Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Flowers, Painted Urn, Crochet and Valentines

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you had 
a lovely Valentine's Day!  

I had a busy weekend, 
which included pet-sitting, 
grandson-sitting, and visiting
with loved ones. 

I received sweet flowers and a velvet box of chocolates 
from Ramblin' Man on Valentine's Day. 

We stayed in and watched Downton Abbey <3
after I cooked a favorite meal. 

We are such homebodies! 
Ramblin' Man works long hours and 
frequently travels, so home is his 'vacation'. 

My daughter, Jennie gifted me with this beautiful 
Azalea topiary. 
I thought it needed a very special pot.......

I had this terra-cotta urn that needed updating. 

I gave it a base-coat of cream paint. 

I then gave it a wash of watered down brown
craft paint. I used 'Burnt Umber'. 
Do this one small section at a time, 
then immediately wipe with a dry, soft cloth to remove
most of the dark paint. It will settle into the cracks
and crevices, giving it an aged look. 

I used the same technique on the metal urn that
hosts the cherub, last year. 

Jennie also gave me this sweet box of chocolates, 
which I hid in my Hand-crafted Heart Box:) 

Ramblin' Man is a candy thief. 

I do share - he just doesn't know where they are hidden :) 

My little secret. Shhhhhhh! 

Two of my sweet Valentines, 
Weenie Baby and Peanut (in front). 

Weenie Baby wasn't feeling very well, 
and is on medication, but she enjoyed her little romps
in between rain showers. 

It's been very gray here. 

Here we are at the bird feeder - bird seed spilled on the ground. 

Just look at those gray clouds! 

This little guy waits his turn at the hummingbird feeder. 

We had a lovely day Saturday visiting with my son, Gabe,
 his sweet wife, Erica and our precious little grandson, Ethan. 

This beautiful orchid was my first Valentine from Ethan. 

So beautiful. Orchids are amazing flowers. 

Here's the sweet little family last fall. 

Here's the little guy now, reading Grandpa's 
newspaper. He just loves to 'read'! 
Of course we think he is a genius. 
He just turned 9 mos. old - where does the time go? 
He's crawling and clapping and enjoying 
swimming with his Mom at 'Mom and Me' group. 

No teeth yet, though. 

Our first Valentine's card as Grandparents. 

We watched our little sweet-pea while 
the new parents went out to dinner. 

While the little one slept, I crocheted 
a new basket with 'kitchen cotton'. 
(I haven't woven in the loose ends yet)

You can find the instructions to the basic 
basket on my previous post

One note: I have eliminated the slip stitch joining
in each row, as it creates a noticeable join. 
Instead, I just mark the beginning of each row
with a stitch marker or you can use a piece of yarn, 
moving it as you complete each row. 

Once you achieve the basic circumference on the bottom, 
you can use any stitch to create the sides, simply
going around and around with no increases. 
I used single crochet here. 

I added this sweet shell edge by crocheting 
a final row of single crochet in cream, 
then a row of 'shells'. 
To make the shells:
*sc, skip next sc, 5 dc in next sc, skip next sc*
repeat from * around. 

I folded the edge down to achieve this charming effect. 

I'm having fun creating these little baskets
and now I am never without something to give
as a sweet gift. 

Another sweet Valentine; 
my little Kai. 

He is an excellent watch dog, 
always on alert. 

The two pals, Whitey Bear and Kai, in motion. 
Whitey Bear 'talks' to me. 
He's my sweet boy. 

Ramblin' man is doing his thing this week;
rambling, and the two little house-guests have gone home,
 so I will have some time 
to myself after my busy weekend. 

I have some sweet garden crafts to show you next time. 

I hope you are staying warm and dry, 
wherever you are my dear friends. 


A little Consideration, a little Thought
for Others, makes all the difference. 

- Eeyore to Pooh in Winnie-The-Pooh, 
A.A. Milne, writer


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  1. Weenie Baby....I love it! You did a nice job on the urn. Great photos, especially the hummingbird one. You have a sweet looking family and how cute is it that your little grandson is reading the paper. But the tops is your crocheted basket. Soooo cute! I am going to try to make one.

  2. This is such a nice post. I love seeing your pretty home and all your dogs and cats. The chocolates aren't hard to look at, either. ;-) And that photo of Ethan with the paper...how cute is that. I think you enjoy being a grand-parent as much as I do. We are expecting our fourth one any day now. Deb

  3. Your Valentine's weekend sounds bliss. Of course your grandson is a genius...just like his grandma. =) I love the urn you beautified. The topiary Azalea looks perfect in it. Isn't the pink Orchid gorgeous. I do love your pretty crochet baskets. They are the perfect gift filled with some pretties. Such a lovely post, Karen. Wishing you a lovely week...don't eat all those chocolate treats in one go.

  4. What a simply sweet and cozy post! You had a very blessed weekend! I would hide those chocolates too!!

  5. Sound's like my Valentines day. It snowed very heavy, but I had my Azalea
    and orchids and Mr. Bennie my beautiful dog. Snuggled in for Downton Abby.
    Poor Lady Mary, just can't get the right man. Be well. yvonne

  6. I always love your lovely slice of life posts, Karen...I always feel like I have had a little visit. I have one of those candy thief husbands, too...

  7. I love the effect you gave your old urn. Just perfect! You are a lucky lady to have all this love bestowed upon you on Valentine's Day. That little Ethan is adorable ... those rings on his chubby arms! I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend with family and pets together. My dog talks to us more and more the older he gets. silly pup!

  8. Your grandson is adorable, Karen! Don't yo just love having a grandchild? Sounds like you had a very special Valentine's Day. We stayed in too. Rick has a bad cold, so I cooked him a chicken dinner and we watched Game of Thrones. We're so exciting!

  9. Dear KAaren, thank you for this wonderful post! Lovely pictures you show again, I love the ones with your Grandson Ethan reading the newspaper ..so cute! I hope, Weenie Baby is feeling better!
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week, with lots of Love and Joy!
    Hugs and blessings to you, my dear friend,
    Claudia xo

  10. Your little boy is so cute...
    Beautiful post and wonderful pics as always.
    Have a nice day

  11. Oh, I know what you are talking about .... busy :)! Newspaper reading can be so very tyring :)
    A very lovely post!
    All my best

  12. What a wonderful post, Karen! Everything is lovely, your home, the flowers, chocolates, the urn that you updated, the little crochet basket... and especially your grandson. :)
    Have a great day! xx

  13. Some lovely Valentine memories spent with your family. Love the shell edging on that basket. Have a peaceful week. Bx

  14. Hello dear Karen

    Oh I love everything about this post!

    The little velvet box of chocolates is so sweet and such a gorgeous bunch of flowers – Rambling man did so well!

    Little Ethan is gorgeous – you are so lucky having him nearby to spend time with you at your house – love the red orchid he gave you too!!!

    Beautiful crochet basket, you are clever Karen, they make the sweetest present!

    Hugs and love
    Shane x

  15. I really enjoyed this post packed full with beauty, great tips and joy. x

  16. Dear Karen,

    A beautiful post you have shared from your lovely Valentine's Day to your wonderful family - sweet baby Ethan is precious, your gorgeous topiary azalea and the pretty orchid. also your adorable dogs. Great job with the crochet work
    Hope you are enjoying the week

  17. Hello, what a wonderful post. Your Valentine's Day sounds lovely. You have a beautiful family and that includes the furbabies. My favorite photo is of your grandson reading the newspaper, that is too cute. Enjoy your day!

  18. Oh Karen, what sweet gifts from your loved ones! Your little sweet pea is just adorable, and growing so quickly! I really must make some of those crocheted bowls. They are just so sweet!
    Also, in your previous post, I loved seeing the photo of your mom and dad, and the sweet dishes that your dad bought for your dear mom. How lucky you are to have those treasures.
    Yes, I wish I could have tea with you and look at your favorite tea books, and eat some of your wonderful treats. Thanks for sharing, sweet friend! xo

  19. Hello Karen, Love visiting your blog and seeing your cosy home.
    Your grandson is so cute and what a gorgeous gift.
    You have so many pets and don't you just hate it when they become poorly.
    Have a great week.
    Note to self, must have a go at a basket!! :)

  20. Lovely time with an adorable grandson. Such a cute basket you made!

  21. Hi my dear Karen !
    This post is so wonderful, my sweet friend !
    First of all I love your art: to give an antique look to everything is a game, and the result is always worthy, is'n it ... look at how important your urn has become ... perfect for your gift !
    Then I love this corner of your home, so very relaxing and cozy, I love your wonderful dogs, Weenie Baby and Peanut, Withey Baby and Kay and last, but not least, I do adore your grandchild, he's so beautiful !

    Thank you for sharing so many wonderful things belonging to your life,
    may your week be fille dwith so much love
    sending dear hugs to you

  22. Glad your hubby could be home for Valentine's day and what can be better than watching Downton :) Your little grandson is too cute sitting there with the paper, what fun to get him while the kids go out. They do grow up way too fast that's for sure. Love your little scallop around the basket, so sweet, love that touch!

  23. Nicely done with the urn.. good idea there! I love reading all about what's been happening in your life and about - always. Your grandson is such a handsome guy for sure. Thanks for the idea with crochet basket. Oh and are you still enjoying the knitted washrags I sent?..Lovely valentines boxes and shhhh I will be...love hidden places too! Be safe and enjoy your garden crafting - wink!

  24. Such a happy post Karen. A beautiful photo of your son, daughter in law and grandson.

    What a sweet husband you have. He gave you some beautiful gifts!

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  25. What a sweet post filled with many lovely things. I enjoyed my visit.

  26. Glad you had a good valentines! Your urn makeover is great, but not as great as your lovely little grandson who is just adorable!!! xx

  27. Karen, your flowers are lovely, and the vibrant roses stand out in them. The pot of azaleas is cute, and I love how you painted the urn a cream color. You know, I used to have a bush of PINK azaleas in my front yard at our old house. They always grew so nicely every spring, and I loved the color. Oh, those little dachshunds are darling. And you have Hummingbirds coming around your house, wonderful! Tell your son that him and his wife look so much like Keith and Nicole. They are a beautiful couple with a sweet baby.

    I'm glad you had a nice Valentine's Day, Karen. I had a delightful one as well.


  28. Another lovely post as always. You had a sweet Valentine's day with lots of love all around.

    Your little baskets are cute.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

  29. You truly have sweet hearts in your life, Karen - not just your Rambling Man, but also this little charming fellow "reading" newspapers ... How wonderful to spent time with him as he still is so little and have those cute chubby cheeks and arms!
    Those flowers are gorgeous - a wonderful bouquet, as well as the little crocheted basket!
    Lots of love from

  30. A lovely visit in the middle of the afternoon. Your photos always make me feel at home and comfy. That little baby is too sweet for words ... you just wanna kiss those cute cheeks ... a great photo.

    Wishing you a beautiful rest of the day, Karen!

  31. Nice look on the urn. We have gray days here in Oregon as well and they are taking a toll on me.

  32. Hi Karen, I just love your posts. I always feel like I'm right there with you. What a beautiful home you have. It sounds like you had a very nice Valentines with your family. I too would hide the chocolate from Ramblin' Man, lol!!

  33. HI Karen....
    OMG....how cute is that grandson? Too cute....
    Love your flowers...gorgeous...lucky you...and chocolates...oh my...
    Love those wee baskets...I must make one!
    Enjoy the rest of your week...
    Linda :o)

  34. An adorable grandson you have! I'm sure he is a joy to have in your lives! Your crocheted basket looks so nice. I don't crochet and admire those women who do crochet. Our valentines day was nice, not too bad out. Now we have rain today and looks like it will be here to stay in OR. Therefore I'm not walking even tho Phil is! I miss walking with him though! Take care and glad you had a nice valentine's day! Hugs!

  35. Seems like you had a perfect Valentine's Day! And your little grandson is just adorable. :) Enjoy the rest of the week!

  36. Hola Karen, que entrada tan hermosa está llena de ternura y de buen hacer , sus trabajos son tan preciosos y ese pequeño es lo mejor lindo y tierno, felicidades...los perritos son encantadores...unas fotos muy bonitas ...tu blog desprende mucha paz...gracias por tu visita , besitos sss.

  37. It sounds like you had a wonderful Valentines Day. I love your cute grandson! The crocheted bowls are so nice and you did a great job. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and thanks for joining us at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.

  38. That room looks so warm and welcoming. And I do love a grey day. I'd like to come in from it, put the kettle on and enjoy looking out from that inviting setting.

  39. The orchid is beautiful! good for you in hiding these chocolate goodies - I know about candy thiefs:):) And nothing is cuter than baby "reading" the paper!

  40. Ethan has excellent taste for such a young boy. The orchid looks beautiful.

  41. Hi Karen, what a fun post filled with such joy and beauty along with your sweet little grandson. I love seeing him read the paper. So cute!!Love your crocheted projects and the orchid is stunning. I just can't grow them here. I've tried so many times and it's best I just stay with a faux variety. haha.
    Blessings for a great weekend ahead. xo

  42. Good evening, sweet friend! It sounds like you had a beautiful Valentine's Day. I know what you mean about being homebodies...my hubby and I are the same way :)

    Your basket is darling, dear friend. And your grandson is absolutely precious! What a joy to have him in your life.

    Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs and love to you!

  43. Dearest Karen,
    Oh my, looking at the sweet family's fall photo and than seeing this 9-month infant sitting on your sofa reading the paper! How fast time moves... But you had so many little blessings around Valentine's Day. What a joy it is, never mind a dreary sky.
    Sending you hugs and blessings,

    PS Just started a new series telling about our most turbulent time ever... The start does not look attractive but the story will unfold.

  44. Such a sweet Valentine Day and Ethan is getting so big! I love how you changed those urns. So pretty. That orchid is amazing!! I thought it wasn't real. Lol And those baskets you make are adorable. Such a fun post. Blessings! Xoxo

  45. Your urn turned out so lovely! How do you keep your orchid blooming so nicely? I have one and it's tempermental, lol. But gorgeous when it does bloom. Have a lovely day!


  46. You had some lovely gifts Karen and well done on hiding those chocolates! I love your crochet basket, now what colour shall I use :) Have a lovely and restful weekend my friend xx

  47. Love your pretty topiary and the painted urn is just perfect! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family and photos at Talk of the Town.

  48. Love the little peaks into your home! Thank you for sharing :)

  49. You've been so busy! wow! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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