Friday, February 12, 2016

Cherubs, Paper Hearts and Roses, continued .....

Hello friends, with Valentine's Day fast approaching, 
I've updated my Kitchen 
to reflect this sweet, romantic holiday.

For 'Five on Friday', and 'Simple & Sweet Fridays'
 I am showcasing 5 lovely
things for Valentine's Day.

 Cherubs, Paper Hearts, Roses, Tea and Baking. 

Valentine's Day is a wonderful excuse to display
 my Dear Mother's Royal Albert, 'Lady Carlyle' tea set. 

This lovely tea set was my inspiration for redecorating 
my kitchen 'Shabby Chic' style.

I just love the sweet rose pattern. 

This set was purchased one piece at a time - 
sweet gifts from my Father to my Mother. 

Oh, how I wish I could sit at their kitchen table 
one more time with this beautiful tea set 
displayed in the Welsh cupboard against the wall, 
sharing a cup of tea while enjoying their 
dear company and laughter once again. 

Such sweet memories.

Here they are at my Mother's senior prom.

My Dad was the 'older man', recently returned
from service in the Army/Air Force when they met
in my Mother's senior year.

He wore a white tux jacket with black bow-tie.

She wore a yellow chiffon dress
with sweetheart neckline, fitted bodice
 and full, tea length skirt with crinoline lining.
Elbow length white gloves
and yellow heels completed the ensemble.
The pearl earrings were a gift from my Dad.
He gave her a white rose corsage.

They were married 58 years.

My Mother loved teapots and had a large collection. 
With 5 daughters and many granddaughters, 
they all went to loving homes. 

As the eldest daughter, she wanted me to have this one :)
The little cookbook was a gift from her. 

Paper roses and a sweet stamp 
convey dear sentiments. 

An appropriately titled cookbook 
 graces the door. 

Of course I had to have some cherubs up above! 

These were thrifty finds, painted a sickly blue, 
but with a fresh coat of cream paint,
 their loveliness was revealed.

My vintage 'Fire King' milk-glass baker
waits for some nut bread baking. 

More cherubs as napkin rings. 

These cherubs play the lyre and flute <3
Matching vintage hankies make delicate napkins. 

I found these on a recent shopping trip with my 
daughter, Heather. 

Just right for 'tea for two'. 

Battenburg lace coasters shaped like hearts. 

I found 6. Just enough to go with 
the tea set :) 

A few assorted cups 
and a Bavarian serving plate stand by
as 'extras'. 

A jar of rosemary and some home-made 
jelly from my sweet Sis in New Hampshire, 
wait for scone baking. 

A heart tea strainer from another 
sweet Sis in New Hampshire. 

This charming apron was a sweet gift, too.

Recent vintage finds - pretty gold rims
and tiny heart buttons.

I have a passion for lovely tea-time cookbooks <3

I crocheted these little heart 'lockets' years ago.
Meant to be worn around the neck, they
contain a pocket at the top for inserting
a perfume-scented cotton ball.

More lovely cookbooks and a heart box
that I 'redecorated' with red checked
scrapbook paper, ribbon and red and white twine.

Ramblin' Man leaves me sweet notes <3

I've added pretty candy cups for hiding sweet treats.

Ramblin' Man steals my candy :)

I fancied up this little box, too.

I used some vintage crocheted heart lace 
around the edge. 

Scrapbook 'love letter' paper and a vintage
cherub print-out decorate the inside.

Little pearls line the rim.

Baking cups hold pretty cupcake

All ready for a baking session......

Cupcakes for Ramblin' Man.

And one for me :)

I wish I could share some with you, Dear Friends!

Would you like tea with that?

The inside of my cupboard.....

Happy Valentine's Day!


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  1. So many lovely things. The tea set is especially pretty. And such a wonderful photo of your mom and dad. happy weekend, Tammy

  2. So many sweet and lovely things to see in your post. What a treasure to have a photo of your mom from her senior prom. Hope you have a very nice Valentine weekend! I'm visiting from Five on Friday.

  3. your decoration bring such beauty to your kitchen - and the homey feel - which I love.I have that same book "heart of the Home" my older sister gave it to me years ago.
    Happy Valentine's Day..

  4. Love all your lovely things ;-)
    Happy St Valentine's Day

  5. What a beautiful post, loved all the photos. Your parents made a beautiful couple.

  6. Your Lady Carlyle dishes are exquisite! How special they were your Mom's. I love seeing your Mom & Dad in the photo. How sweet! You have decorated for Valentine's Day (in their honor!) so beautifully and prepared a lovely tea!

  7. So, so many pretty Valentine touches in your kitchen. It all looks beautiful. Your mother's prom dress and accessories sound divine. My.....women of yesteryear knew how to put an ensemble together, didn't they. I love your mother's Lady Carlyle set. The photo of our mum and dad is very sweet. Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  8. Such darling dishes and how precious they must be to you. How true t hat we wish that we could just have one tea with our dear parents. Sounds as if you had a very special mother and father and love your focus of decorating with your moms lovely dishes. A beautiful photo of them together.

  9. Your tea set is so pretty...sweet and dainty. I also love your cabinet that holds them. Is it a Hoosier cabinet?

    1. Hi Laurie, thank you for stopping by! Yes, it is a Hoosier - it still has the big flour sifter in the tall cupboard door on the side. I've always wanted to set it up as a serious baking of these days I will! xx Karen

    2. So nice....I've always wanted one.

  10. I wish I could come by for some tea and cupcakes! How wonderful that you have the pretty china of your mother's. my mother died when I was 6 and I have just a few of her things.
    I like how you added just a few special Valentine's touches around your kitchen. It looks very romantic. Have a nice Valentine's Day with your Ramblin Man!

  11. I think that a cup of Earl Grey would be perfect in one of the rose patterned tea cups. What a treasure the set is, with its history of your parents' love.

  12. I would be round in jiffy for afternoon tea if I lived close enough! Loved the story about your mum and dads 58 years is a long time. You must miss them. Hugs. Barbara xx

  13. It would be a special treat to have tea with you in your beautiful home! Thank you so much for inviting us in & sharing those precious memories of your dear parents! I love the Lady Carlyle China set - well you just have everything so pretty!
    Have a wonderful Valentines weekend!

  14. Such a wonderful post, dear Karen!
    Happy Valentine's Day! xx

  15. A beautiful sharing of hearts, roses and cherub. Lovely photos.

  16. I love the embellished heart box, hiding your stash of chocolates.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  17. A lovely post, Karen. Your kitchen corner shows the love which is at the heart of a happy home. The china brings to mind sweet memories of your parents. You are blessed with a loving family and how nice to have a close relationship with your sisters and a husband who leaves you romantic notes. Heartwarming. Enjoy your weekend, Karen.

  18. Hi Karen, such a beautiful and heart filled post. I love all the special touches you share in your kitchen and cabinet. Precious memories of your parents. Happy Valentine's Day with your beloved! Blessings to you my friend. xo

  19. Good morning, Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! What a lovely post, so many pretty treasures and yummy treats. I like the photo of your Mom & Dad, a wonderful memory! Happy Saturday,enjoy your weekend!

  20. Gosh, everything in your kitchen is just so pretty! I just love the tea set of your mother's, what a beautiful collection of this pattern. I bought one tea cup in this same pattern when I wanted to have a few more pretty tea cups (before I inherited some of my own mother's). It was just so fancy! So Pink! I loved it. You have a real gift for sprinkling special keepsakes old and new around your home Karen. I like the idea of the cookbooks held in the cupboard door. I'm having trouble locating a spot for my small number of cookbooks, and this has given me something to think on. The cupcakes look delicious. I have to bake up something for my own family for tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day!

  21. Such lovely Valentine decorations for your home. Yes that lovely tea set you have of your parents is beautiful and so special indeed. I love the heart strainer too, that is something I have never seen before. Love the cherub napkin rings and the way you have dressed up that heart box, so very sweet!! I am sure he is going to be thrilled with the cupcakes!!

  22. What wonderful love and joy and happy and sweet memories!!! All so utterly adorable and so very you and so very lovely! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, Happy Valentines! xx

  23. It's all so pretty and perfect for this holiday.

    Have a lovely one ~ FlowerLady

  24. Love the dishes and teapot. Such a lovely display! The wire shelves are so cute!

  25. Absolutely, completely, utterly charming!! Beautiful vignettes for Valentine's Day.

    Plus, I have a "thing" for pink roses so you can only imagine the smile on my face while reading this post. :-)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  26. Oh I can never get enough of your posts like this Karen. So cozy, pretty and sweet. :) I will gladly have some tea with my cupcake - thank you very much. What shall we chat about first? Gardening to come perhaps?

    Have a wonderful cozy and romantic Valentine's Day with your Ramblin' Man!! xoxo

  27. What beautiful Valentine's displays Karen! Lady Carlysle is one of my favorites, and your set has such good memories to go with it. Your mother's prom outfit sounds so pretty. I'd love to wear those long white gloves, wouldn't you? With a full, swishy skirt and matching heels! Your re-furbished boxes are so pretty, with all the sweet little touches. Enjoy those cupcakes with your sweetie! They look delicious. xo Deborah

  28. Karen, all your vintage lovelies make your kitchen such a charming place to be. Your mother's tea set is gorgeous, and so glad it passed down to you. I really like the white heart tea coasters. I just changed my kitchen colors yesterday to white and turquoise just to lighten things up a bit for spring and summer. :) I really like the light colors you have in your kitchen, and Pink is always such a happy color. The picture of your mom and dad at their prom is a treasure, indeed.

    From one youngest daughter, me
    to one oldest daughter, you.....

    Happy Valentine's Day, Karen!

  29. Look's like you are all ready for Valentines Day.
    Love your Mother's Royal Albert tea set and those lace coasters are so cute.
    Nice buttons always make a huge difference to an outfit.
    Have a great Valentines Day :)

  30. i like susan branch and her art work!! your decorations are lovely, i did not decorate for valentines day this year. it is shameful!!!

  31. Your parents sound like a true love story!

  32. Simply beautiful! Lovely tea things :) I hope you can stop by:


  33. Dear Karen, my friend, thank you for another wonderful and lovely Post!
    Have a happy Valentines Day!
    Love and hugs
    Claudia xo

  34. Oh! So romantic, so many beautiful treasures!

  35. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely post and yes, roses and angels are the best love ingredients we can come up with.
    Love your candy boxes with the crocheted hearts, another love ingredient... And yes, I too have such a SWEETS thief in the house.
    Sending you hugs and wishing you both a Happy Valentine's Day always.
    Love the sweet photo of your Parents!

  36. Hi Karen,
    The tea set, your mom's favorite, is very, very pretty! Using it in special occasions, cherishing her ... Keeping it safe in the cupboard (maybe opening the doors every now and then - it is so decorative) ... So beautiful! My mom has a special set for fine coffee, by Arabia called "Myrna" - which is used in special occasions ... coffee tastes just better from her Myrna cups!
    Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's day,

  37. Hi Karen..espero que hayas tenido un romantico San Valentin y que tengas un buen comienzo de semana

  38. Oh how pretty and your doilies are lovely as well. Of course I'd like some tea with your tour! Maybe one of these days we'll get together! Happy Valentines day!! my friend!

  39. The teaset is absolutely gorgeous and I love that it comes with a whole family story.

  40. My darling Beatrice,
    I'm feeling in awe and breathless after having watched the wonderful, fabulous photographs you've posted, I'm so grateful to you for this gorgeous post of yours, to watch such Beauty is a comfort for my heart and for my soul, believe me !

    In the hope that you've enjoyed the last weekend, I wish you a most beautiful new week, filled with joy and wonder.
    Sending so much love to you,
    with sincere gratitude

  41. Oh you have such a sweet home and it's always such a pleasure to visit. I love that sweet tea set from your Mom. I have a couple from my Mom as well, and I do treasure them!!


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