Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Wishes

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Do you remember celebrating Valentine's Day in school? 

Mom would buy those little packages of 32 Valentine's. 

We would get the name list from the teacher. 

The best part for me was decorating the little tissue box that we would place on a shelf with our name on it so our classmates could drop in our Valentine's. 

I loved cutting out paper hearts and making tissue roses to cover my crepe paper covered tissue box. 

And then on Valentine's Day, the sweet surprise to see who gave you one! 

In those days they didn't require everyone to be fair and equal in their Valentine's giving. 

So some of us only got a precious few. 

I was the shy girl. 

Usually, I got about 3 or 4. 

But there was always one from the shy boy in the class. 

Shy people stick together. 

I would keep this special Valentine a secret. 

I knew what it was like to be teased. 

But we shared that special little smile of acknowledgement. 

Sometimes there would even be a little candy heart placed in the envelope with a special little sentiment. 

I was never jealous of the popular girls who had their tissue paper boxes stuffed full. 

I liked my special little friendships. 

They were deeper, less superficial. 

Based on true kindred spirits and not on popularity. 

And so I would treasure my few special Valentines in my pretty little box. 

I also loved creating home made Valentines for my Dear Mother. 

I would spend hours gathering bits and pieces of trinkets and mementos to glue to my card. 

Do you know that when I was going through my Dear Mother's things, I found one such card that I made when I was a child? 

She kept it all these years.

I always brought her roses and a beautiful card every Valentine's Day all of my life. 

And every year since we were high school sweethearts, my love buys me a dozen roses for Valentine's Day. 

All of my life I have been blessed with these sweet tokens of love. 

Given or Received, they mean so much. 

A chance to show how much someone means to you and you to them.
And so Dear Friends, I send these sweet tokens of Friendship and Love on this very special day. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

May your world be filled with love! 



  1. These old Valentine postcard fill my heart with delight.
    Aww the good ole days remembered put a smile on my face ~:)

  2. Oh Thank you Karen I love these old cards there is something so special about them.
    I remember Valentines Day at school and I enjoyed making the card holder too. I do not remember getting too many cards either but most of the kids in my class were very poor.
    You are such a good daughter to do that for your Mom I know she loved that and looked forward to it every year.
    Nice Roses from the one you love there is nothing like that feeling I am sure. Your husband and you are amazing.
    Have a nice Valentine Day Karen and enjoy those roses. HUGS B

  3. These are beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day Karen :)

  4. Such loveliness - and what sweet memories you have, and have made for others.

  5. Oh Karen, how beautiful! I was JUST reading your post when I heard a big knock on the door. There stood my husband with a card, a pink bouquet, and a box of chocolates. And I promptly burst into tears. Holidays like V-Day are hit or miss in our house depending on finances. Times are a bit lean right now, so I did not expect gifts at all. All the sweeter. Sending love across the miles to you. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. I do remember how exciting Valentine's Day was in grade school. Exchanging cards and having fun parties :) Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Dearest Karen,
    Loved the way you wrote about being shy; that was me till I married Pieter... he helped me change.
    But you are SO RIGHT on the definition of being popular and superficial. So true and it is not by quantity but far more about quality.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you both!
    Enjoy your roses, that will be a forever token of love between the two of you.

  8. brought a tear to my eye! Goodness that story of you and at school is wonderful! I hope and pray that my girls are strong and don't need the whole popular thing! What a beautiful story! And how beautiful that you made your mom cards every year....that is an outstanding tradition! Here is to you and yours on this heart day!

  9. I do remember Valentine's Day cards as a kid. What a nice memory. Cheers for that, Karen.

  10. What a sweet posts full of precious memories :) I remember giving Valentine cards in school and decorating a fun box to receive them in and I remember yummy treats at the classroom Valentine's party. I was also the shy girl :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  11. Thank you, Dear Friends for all of your sweet comments and precious memories. I hope your day was filled with love! xoxo

  12. I was about nine when I got a Valentine at our 4-H party from a boy I adored. I kept it for years. When it was time for my parents to clean out my old bedroom (I was married) I through away that Valentine thinking I shouldn't keep it. It was a mistake. :)
    Hope your day was indeed filled with love!

  13. You have quite a collection of vintage Valentines. My niece made a pretty box for her school party. I'm sure it was bursting full with Valentines by the time she got home.

  14. I love the cherubs holding the bowl of hearts! I think of you anytime I see romantic Victorian cards or prints; sweet, feminine and beautiful!

  15. sorry I am a bit late to say Happy Valentine's Day here in your blog.. Everything you have shared bring tons of memories fly'n in my mind.. we had the shy thing in common - wink! I wished I had did what you did for you mother "roses and a beautiful card every Valentine's Day all of your life." I got it in my head that you only gave valentines to friends and sweethearts.. not mommy's and daddy's or sisters or brother - silly me.. I missed out! LOVE all the valentines Card here..


  16. I remember the first Valentine I made for my mom (in kindergarten) - a doily cut out in a heart shape glued to red construction paper with a love note in my very shaky kindergartener's penmanship. She had it until Katrina, so you are so lucky to be able to remember those things with mementos. <3


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