But the warmth is brief, the cold wind blows,

 reminding us that winter still holds it's icy grip. 

The dark clouds battle with the lovely sunshine in dramatic plays of light. 

Like mighty gods clashing in the ancient hills; darkness and light, warmth and cold.....

Who will win? 

I watch the forces rage from the safety of my humble home. 

Built sturdy and secure to protect from battles such as these. 

The sun dips lower, escaping the dark, forbidding clouds to show it's brilliant power. 

The victor in these waning hours, with undisputed majesty. 

It's golden light gilding the landscape with riches beyond mere mortal's grasp. 

I stand and watch, insignificant and small as these forces of nature compete for the sky. 

And as the mighty forces fade, I remember to breathe. 

As both are defeated by the mighty forces of darkness. 



  1. you have such amazing views - stormy skies or sunny.

  2. Wonderful post full of fabulous photos...your view is amazing!! Mother Nature will decide sunny? - Stormy? .... Hugs May x x x

  3. This just makes me happy. Great photos I love the light and the view of course. Have a nice weekend. B

  4. I always enjoy sharing your beautiful view with you! Love all the photos. Bright morning light streaming through the kitchen window is one of my favorite things. Brings me joy :)

  5. Your home looks so pretty. I agree the sunshine is made more special by the absence of it in winter. We are certainly dealing with an absence of it around here. Spring cannot come soon enough for me. :)

  6. Lovely post - as always. I found I was holding my breathe while reading - and took a nice long breath when you said to breathe - fabulous contrasts of the light and dark.

  7. Very nice post. Lucky you looks like spring is coming.

  8. You have a beautiful view from your home and morning light is such a welcoming greeting to the day. (but now and again I enjoy a gray day - perhaps my body's way of saying slow down and chill for a change)

  9. When the morning sun shines in and bouces off the walls and floors it gives me a feeling of hope. I always like getting up early enough to catch it in just the right places.
    Sunshine or shadow your view enhances them both!

  10. What a lovely and beautiful images! I love the sun. Here in Brazil is always sunshine and few dark days. The stations are less evident. I love rain. The rainy weather gives me a sense of well-being, inner peace, calm and tranquility. A beautiful weekend for you and your entire family!

  11. Beautiful view, beautiful photos!, and beautiful writing! Great post

  12. Your first photo is just so cosy and your! You are so lucky! Our 'spring' has turned back to snowy weather (no wonder us Brits talk about the weather so much!). The sunny shadows have now gone but my eye is on a nice cosy corner of the house to read today so not all is lost. Have a wonderful weekend. Chel

  13. Dear Karen,

    and oh again I love your house, it looks vintage and beautiful.
    also love the beautiful vies from your house.


  14. That pillowy seat in the sun looks SO inviting.

  15. Lovely shots. The light is marvelous.

  16. The dog in the first pic looks super cozy :)

  17. I think that you live in a wonderful scenery. And your home is so cozy! ;-0

    Greetings from The Netherlands,

  18. Dearest Karen,
    Your view is breathtaking! Sure, light is the best but so are also the dramatic skies that bring the much needed rain for sustaining the forest. Rain is the LIFE of it...

  19. What a beautiful and poetic post. I said it many times here, the place where you live is magnificent! With views and spectacles of nature as you can watch every day one does not need television.
    Have a lovely weekend, Karen.

  20. awe the beauty around you -- warms my heart to see such breathtaking photos.. I've always want to live in OR.. Thanks you for sharing your surroundings..
    Hugs - for a peaceful day..

  21. Love the pictures of the mountains...the snow...the patches of sunshine but...most of all...the poetry of your writing!! What beautiful views you have from your home. I wouldn't want to move away from the windows!! Joan

  22. OMG! If I am living in your house, I guess, I will stay in that spot and never go out.

    It is so calm and seeing the never ending green/icy place unstress my mind.

    Thank you so much for the visit and and follow me too.

    Have a great Sunday.
    /CC girl

  23. Hi Karen, I hope you don't mind but I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. More details are over on my blog. Take care. Chel

  24. Night always wins in the end....but light will reign again in due time. Love the photos of the light hitting the door. <3

  25. The sun has decided to come out here this afternoon too after a very wet the natural sunlight! Such a pretty area we live in. Happy weekend...enjoy it!

  26. What beautiful pictures. We're in days of cold rain, so seeing sunlight is very welcome! Wishes for more days of sun.

  27. There is a price to pay for all the bright sunshine in the Midwest...COLD temperatures with bone chilling winds at times. Spring will come. I know it will. Loved your post and photos! Hope all is well...


  28. What a breathtaking post! Gorgeous photos, as always. Thanks for sharing your stunning outlook with us.

  29. Nice pictures you show. It looks as if it is being spring with you.
    Winter will not get here tonight, we have approx. 2 cm of snow. Wish you a good day :) Hanne Bente

  30. Dear karen,

    It is always a joy coming here! I enjoyed the photo's of your living room and your beautiful view. Your garden looks similar to mine. All those green shoots! Hope warm spring weather will arrive soon. I am looking forward to it very much!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  31. Great pictures Karen with wonderful composition. I'm anxious to see my crocus flowers, but we still have several months to go before that happens.


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