Friday, October 9, 2015

Sweet Little Friends - Five on Friday and Saturday's Critters

In this life, we have family and friends, 
but our animal companions 
are sometimes both. 

I can't imagine life without 
these sweet friends 
who bring so much joy
and ask for so little. 

Today I would like to introduce 
you to the five companions
that share my life. 

This earnest face belongs to Whitey Bear,
 one of my American Eskimo's. 

I found him by chance, running through 
a busy intersection and down 
the center of the road in front of me,
on my way home from my daughter's
bridal gown fitting 7 years ago. 

After knocking on doors, I found out he was 
lost and had been wandering a couple of weeks, 
and didn't trust anyone. 

After an hour of coaxing and help from a good 
Samaritan with a can of food, 
I convinced him to come with me
and brought him home. 

After posting an ad in the lost and found
(with no responses)
 and taking him to the vet
to check for a micro-chip (he had none), 
he became mine. 

He came into my life when I needed 
him most, during a difficult 
time just before my parent's died. 

We've been best friends ever since :)

He saved me from a bear once. 

He's brave, loyal, and a true gentleman, 

This little fellow is Kai. 

He is also an American Eskimo. 
He came into my life after losing
my Border Collie, Champ,
last January. 

Whitey Bear needed a companion
after losing his best friend, 
so I started searching for one
in May. 

Kai was the result. 

The young man that loved him 
was going through a life change
that left him unable to provide 
the care and time his little friend needed. 

And so he is mine, and I can't imagine
how I got on without him. 

He's playful and sweet, 
and full of youthful joy and energy...... 

And mischief! 

But he's stolen our hearts, 
and we can't help but spoil him.

This funny girl is our dear little Ling-Ling. 

She came into our life as a promise. 

You see, she was my Dear Mother's 
precious companion and I promised 
I would take her and care for her 
after my Mother was gone. 

She's gentle and trusting 
and we share a special connection. 

We both loved and lost 
a piece of our hearts. 

She slept on my Mom's quilt
that retained her sweet scent,
and I couldn't bring myself 
to wash it for the longest time. 

Sometimes when I hold her, 
I can feel my Mom's presence. 

We comfort each other 
in a very special way. 

Maggie's my old girl, 
almost 18 years old. 

She came to me via 
my daughter, Heather, 
who found her as a tiny kitten, 
able to fit in the palm of her hand. 

My daughter couldn't keep her, 
due to allergies, 
and so she came here. 

She was an apartment kitty
and had never been outside. 

It took her months to get brave
enough to venture outside, 
and she's always stayed close 
to home. 

Her favorite hang-out is the deck railing
where she keeps watch on her world 
from up high. 

She's chatty and sassy, and an excellent mouser.
If anyone messes with one of her friends, 
she'll rush over to defend, 
spitting and arching her back,
and ready to take on even the biggest foe. 

She has lost two treasured friends
in her short little life, 
and I know she may not be here
much longer, so I treasure her. 

Then there is this little guy, 
Birdy Boy. 
Here he is looking out the window 
of 'his' room upstairs. 

He is a Cockatiel and I found 
him on the roof one summer day, 
and lured him inside with a handful of seed. 

He was tattered and tired,
and hungry, thirsty, and scared. 

I had never owned a bird, 
but had a decorative bird cage
where he sat on the perch without
moving for 3 days. 

I thought he might die, 
but he finally rallied,
and when I put my hand in to feed
him on that 3rd day, he jumped on my finger
and walked up my arm. 

That was in 1999. 

He's loving and charming, 
and comes when I call. 

I bought him the largest cage
I could find - 4'x5'- and he comes 
out to keep me company every day,
for a little while, to stretch his wings. 

He 'dances' to music and nibbles my ear
and chews everything he can fit into his beak, 
so I offer him paper and flowers and treats. 

I read that they live about 20 years, 
so I try to enjoy him as much as I can. 

So these are the friends and the family 
of my every day world. 

With Ramblin' Man rambling, 
and the kids all grown
with lives of their own, 
these little companions 
keep me from being alone. 


I can't imagine life without 
these sweet little friends.  


Do you have animal companions 
of your own?

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  1. Oh Karen, I loved this post. All five of them are just adorable. I have always been 'owned' by cats until Kane came into my life almost 15 years ago. My first dog ever. It was a real challenge for awhile (he was adopted from a shelter and came with many issues) but he has always been a wonderful family dog. We also have three cats, Sierra (13), Annie (5 1/2) and our little minx Audrey (4). She is Annie's off-spring. She is a treasure. I understand the bond with our pets. They mean the world to us. :) Deb

  2. Hi dear Karen !! que animales mas bellos .. ese gatito es una belleza. se nota que usted ama la naturaleza
    que tenga un buen finde

  3. I'm a huge animal lover so of course i love everything about this post! Our pets are blessings indeed and enrich our lives in so many ways. I think they choose us sometimes. Thanks for sharing your fur family members with us :-)


  4. You have five wonderful companions to share your life with and they have an even more wonderful companion in you to share their lives with! What could be a better match than that!!! One day we will have a dog, but not right now as we cannot always be at home and I don't think that would be fair to the dog, but one day! Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  5. What a great five, five amazing companions who share your lives. A beautiful post.

  6. Oh they are all so beautiful! There really is nothing like the company of dogs and pets. We have a black lab called Jack and he is at the heart of our family. A lovely post. Have a great weekend xx

  7. How lovely that they all came to you when you needed them most and when they needed a friend like you. x

  8. Hi - What a lovely post about the pets that share your life. I had a cat for 20 years and my heart was broken when she died. At the moment we don't have any pets. Maybe someday I will get a dog. Joan at

  9. What a sweet post about your dear animal companions. They sure do bring comfort and companionship! I've probably shared that our Husky/cross, Marshall, who lived with us for 10 years, now lives with our son and his wife just down the road (for the past 4 years). He's 14 and getting very old and tired but he still knows us and we see him about once a week. He was a great companion and I got to walk him daily for 10 years. When he moved I started to gain weight. Hm. No, I don't want another pet. Although sometimes I'd like to have a little fur ball pup. I'd say your pets are lucky to have you especially in light of the way each one came to live with you! Have a great weekend.

  10. Hi Karen, so nice to meet you and I love this post and reading about your dear family of endearing pets. I am visiting from Claudia's blog after seeing you there and few times and thought you sound so nice I had to come over the say hello and meet you.
    I also love animals and we have been Golden Retriever parents for over 30 years. We raised 4 Goldens with our last girl being hit by a car in 2012. Still have not been able to get another but maybe someday. So enjoyed visiting your blog and now I am a new follower too.
    Your photos are lovely. Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  11. Such lovely words you have for your pets. They are blessed to live with you!
    The bird story is precious. How kind!

  12. Oh, what treasures these animal friends are! They each have a unique and special story, and I can see why you love them so much. Wonderful pictures. We only have one cat at present, and I sometimes think of getting a dog, but we now have children out of state and will be doing more traveling, so not sure . . . You have some truly wonderful companions there Karen.

  13. They do make your life just that bit better.

  14. Oh Mrs Karen,
    They are just beautiful companions - I love that each one has its own beautiful story :)
    I can see that all your loves for each other is beautiful.I had a dog before and I know how it feels.
    Have wonderful day Mrs. Karen. I have read your email. Thank you!

  15. You have some very sweet companions! They are all so beautiful - but I say that about most animals:)

  16. Oh Karen, this is such a lovingly written post about your dear "children". Each one is so special and the way you described little Ling Ling and your Mom's quilt brought a tear to my eye. You are really a special person to find a place in your heart and home for these beautiful animals. I can see how you are attached to each and every one of them. Lilly sends them all her best wishes for a wonderful weekend (and to you, too). Hugs, Pat

  17. Such beautiful portraits of your family members. I am in love with Ling Ling. I use to have a siamese cat, and she was only with us seven short years due to her health.

    We have three outdoor kitties all rescues: two that her piano teacher found and one that adopted us. Inside we have a rescue cat that needs to be indoors, and a toy poodle. We use to have two birds, a frog, and a cat that was best friends with the toy poodle, but they all passed.

    They do make life more special.
    xoxo Su

  18. What a beautiful post, and lovely to read how they all came into your life, I think you need another bird for your noah's ark... the animals came in two, by two :)
    Have a happy weekend.
    Wren x

  19. OH MY GOSH- What a beautiful "family" you have--because they do become family, don't they? I love that you have so many wonderful pets and I love the stories that accompany their acquisition. Each with a life story of their own---just like all of us. Blessings. xo Diana

    ps I am petless at the moment-but not by choice.

  20. Oh thanks for sharing your houseful of love. I found it so interesting how each of these sweet family members came into your life. It's like they were meant to be yours. I don't know what my life would be like without my two "kids". They both bring me such joy and companionship! xo

  21. Dear Karen, what a touching homage to your pets you have written up here! I can completely relate to how you feel about them. As you said, they ask for so little and give so much. We adopted a Doberman, who was found as a stray and was very underweight from a local shelter about 10 month ago and we love him to pieces. Can't imagine to be without him anymore. We are thinking about getting a second dog to give him an animal companion and us another dog to love. I feel it is such a privilege to own a dog!
    Warm regards,

  22. Such sweet furry friends, Karen! And the cockatiel is lovely too! Very nice post, reminding us that sometimes our best friends are the animal kind!

  23. They are like children and the best companions ever as they give love and never complain. I have always had pets, mostly cats, and treasured each one. I have 2 cats now who love to love. I could not have gotten through the last 6 years of my husbands life and then his death without them.

  24. I really get this post and how much your furry kids mean to you. It seems they came to you in such ways as if they were looking for you.....I image they picked up on your sweet spirit and knew you would love and take care of them...I don't know what I would do without my Simon...He is such good company....

  25. I'm with you when it comes to these type of companions!!!! They're the best!!! Ours have come into our lives with their own stories to share!!!

  26. Oh you are very blessed with such sweet animals.


  27. It's so nice to hear you speak of your furred and feathered family :) Pets sure do keep you company and keep you moving! I loved hearing about how each of these sweethearts came to live with you. I once saw a wet and very frightened little Yorkshire terrier in a mall parking lot around Christmas. Try as I might, I could not coax him to come to me, and finally he ran off between cars and was lost. I felt so bad for him since it was a wet and cold night. I'm glad to hear that you have had better success in luring in some of your pets to give them a warm and loving home. Wonderful photos of all of them. They are very lucky to have come under your care.

  28. Love seeing all of your sweet "babies" & not surprised that many of them were rescued in some way. Your gentile loving heart always shines through in your posts - so I knew you'd be the type to save & love them up.

    I've been blessed with several pets through the years & even though losing them is devastating - it is worth it for the love & companionship they bring. I don't know what I would do without my Ruby. ;)
    Blessings dear Friend. Xo

  29. Lovely captures of your sweet and furry pets! Love Kai's white hairy fur, and Ling-Lings photogenic appearance ... those eyes! They're happy and lucky to live with you - your loving care and nurture makes them thrive and shine :)
    Enjoy the weekend and the Fall,
    Love from Nina

  30. Hello Karen, I just love all your furbabies. And Birdy Boy is gorgeous. I have owned dogs all my life until last year when my Goldie Girl passed. I am sure we will have another dog in our lives just not right now. I really enjoyed this post and the story behind all your sweet companions. Pretty photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  31. i know exactly how you feel - each one a treasure, each one unique, each one owning a piece of your heart. :)

  32. Hi sweet friend! Long time no are you, dear Karen? I have greatly missed visiting you.

    This post was simply the sweetest and touched my heart because I have had several pets throughout the years that have been very special to me. I can tell yours are well loved and appreciated - what a joy. Hugs to you!

  33. Dear Karen,
    such a lovely and wonderful post about your sweet little friends! Yes, they are unique and a great treasure!
    Enjyo every moment you can spend with them.....
    Wishing you a wonderful new week, with lots of time for your sweet little friends!
    big hugs, Love and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  34. Sweet faces of your companions are a delight in our lives indeed and to your up close and get to know them a bit more is enjoyable. You are indeed blessed!

  35. Dearest Karen,
    Isn't it amazing how our pets find their way into our hearts?! All with a special story and for being loved, they give back their unconditional love to us.
    How can people live a life without ever owning a pet to cuddle, to spoil, to play with, to talk to...?
    Loved this touching story!

  36. A wonderful story and gorgeous photographs of all 5 of you animals. Love the black cats blue eyes.

  37. I totally agree that they are family, and you have a very large one at that, I can only imagine how busy they keep you. We had three but this spring we lost two of our cats that were sisters and 18 1/2 years old a couple months apart from each other, it was so hard going through them, the first one that past was my closest cat, she was always on my lap whenever I sat down, miss them so. Our dog Peanut is 15 years old, I checked and their normal lifespan is 12 -15 years so I am praying she last a while longer because I don't think I could take losing them all in the same year. So great to meet and hear the stories behind all your furbabies!

  38. This post brought tears to my eyes. Your love for your best friends shines through in your writing.

    We have 4 rescue dogs that are pure love! Of course, they are spoiled. :-) I make no apologies for that. None of them were puppies when they joined our family, so they have some life experiences and heart break, that we will never know.

    There is something so incredible about having a dog sit in your lap and lock eyes with you. There's unconditional love that flows both ways.

    Your beloved pets are very, very lucky. You are their angel on earth.

    Marilyn, Rusty, Jake, Sparky and Mugsy (in Dallas)

  39. Loved your post. Your furry family is just adorable. I loved reading each of their special stories.

  40. I love how each of your little friend has a special story.

  41. I love how these gorgeous creatures entered you life when you needed them most, and each holds a beautiful story. Pets add so much to our lives. Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories.
    Dorene @ Seasonal Chapters

  42. This brought tears to my eyes, Karen...pets are such a beloved part of life. I loved reading about yours. We have our two sweet little pug girls now, but have had 4 other dogs through the years...each living to old age. They have blessed our family beyond words...


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