Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fresh Laundry

Ever since I can remember, I have been Ironing. Even as a small child, I would iron my doll's wardrobe. My Mother bought me a child size ironing board and a little electric iron (that would only get warm), and I would spend hours washing and 'ironing' for my dolls.

Being the eldest daughter of five girls, I was designated as head mistress of the ironing board. 'Perma- Press' was not a word yet, and nearly every article of clothing needed a good 'pressing'. My Mother would pay me 10 cents per article. The ironing basket was always full.

These days my ironing chores are not so overwhelming. But I still enjoy ironing.  My ironing board is an old wooden one from the 30's.

While I am ironing, I can look out the little window over my ironing board. I try to imagine what it would be like to iron with the antique iron I keep on the window sill! 
I made the little heart string for my Mother, and now it is back with me reminding me of the generations of women that have been the heart of the home. It is made with an old 30's quilt that was falling apart. I took the best pieces and sewed the little hearts.

The print above my dryer of the little girl washing her doll clothes is called, 'A Busy Day'.

This little print is actually a greeting card from my sweet sister in law.  It sums up how you feel about laundry sometimes!

The little washboard is a chalkboard and was a gift from my other sweet sister in law (Hubby's sisters) and spells out a Monday through Sunday wash list. (Which I don't follow!)

I keep my laundry detergent in the vintage style milk bottle and my bleach in an actual vintage bleach bottle. We found the bottle at an old homestead site near here. It has 'Purex' embossed at the top.

I love wooden folding racks for hanging hand washables. I have several of these, as they come in handy for drying herbs and flowers, also.

I do think ironing is a labor of love.

And so, as I prepare for the next phase of my life, maybe a few Grandchildren in my future, I keep this miniature ironing board and iron at the ready. Because laundry will never end. Because ironing is an art. Because looking your best and caring for loved ones never goes out of style.
Homemade Linen Spray
Spritz on sheets before bed, use as a room freshener, or lightly scent your ironing (test for staining in an inconspicuous place first)
The Recipe
Makes 1 liter of linen spray
2 tablespoons 100 proof vodka
1 teaspoon jasmine oil and 1/2 teaspoon bergamot oil;
1 teaspoon lavender oil and 1/2 teaspoon sandlewood oil;
1 teaspoon vanilla oil and 2 drops ginger oil
Distilled Water
16 or 32 ounce bottle and sprayer
( all supplies can be purchased at Mountain Rose Herbs.com)
Mix the vodka and desired oils in a spray bottle. Add the distilled water until full, shake to combine. (The alcohol helps disperse the oils evenly throughout the liquid) Shake lightly before each use.

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