Monday, August 1, 2011


Solitude. That is a word that can have several meanings. It might be a welcome respite from constant demands. It could be the lovely feeling you have when you are in a secluded place far away from the din of humanity. It can also be the feeling of being alone, separate, solitary.

Solitude can simply be a state of mind. You can be surrounded by life, activity, others, and still feel quite alone.

Because you feel disconnected.

There is no common ground.

Sometimes life's circumstances bring Solitude. Divorce, Death, Moving to a new place. Even something as simple as Losing a good friend.

Children grow up and move on. Loved ones pass away. Life long friendships are lost.

All of these things can contribute to feelings of Solitude.

Then there is Solitude by choice. Moving out of the city. Taking a much needed vacation. Or just taking a few days off to be alone. These can be very restorative and everyone needs time to be alone, to think, to reflect, to enjoy the silence.

Solitude can be a source of great peace and understanding.

It can be a wonderful time for reflection.

This week I am experiencing Solitude. My Rambling Man is out of town on business. And, although I know it is only a temporary Solitude, I am acutely aware of what Solitude really means.

It gives me compassion for those who are truly alone in life.

Even though I spend quite a bit of time in Solitude, I am never truly alone.

So as I sit here in Solitude, waiting for my Rambling Man to come home to me, I count my blessings. Because as lonely and sometimes a little frightening this time can be, I know my Solitude is only temporary. But for others, it may not be.

And so this week, I am going to make sure to call that special someone I know that lives alone. And visit that other special someone who spends his time locked in Solitude due to illness.

It makes me feel connected. And hopefully helps others to know they are not alone. 


  1. I love this, as it can mean many different things to many different people but you explained what Solitude means very well. Beautiful picture of you, by the way!

  2. What a great post. As you say, solitude can be a blessing or a burden. This afternoon I was visiting a friend, and he left me out in the garden for 10 minutes to go make a cup of tea for us. I felt so uneasy, just by myself in the garden! Having said that, I believe that on the deepest level, I am never alone. I think perhaps I need to practise knowing that a bit better though!

    I hope your Rambling Man is soon back and that you'll make the most of your solitude. With the animal members of your family I bet you're never all that alone. And I agree with Sarah, that is a lovely photo of you!

  3. Thank you, Christine, I love it when others can relate. That's what I love about sharing.

    You are right about never being alone in heart or mind, or in my case, with my animal companions!

    Rambling man is home again and I have to tune up my speaking voice again! xx


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