Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Beautiful Wedding Day

My Son, 'G' and his fiance', 'E', made it official this weekend. They make the sweetest couple. It was a perfect day for a beautiful wedding.

The sun was shining and the chairs arranged overlooking the harbor, waiting for the first guests to arrive.

Off in the distance the blue water sparkled; the bay filled with colorful sailboats.

The Groom in his Tux, both sisters beside him.

My Guy's...The Groom, Hubby and Son, 'D'.

The Beautiful Bride preparing for pictures before the ceremony.

My Guy's, including my Son-in-Law, 'E'.

All Dressed up and ready to go with son, 'D' and his Sweetie, 'J'.

The Bride and Groom with the Bride's Family

Daughter 'J' with her Honey

A walk down the aisle

Vows taken, toasts made

Tables waiting

First Dance

And at the end of the day, as the sun sets behind the little harbor, a new Bride, a new Family, Wonderful Memories, The Start of a New Chapter filled with Hopes and Dreams

We Wish You Love, and Laughter

And a Wonderful Life Together


  1. What a beautiful day for your family Karen!

  2. Oh that was just perfect - you had great weather! Lots of happiness there. (Plus I always love seeing a Pacific Northwest skyline full of conifers!)

    And: as they teasingly say here in Scotland, 'you scrub up pretty well!' In other words, how lovely you look!

  3. Thank you, the day was perfect, very unusual in the North West! And yes, we 'clean up' well! Now it is back to the old work gear and time to paint the house! Life does go on! Thank you for your kind comments! xx


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