Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Lazy Day

It was a lazy day. I decided to take the day off from the endless chores, painting and sewing projects. In the last few weeks I have stained the deck, painted my floors in the living room and kitchen, stained the front and utility room steps, sewed three tablecloths, two bench cushions, and a party banner,  hosted a party, endlessly watered my flowers (we hadn't had rain in a month!), and shopped till I dropped for food, the upcoming wedding of my son, and the birthday party. I also did pet-sitting duty a few times and they were with me again, took my own dog to the vet to have an abscessed tooth removed, cooked every night for my hubby, and I just needed one day to relax!

So, I grabbed my favorite magazines, gathered together some nibbles, and made my way to the deck.

Oh, yummy, yum, the fruit this time of year is so amazing! I am like a child in a candy shop when I am in the produce section of my favorite market. We have had fresh local cherries well into late Summer due to the late Spring this year. These California grapes are called 'Midnight Jewels'. They are so large and sweet, and I look like a chipmunk, popping them into my mouth two at a time.

We are so fortunate to live where we can get fresh produce from all along the West Coast. I have been eating fruit and yogurt or cottage cheese instead of breakfast and lunch and have lost nearly 10 lbs this summer without dieting! I never feel deprived.

My sweet daughter 'J' arrived at my door the other day with this beautiful bouquet of locally grown flowers. I brought them out with me to admire while I enjoyed my lazy day.

Is there anything as blue? Flowers are love and joy all rolled into one beautiful creation. If they have a lovely scent, you are transported to the heavens!

I was not the only one having a lazy day! What is the old saying? 'Let sleeping dogs lie?' Anyone who has three rambunctious dogs around, knows how true that is!

I had nothing better to do than watch the clouds rolling in over 'The Mountain', as we call Mt. Rainier around here.

The sky was so blue that it cast a blue haze over every other color! The lazy clouds would drift by and get caught in the mountain's atmosphere. There they would circle around and around, eventually transformed from the white fluffy clouds coming in, to sleek strands in their attempt to escape...

Eventually separating into venetian blinds, casting long thin shadows across the mountain's face as the sun drifted lower and lower, washing away the blue, and painting the skies with pastel hues.

My lazy day was over. I enjoyed my magazines, the lovely fruit and flowers, the sleeping dogs and beautiful view. Hubby would be home soon and dinner had to be prepared. There are busy days ahead, more birthdays, a concert, the much anticipated wedding, more painting and gardening and endless chores. But I love every minute of it. And so glad to have a day to remind myself how much I have to be grateful for. 


  1. Beautiful relaxing "lazy day"! Love all your pictures! Enjoy the sunshine!!!

  2. Thank you, Kellie. I hope you get to enjoy it, too!

  3. That looks like the perfect day. I feel like I was there with you! Yes, there is something transporting about flowers, and in particular blue flowers, I think.

  4. Thank you, Christine. I hope you get a 'lazy day' soon, also! xx


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