Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'Heartfelt' Decorating for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I have added a few little touches to commemorate the day and to add to my Springtime Decorating. 

This little basket was a very unattractive dark brown. 

I simply painted it with a little acrylic craft paint in the color 'Blue Mist'. 

I added a tiny bouquet of vintage paper flowers and a collage brooch made from a puzzle piece!

Here you can see the sweet little details. This was a gift from a long ago friend and I never knew what to do with it. And now it is the perfect thing to hold my miniature posies together! 

I like re-purposing old brooches and earrings to decorate with. 

I hung it on my kitchen door along with a heart shaped scented sachet that I sewed together.

I filled it with French Lavender and it releases it's scent whenever the door is opened and shut. 

I made a similar decorated heart basket for a small corner. 

A small bouquet of dried roses is tied with some sheer golden ribbon with a little heart charm. 

Hung next to my utility closet and above my heart fly swatter! A little cheer for a neglected space. 

I found one more heart basket at the thrift store and decided to create a moss and rose collage with it. 
The basket is twig, so I didn't want to paint over this one. 

I placed it next to a deep basket filled with faux bird eggs. 

My bird print hangs right above it on the wall. 

To make the rose and moss collage, I simply lined the basket with a brown paper bag cut a little larger than the bottom (trace around the bottom and add an inch when cutting)

This keeps the moss from seeping through and making a big mess. 

Fill the basket with moss, leaving about an inch at the top - or the thickness of your roses. 

I used roses that I dried by hanging upside down. 
To make this basket, just clip the stems about 1/2 inch long and push them into the moss. Place them around the perimeter first and then fill in. Tuck some moss around the edges. 

A pretty and rustic touch for Valentine's Day and beyond. 

You can see the finished effect here. The bird print on the wall, the basket of eggs, the grape vine heart garland and the twig basket rose collage. 

To add to the romance, I brought down these unglazed bisque pieces from my sewing room and put them on my Kitchen Queen. 

Some precious angels to guard sweet treats inside. 

A tiny basket to hold a few scented rose buds. 
You can find dried rosebuds, lavender and scented oil at Mountain Rose Herbs
I found these two pieces on separate trips to the thrift store. They belonged together, I am sure. 

I hung this heart garland made from a tattered applique pillow. 

The colors go so well with my McCoy pottery. 

And of course what self respecting romantic doesn't have a few keys to the heart? 

Together with two porcelain hearts, one sent all the way from Scotland from my dear friend, Christine. 

Will you be mine? 



  1. the dried rose heads in the basket are really pretty.

  2. Hi there! I came across your blog while visiting a friends blog :)
    Your photos and creations are so beautiful - I especially like the heart basket with roses in it.

    I am your newest follower and I look forward to visiting your lovely blog again.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  3. I so love all of your handmade touches! Absolutely gorgeous! I thought that the first basket was my favorite but as I kept reading I saw the roses and moss heart and that one took the cake for me!!! Love it! Great decor Karen!! Oh and the heart garland too! I just can't pick! Have a lovely day tomorrow!!!

  4. Hi, Karen! How are you? How wonderful these garlands. The color 'Blue Mist' is very beautiful!
    You have many excelent ideas and tips ! The heart with French Lavender is my favorite and I think how is delicious the perfume. I was delighted everything. You have fairy hands!
    I left a stamp blog for you at my blog. In Brazil is the way of honoring the special blogs. Feel free to take or refuse. The main rule is to receive and talk a bit about us.
    The post Vintage Cottage Style for Spring is very beautiful!!
    I loved the tips of the glass picture frame. Your house is very beautiful, cozy and stylish.

    A big hug from Brazilian friend.

  5. Dearest Karen,
    Sure, the dried rose heads would make a great stand-alone post/tutorial! Lovely idea from your clever home styling in an elegant, romantic and frugal way. Perfect for this time and age.
    Enjoy a Happy Valentine together.

  6. You have such a wonderful knack for putting things together and decorating - I love the tours your give us of your lovely home.

  7. beautiful not had time for that. But I like valentines day!

  8. Gorgeous handmade touches throughout your beautiful home.. so pretty & each made with love... Wonderful post Karen... Hugs May x x x

  9. Superb- delightful and lovely!

  10. Lots of lovely valentine stuff. The hearts are wonderful.

  11. Love all your pretty baskets, Karen! The first one is my favorite, and I especially like the heart-shaped porcelain boxes and keys. Beautiful! :) xx

  12. dry roses in a heart shaped - prefect - love this idea.. and loving all your simple sweet touches of Valentines..


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