Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wild Gatherings

I have been out walking in the gardens and surrounding woodlands and have gathered some of nature's beauty to bring inside.

Here I have used moss wreaths to frame some gatherings. Grapevine wreaths are easy to cover with moss. I covered an oval wreath with green moss, placed it on an oval basket and tucked some wheat grass pots from the market inside.

The urn has a smaller round wreath covered in pale 'reindeer' and alder moss placed on top, with a small jar of poppy and other small pods, tucked inside.

The small basket has a tiny wreath tucked inside with some moss in the middle and painted wooden 'Robin's Eggs'.

To make the moss covered wreaths, simply buy bags of dried moss and hot glue small sections at a time to cover the front and sides of the grapevine wreath. If you want to hang them, hot glue a paper clip that you have opened up to form a hook, to the back.

A seldom used chair is a perfect frame for a pale moss wreath.

Grass plumes are simply placed in an old clay crock.

Poppy pods in a paper covered jar keep company with a ribbon tied stack of old books.

Pearly Everlasting peek out from an old burlap rice bag and hung on the kitchen door.

Dried Mums and pale Snow Berries fill a moss green metal urn with two Pheasant feathers.

Another moss covered wreath sprigged with bits of hydrangeas, pods, pine cones and other gatherings grace the inside of the front door.

Blue Hydrangeas dry so beautifully and are easy to gather in large bunches to fill a galvanized trough. They are best left to dry as is, in a large bucket, with a small amount of water that will evaporate as they dry. They look lovely on top of large cabinets or in big baskets on the floor.

I do hope you get to take your own gathering walk. This is the perfect time of year to decorate with woodland finds and dried pods from the garden. It's free for the taking and inspires a creative approach for display. So look around and have fun showing off your treasures!


  1. I love these ideas. When I was younger I'd go on my own "nature adventures" as I called them. Gather all the sticks and twigs I could find then come home and build 100 tiny little bird nests. My Mom just loved the fact that our back porch was consumed with empty bird nests. Apparantly the birds weren't too fond of my construction.

  2. Hi Sarah, That is so cute, I can picture you now, pony tail bobbing, gathering your armfull of twigs! Creative from the beginning! xx

  3. Your creations are just beautiful! Lovely, lovely home~

  4. Thank you, Jenniffer for your kind comments! xx

  5. You are so creative, and generous with your ideas! I've had a roller-coaster week and no time to be blogging, so I'm very happy to be catching up with you now!


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