Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

This past weekend we celebrated three special birthdays.

One was for my sweet sister, Kim. Here she is with me when we were children. I am on the right.

Isn't she precious?

My sister Kim is my closest sister in age to me.

We share a lot of history!

Not only that, but we share these two - our daughter's Erin and Jennie - who are only one month apart in age!

Can you see the family resemblance?

Two Scots - Irish Lasses.

The 4 of us had a lovely birthday celebration at our favorite Italian Restaurant.

We also celebrated our beautiful Jen's birthday. She is my youngest son, Dustin's sweetheart.

From left to right, Cousin Shawnee, my daughter's Jennie and Heather, the birthday girl, Jen, and my daughter-in-love Erica.

We ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Doesn't it look delicious?

The lighting in the lobby was amazing.

Afterwards we did some shopping.

Every store we went in had their own little mascot or two!

It is a very dog friendly town! The Seattle area is known for its dog lovers. There were dogs of all types and sizes coming in and out of all the shops!

When my husband Dennis had a sales meeting at Amazon's corporate offices last week (in Seattle), he told me that while he was waiting for his appointment, people kept coming and going with dogs on leashes. He finally asked why, and the receptionist told him that employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work!

Now that's a happy place to work!

Seattle is also known for it's coffee.

Here's our birthday girl finishing up with a cup of espresso.

We love our coffee!

The third birthday we celebrated was my Dad's.

We made the long scenic drive to place flowers in his honor.

He shares this beautiful place with all the other veterans at Tahoma National Cemetery.

It was a beautiful, sunny morning.

On the way home we took some photos of the countryside.

It's a pretty and peaceful drive through forest and farmland.

Thank you for coming along to share in our birthday celebrations.

Special days to mark the journey of our lives.

From beginning to end, it is spending time with those we love that give our lives meaning.



  1. Happy birthday to all! All the girls are so pretty, and it looks like you had the best celebration meal.
    I have never been to Seattle, but it is on our list:)

  2. Dearest Karen,
    Lovely post and glad you had several meaningful birthdays. Two generations of sisters/cousins is very unique and being that close. Your Dad has a beautiful resting place as well. Lovely photos!
    Hugs to you for this Valentine's week.

  3. wonderful scenery. so nice of you to visit your father's grave to celebrate his life. i'd never get any work done if i could bring my dog to work. :)

  4. What a special post! I love to share with you their birthdays. We have to celebrate the New Year in our lives and still share with people especias. What beautiful chandeliers: vintage, love it!
    I was thrilled with the end of your post in honor of his father. I lost mine, and always remember his birthday.
    I am very happy to be here! A big kiss!!!!

  5. So sweet the way you celebrated your father's bday by visiting him at his resting place. Happy Birthday to all of you...what beauty you share in your family! xoxo Happy Valentine's week to you..hope you gather lots of love along the way. xoxo

  6. Another thing I forgot to mention that welcoming city had never seen this, cachorror be treated that way. Applause and angry, that wonderful city

  7. Hi Karen,
    Well you have had a busy month, and it looks like alot of fun and good food!! How fun for your daughters to grow up so close in age!! Great shot of Mount Rainer peeking out from under the storm clouds too...
    Hope you have a great week>>>

  8. The countryside pictures are gorgeous and so are all your girls!!! What a blessed celebration of life!!! You are surrounded by so much love!!!!!

  9. Your birthday meal looks like great fun. The two cousins are "affa bonnie lassies" indeed! And your trip to honour your Dad's birthday looks as if it was peaceful and beautiful. I'm sure he knew.

  10. Happy Birthday everyone - looks like a wonderful way to celebrate these milestones!

  11. Such lovely photos! Looks like a very special weekend.

    Now I want to work at Amazon! I can't believe they get to bring their animals to work. Too awesome!

  12. Awe -- such a lovely and happy group of women in celebrations -- love seeing that togetherness -- and oh my goodness the food made me lick my lips - wink! The countryside photos made me want to be there to driving along.. Thanks for sharing..
    Hugs, for a wonderful safe day

  13. Wonderful post filled of good feelings! Happy birthday to everyone!


  14. What wonderful celebrations - each and every one of them. I'm so glad you got to have them all. Lovely photos.

  15. Happy Birthday to all the lovely ladies in your family. Beauty runs deep in your family! : )

  16. Happy Belated Birthdays to all!
    I so want those lobby lights in my house. :)

  17. Wonderful celebrations.. Happy bithday to all.. Beautiful photos..Thanks for sharing! Hugs May x x x

  18. I love birthday celebrations and that looks like a fun one! The food looks delicious too.

  19. Erin and Jennie look like they could be sisters!

    It's so nice that all of you are so close that you can get together for birthdays. We have a lot of birthdays in March - I hope we can do the same! <3


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