Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cherubs, Paper Hearts and Roses

Hello, dear friends, I have been busy
doing a bit of redecorating and crafting 
for Valentine's Day. 

I've 'shopped my house' to add some 
sweetness and romance to the heart of my home; 
the kitchen. 

I've replaced the Cozy Red Plaid
 with sweet rose buds and lace. 

Ling-Ling enjoys the beautiful sunshine 
streaming through the open door. 

It's been unseasonably warm the last few days. 
This has inspired me to lighten things up. 

A bit of 'Shabby Chic' as we look forward to spring. 

I'm always looking for vintage linens and lace 
to add to my collection. 

Collected over time
from flea markets, vintage shops, 
and sales, very inexpensively. 

I love to change the art, too. 

Charming cherubs for this romantic season. 

A thrift store find - I painted the unattractive
brown frame. 

A tiny shelf with a wee porcelain basket of paper roses. 


I sewed new curtains from vintage sheets. 

I created the Paper Roses last year from 
coffee filters painted with watercolors. 

The compote was my Mother's wedding gift. 

I decorated the heart box with lace and scrapbook paper, 

Valentines from days gone by <3

And a new valentine - a delicate hand stitched
and beaded heart from Flower Lady . 

A little gift for myself :) 

I decorated the inside of my heart box, too. 

A perfect place to store sewing notions later. 

Flower Lady also included this tiny crocheted and beaded
heart as a bonus gift. 

So darling! 

I trimmed the inside with pearl trim 
from the bridal section of the craft store. 

Don't throw away the heart shaped insert from the 
box of chocolates, as it makes a perfect template
for the inside of the box. 

This box had an overhanging top which made
it easy to attach the lace under the edge. 

Green yarn covers the raw edge of the paper. 

I simply used glue stick to adhere the paper, 
and tacky glue to adhere the lace, pearls and yarn. 

These covered boxes make charming gifts, too. 

Thank you for stopping by, sweet friends. 

Next time I will show you my redecorated 
Kitchen Queen cupboard, and more charming Cherubs, 
Paper Hearts and Roses. 


  1. Your paper roses and hearts are beautiful. You are very good at your crafts, very well done.

  2. Stunning! Loving your kitchen, so welcoming.
    Your Valentine creations are definately crafted from your heart, making them all that more special :)

  3. Your vignettes of your home celebrating all things Valentine are lovely. I love the pretty touches. Your kitchen always makes me smile.

  4. Your roses look just like the real thing! x

  5. Hello, your home is so pretty. I love that you can shop your home for your Valentine's decorations. Everything looks lovely! Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  6. Hi, dear Karen, thank you for this wonderful post! It looks so beautiful in your home! You always decorate with so much love!
    Have a lovely and joyful rest of the week, sending Love and hugs and blessings, and a wonderful Valentin's day ahead!
    Claudia xo

  7. I love your home and sweet way of decorating it. I feel right at home there.

    Seeing my little heart creations brought tears to my eyes. :-) Thank you for purchasing and your kind words.

    I'm going to check out your post for making paper roses. They are pretty.

    We are having a long cold spell. It is 55 right now at 10:32 EST. It's been like this for a few days now and is supposed to stay like this through the week.

    Have a wonderful Valentine's week ~ FlowerLady

  8. Sweet heart decorating ideas again! I would never think of these although I remember finding a few things made by my late mother-in-law who loved to create from old findings and fabric, etc. The beaded heats from Flower Lady are beautiful and so intricate. Sweet treasures! I hope your Valentine's week is beautiful. Hugs. Pam

  9. Hello Karen,
    I love your angel statue and the angel picture. The hearts are so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing this inspiration with us at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    Have a Happy Valentines Day.
    Julie xo

  10. I love seeing how you change the décor in your lovely home. Do you do this while your 'Ramblin' man is away ? I usually start making a few changes when Spring is on it's way, then de-clutter for summer. Enjoy the St Valentines weekend.

    1. Hi Barbara - thank you for stopping by! I did laugh when you asked me if I do this when my hubby is away. Lol! He is so gracious in allowing me full reign over the decor. He even told me that he 'liked the new, bright look.' Half the time he doesn't notice.....:) As long as he has 'his sofa' and a place to keep his 'stuff', he is happy with whatever I do - even hearts, roses and lace. xx Karen

  11. Your home is lovely and you've given me so many wonderful ideas. I love vintage linens and need to get some of mine out to use. I love your heart shaped box that you covered. You are so smart! Hugs!

  12. Your new lace and rose decor is so so pretty. I envy your decorating skills as its a beautiful space you have created. And your new little heart is adorable. Wishing you the best, Pat xx

  13. Lovely ideas Karen and so pretty. Enjoy Valentine's Day. Glad you are having warmer days. Barbara xx

  14. Just beautiful! Wow, you went from rustic cozy to shabby chic romantic and it looks great! I thought those roses were real!

  15. Everything is so beautiful and evokes a certain nostalgia. I love the hearts and what a great idea to paint a frame. I get too used to things as they are. I need to shop my house too and maybe do some painting. I love the open look of your home.

  16. I love cherubs, and I love yours! It has been unseasonably warm here too. It is cute how we nest when the weather changes. xoxo Su

  17. You have such excellent taste in decorating. Love your style and always enjoy your beautiful home.

  18. Dearest Karen,
    You really stay busy creating lovely and romantic things for your cozy nest!
    What a beautiful sunshine you were having. We had sunshine but a mean wind and very cold today. We walked though, wrapped up with hat, scarf and long warm coat.
    Enjoy this awakening of spring!

  19. I just love your vintage pieces, they look so good. I don't have an eye for them but know people who do and use them to advantage, as you have.


  20. Observing all those beautiful details in your home is always a real pleasure Karen! I mean it! Your home has a soul, that makes the difference! Happy weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!
    Love, Olympia

  21. I'm so delighted and honoured to have you as a new follower of ~ My little old world ~, my dear new friend, but I am also displeased that you haven't found the translation in English ... I haven't added a translate button because I distrust of all translations that are done on line ... you simply have to scroll the page and between the text written in Italian and the comments there's my translation in English.

    Actually, when I opened your page I immediately felt in awe, your Blog is truly wonderful and believe me, I cannot help but follow you in my turn !

    I wish you amost beautiful day, today, and a wonderful end of your week ahead, sending so much love to you,
    with so much heartfelt thankfulness
    Daniela ♥

  22. Beautiful vintage decorations and so romantic. I love your style, Karen.

  23. I so Love your shabby chic look, the soft curtains allows light to come in :) I heard you were having nice warm weather, how wonderful! Such pretty lace touches and the heart beaded stitching is just beautiful! Your pretty dress up to the heart box is just lovely and yes it would be a wonderful way to present a gift to someone! Your paper roses are just beautiful!!

  24. Thank you, dear Karen, for this beautiful and inspiring post! Your home looks so happy and welcoming. Happy Valentine's Day! xx

  25. All so pretty! It has been ages since I had a heart-shaped box, and I think it's time for one right about now.

  26. Hi Karen, your home is lovely and beautiful with the sunshine streaming in among your gorgeous heart treasures. Love the sweet box you embellished and the heart from Lorraine is beautiful. She does such special work and designs.
    I am also happy to see you enjoying your pitcher. How lovely it looks with flowers in it.
    Thank you for all the inspiration here my friend. Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!! xo

  27. Love it Karen! So soft and pretty and sweet. I envy that sunshine and warm open doors too. ;)

    Love the great tips for the roses and the valentine boxes too. So cool!! And that cherub photo with the white frame and shabby chic sitting area is SO pretty. I just want to lounge away there in the sunlight. ::sigh::

    Thanks for sharing. xoox

  28. Dear Karen,

    You succeeded in giving your house a romantic touch. The flowers, pastels and hearts make it all look very sweet!

    Wishing you a happy Valentine's day too!


  29. I love the way your daybed looks for Valentine's!

  30. Karen, so many things I love here. First of all, the angel picture above your couch is so beautiful, love that! I think that's the cutest table centerpiece I've see so far for Valentine's Day. I've always loved that angel and bird statue. What a cute idea to decorate the Valentine box with scrapbook paper and lace. And the hand stitched heart is sweet. The word on it "believe" is perfect.

    Such cute Valentine goodies on here today. You always inspire me with your creative ideas. And everything looks wonderful with the lighter colors you've used since spring is on its way.

    Happy Valentine's Day, dear Karen.


  31. Awww Karen, I love your Valentine touches around your home. I have a thing for cherubs. They just make me smile. Your Valentine decorated box turned out so pretty and I like your lightened up decor. It's been very warm here in Texas, too!
    Happy Valentine's Day, sweet friend! xo

  32. Thanks so much for stopping by!! Love your shabby chic accents and the heart is so lovely!!

  33. I think if I sat down on that daybed with a good book and all those pretty lace embellished cushions around, I wouldn't want to ever get up! You've done some lovely decorating this week Karen. Your heart box looks so cute, and the beaded hearts you received are special :)

  34. So pretty and soft in your lovely home!
    Have a happy Valentine´s day...take care.
    Love from Titti (and a snowy Sweden)

  35. Everything looks so pretty!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  36. I think you home is so beautiful and has so much heart in it! Love the sunshine which comes in by your sofa and the amazing view you have. Your shabby chic is so cute also.

  37. What a breath of fresh air to see all your pretty hearts and the sun shining through your home. Thanks for inspiring us at Talk of the Town.

  38. i really like being able to see inside the homes of others. i love blogging because it makes that possible. i use to make the hubs drive really slow, at night, so i could peak inside homes and see how they are decorated. i love that i don't have to do that anymore....that i can take my time and enjoy every corner!!!

    yours is really warm, cozy and inviting!!!


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