Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When We Met

This Month Hubby and I celebrate another anniversary. We have been married a loooong time. Over 35 years. Almost 40. We have known each other since our early teens.

It was the summer of 68. Two weeks before school started. I was just shy of 14. Hubby was 15. Two skinny kids, all arms and legs and braces.

I attended his 'pool party', invited by another boy. My first boy/girl party.

This was your typical 'Wonder Years' time. Dads went to work all day. Moms stayed home and played house. But the winds of change were all around us. Only we didn't know it yet. We were safely cocooned in our little worlds. For the time being.

So, my parents drove me to the pool party. They wanted to make sure it was properly chaperoned. As the wood paneled station wagon pulled up to the front curb, a young man opened the door for me. I looked up and right into two of the clearest baby blues I had ever laid eyes on. And in that one look, some little voice inside told me that this was one of those 'memorable moments'. This was a moment that would completely chart my destiny.

As I was lent a helping hand to exit my parents car, this cute boy with the clear blue eyes introduced himself to my parents and I. And when my Mother demanded to speak to 'the adult on the premises' I was mortified, but Blue Eyes didn't hesitate. This was his home and he went to get his Mother. After being reassured that all was proper, I was set free. To follow my destiny. Unaware.

My new found friend, brought me out back to the party in progress. The boy that invited me was there, and about 15 other boys. I was the only girl! This was an interesting development. At that time of my life, I was still very much the Tom Boy. And I was an excellent swimmer. So when I was shown the dressing room to change into my swimsuit, that is exactly what I did. My first two piece. Pink Polka Dots with Ruffles. I was feeling very sure of myself until I realized what I would be walking out to.

There was nobody in the pool. And so, I quickly walked over to the diving board, hopped a few times to get the feel of it, and made a perfect dive into the water. Where I stayed. Afraid to get out.

But then, all the boys scrambled to join me and pretty soon there was quite a bit of rough housing that I didn't want any part of. So I made my exit and I changed back into my clothes. When I came out of the dressing room, the boy that was my 'date' was waiting for me. Demanding a kiss. He pinned me against the wall. I was trying to escape. That's when Baby Blue Eyes rescued me. He pulled that boy away from me and gave him a lecture on how to treat a girl. I was smitten.

Here was this cute boy, that I had just met, rescuing me! Little did I know that I would be rescued many times by this same guy. Not only was he cute, he was polite and well mannered. He took me by the arm and sat me down poolside and fetched me some punch. And made me laugh. And laugh. His friends were sweet and funny, too. (I found out that the boy that invited me was not really his friend, just an acquaintance)

By the end of the party, even though I was very young, I knew I felt some kind of strong connection to this funny, sweet, polite boy.

And what a journey it has been. Stay tuned to the next chapter.....


  1. A beautiful story Karen. Amazing to hear of two people meeting so young and staying together through the tests of time. Happy Anniversary!

  2. What a beautiful story, and an ongoing one! It sounds like you both deserve each other. I'd love to hear your husband's memories of that first meeting! It's so interesting how Fate arranges things, isn't it?

    Thank you also for your loving comment on my blog. xx

  3. Thank you Sarah and Christine for your kind comments. xx

  4. What an amazing story Karen! Congratulations to you and Hubby, what you share is indeed rare! I can't wait to read more of the story! :)


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