Thursday, September 22, 2011

A birthday celebration and a housewarming

My Daughter, 'J' recently hosted a birthday celebration for the three September birthdays in the family. My sons 'G' and 'D' and my son-in-law, 'E'. She just moved in with her Honey, 'JJ'. He owns a lovely home and his love of my sweet daughter prompted him to open this beautiful home to her, to share together.

Now, 'JJ' is as manly as you can get. He hunts, he fishes, he drives a jeep and a mustang. He has a very manly job supervising a group of macho men.

And then he meets my daughter, 'J'. You can't get any girlier. Petite, high heel loving, marketing position in an all woman office. She loves everything white, dripping with crystals, pink flowered and soft.

Girlie-Girl meets Manly-Man.

How do they blend the two in one home?

It was a little tough at first. But now they have compromised. Manly-Man gets his own bonus room, 'The man cave', where his black leather furniture has been moved, and his deer heads, and his videos of hunting. He also gets the whole garage (once it is cleared of all the Girlie-Girl boxes), the backyard and the shared family room. (For which new furniture was bought in a neutral tone)

Girlie-Girl gets the rest. In came the flower paintings, the soft white and pale green colors, the crystal lamps, the pink flowers (relegated to one bathroom upstairs).

I have to give Manly-Man credit. He is being very accommodating. He loves his Girlie-Girl. And that's a good thing. Because.......

This is what life with Girlie-Girl is like. Soft and Beautiful.

Full of Love and Light

And Angels, of course. What Manly-Man wouldn't want a few Angels around to remind him to be good?

So when sweet daughter, 'J' asked her Father if he could possibly tighten up and paint this old bench she had for her new porch, how could he say no?

And here he is painting up an old plant stand we had in the shed to go along with it. In the rain. Under an umbrella.

To add to the front porch. Now what Manly-Man doesn't want a beautiful white bench and bucket of hydrangea's beside his front door?

But he loved it. Because he loves her. And it gave the front porch that romantic old fashioned look, as if to say, A Happy Couple lives here.

And so, the first party was thrown in the Happy Couple's blended home. A birthday party. The theme was 'Football'. Because, after all, it was a party for the guy's. A perfect blend.

And isn't that what it's all about? Harmony, Compromise, Sharing, Love.

Girlie-Girl meets Manly-Man.

A perfect Match.


  1. What a beautiful blog post about such a wonderful, beautiful, sweet girly girl!

  2. Thank you, Kellie, she is our girlie-girl and don't we love her? xx

  3. It all goes to prove that opposites attract! Great post, very warming.

  4. Awww this is the sweetest story. All things we giggled at when Jennie gave us ladies the first tour of her new home. She is the most amazing, giving and lovely Girlie-Girl.


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