Monday, October 12, 2015

Potting up an Autumn Garden

We are having mild temperatures
here in Western Washington State
during this beautiful month of October. 

I have taken advantage of the good weather
to do some potting for a fall garden. 

The purple alyssum in my galvanized washtubs
are still blooming, 

but I replaced
the sweet peas and petunias 
with chrysanthemums, ornamental cabbage, 
and some sweet violas. 

These are called 'Glacier Pansies' and
are guaranteed to survive and bloom
 through next spring. 

We have mild winters here. 

Most of the time:)

When the chrysanthemums and alyssum 
go by, I will replace them with small evergreens
and ivy for winter. 

I bought a flat of these purple viola
and potted them up for my plant stand. 

I painted the terra-cotta pots this past spring
with exterior porch paint, 
and so far they have held up nicely. 

We will see what happens over the winter :)

The smaller sized viola hold up better
in our rainy winters. 

These are also 'Glacier Pansies'. 

I simply plant what is offered at my local
home-goods/grocery store. 

I push my cart around with flowers on the bottom
and groceries in the basket! 

I had enough to fill my baker's rack
plant stand, too. 

I've replaced the white alyssum and red verbena
that were growing here all summer. 

Although the white alyssum had 
 the intoxicating scent of honey, 
the little white petals made a mess
on the dark brown deck and would stick
like glue. 

As gardeners we live and learn! 

My newly stained deck already has 
the pitter-patter of little dirty doggy feet
leaving a path to the pet door! 

The mopping never ends........

It wasn't me! Can't you see my halo? 


I also potted up some bulbs
for spring. 

Just a little something to look forward to.....

Miniature daffodils and tiny chionodoxa. 

I potted up three big pots, 
two here and one under the eaves
where they will be protected from excess rain.

The galvanized trash can holds potting soil. 

I found some pretty glazed pots for my tables
and planted these kitten faced pansies. 

^   ^
.  .
> . <

I think Maggie approves! 

'He who plants a garden
plants happiness'
- Chinese proverb -

Thank you, Dear Friends for stopping by
and meeting my flowers! 


And thank you for your heartfelt comments
on my last post about my dear pets.  

It's so nice to hear your own stories about 
your faithful companions. 

"Animals are such agreeable friends -
they ask no question, they pass no criticisms."
- George Eliot -


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  1. Honestly Karen, you have the prettiest porch I have ever seen. I love the stand with the purple viola. I'm sure you probably painted that yourself. You have inspired me to plant some bulbs this year. I'm wondering what that thing is hanging to the left of the wind-chime? Deb

    1. Hi Deb, so nice of you to stop by! I had to go back to see what you were talking about - and I had to laugh because I had just cleaned out my loft and that little hanging herb thingy was up there collecting dust and I hung it outside to enjoy it one more season. So, that is what it is - a hanging herb thingy! ha ha! Hugs xo Karen

  2. I've always loved your flowers. Your deck is so beautiful and magazine worthy. You've inspired me to plant some bulbs. Miss you and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

  3. WOW, Karen! Your porch is beautiful. You have done a fabulous job with our flowers and the way they are all potted up. Love it- We have a heavy freeze coming this week which will just about do our outside plants in, I am sure.

    Ummmm...I can't see the xo Diana

  4. Enjoy seeing all of your beautiful flowers!! God bless

  5. You have been a busy girl getting your fall garden going. I love all the pretty colors of the pansies.....Your deck is going to be beautiful to sit on while you enjoy the good weather....

  6. Your flowers are beautiful and I love the way you display them. You certainly have a green thumb. Love your amazing view too. What a nice place to spend time at any time of year! Hugs Diane

  7. Hi Karen,
    Wow you have the prettiest flowers planted on your deck. I love the mums and cabbage. I plant them too. I love the view of the mountain.
    Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. Beautiful colors, and I love the annuals. I'm waiting for purple cabbage here, because it's still too warm. However, I have my winter kitchen garden planted. xoxo Su

  9. Your potting results are so pretty and perfect for fall! I'm still getting the borders cleaned up, but now I want to go to the garden store for pansies!

  10. You have been so busy, all the pots and planters look wonderful...just when most of us don't have a flower in bloom! Great job. Just beautiful!

  11. Dear Karen, you have been so busy with planting all those wonderful autumn Flowers! It looks so wonderful again arround your lovely home!
    Wishing you a wonderful October week, sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  12. Oh your flowers are breathtaking! And the view is just beautiful! The Kale especially is spectacular! Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful week! Lynn

  13. Oh, Karen, your flowers and the porch look wonderful! I love both chrysanthemums and violas. It would be lovely to have pansies blooming all winter!
    Enjoy the beautiful autumn! xx

  14. Your porch looks a dream with all that glorious potted colour. It would be such a pleasant spot to sit a while and enjoy all those pretty flowers.

  15. Your deck looks amazing and your flowers are beautiful! I am glad you are enjoying the mild fall weather. You have created such a peaceful setting, and your pets seem to like it too!
    Dorene @ Seasonal Chapters

  16. OH Karen, your deck looks wonderful with all the beautiful color of new plants. I love the galvanized tubs sitting on some pot feet! You can't help but smile when you view your deck from inside or outside. I haven't planted any pansies or violas as yet because we've still had temperatures in the 90's as of yesterday. Hopefully Fall will arrive soon!

  17. Hi Karen, Love your deck and what an amazing show of flowers for fall. Just beautiful against the light green accent of your corner rack and flower pot cart. I love purple with green together. You have inspired me with this lovely setting. Love the Kale and the mums. Such a beautiful view you have as well. Your little ones seem to be enjoying the deck too. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a blessed day. cm

  18. Good morning, Karen! Your deck and plants look gorgeous. I love the mums, cabbages and the pretty pansies. And it is always a treat to see your sweet dogs and kitty. Have a happy day!

  19. Hello Karen...thanks for commenting on my blog..I thought I'd pay you a visit...and what a treat! your garden is, absolutely lovely and the scenery is have done a grand job there with your planting it all looks so pretty and the decking may be an ongoing job but it looks gorgeous...I have never heard of glacier pansies, but we do get winter pansies here so I am assuming they are the same :) I love the galvanised planters too...Oh I just love everything! well done my lovely xxx

  20. Dearest Karen, your flowers look amazing! Our mornings and evenings are quite cold here and we've had a bit of frost lately so my flowers are all done. This morning it was only 26 degrees - brrr.... :)

    Love and hugs to you!

  21. Your containers all look beautiful, such lovely displays to look out on to for the rest of the year! xx

  22. So beautiful, love all the colors. Wish our winters here were mild, but they are brutal... I'm not a fan of snow or cold, lol.


  23. Karen, I always enjoy my visits to your blog. Your share so many beautiful peeks into your home, garden and family that I truly enjoy. Your autumn garden is beautiful. I love all of your planters and all the colors they add to your deck.

  24. This looks so pretty! I love how talented you are at potting these beautiful flowers!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  25. Karen, all I can say is, 'absolutely stunning'. Blessings

  26. Love your deck and the container gardens you've planted. You've got me itching to plant some pansies and ornamental cabbages, but it's still too hot here. However, I am going to borrow, ahem....steal, some of your color combinations when it cools down and I can do some planting.

    Also, what a beautiful, inspirational spot for a morning cup of tea or coffee!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  27. I love all the pretty flowers, both summer and fall, that you've planted in the lovely containers on your deck. The soft green of the stands and pots looks pretty against the deck and house stain. You are so fortunate to live in a temperate climate all year and don't have to contend with snow and cold. It would be so nice to see colour outside in winter. I hope you have a great week.

  28. Your plants are just beautiful, I know what you mean about those ones that fall off and stick to your deck. That would be wonderful to have such mild winters that there could be flowers blooming throughout the season :)

  29. The galvanized tubs look amazingly beautiful!!! Your deck looks so gorgeous!!! I have one tub at home and I'm going to try and reproduce your arrangement!!!

  30. Dear Karen, I love everything about your pretty porch, plants, flowers, the stands and flower pots. It's all wonderful.


  31. Karen, your flowers look as if they believe it is still spring! They are gorgeous! I love seeing Maggie and is it Whitey Bear?

    1. Thank you, Gina! The little rascal with dirty feet is 'Kai' :) So nice of you to stop by! Hugs xo Karen

  32. Karen, your chrysanthemums are so lovely. Such a pretty color too. Mums remind me of my high school days so much. We used to be able to buy them for our friends during Homecoming week, and they were usually the BIG orange ones, and we would wear them throughout the day and smile admiring our mums. I really love your deck. I have such a small front porch when we downsized to our new home, but it suits me just the same. There is so much you can create on this deck of yours. And your plants and flowers and statues make it a homey place to be.

    I see that you are enjoying the Autumn days, my friend.


  33. Great work Lady!! Everything looks so beautiful!! I need a greenhouse so I can keep things alive during our very freezing months. Lol I don't even have a basement where I could try to keep some bulbs. But I sure enjoy seeing your beautiful floral colors yet!!
    Hope you continue to have beautiful days ahead to enjoy my sweet Friend!!

  34. Your pots look delightful. So much colour. Ours is looking more and more brown as we empty our pots with the frosts beginning. Thanks for your messages. x

  35. Beautiful plants!! Love how you planted the tubs! Our growing season is going to end very soon as we have temps. in the low 30's and in the high 20's on the weekend........I hope my mums survive for at least another week or 2!
    Thanks so much for your visits!!


  36. How pretty, Karen...I love all of the shades of have a wonderful green thumb!

  37. What a beautiful post! Your pots look so lovely...longing for spring now :)
    Thank´s for your sweet comment about "my day" too...
    Have a great week now and take care!

  38. I love your galvanised tubs, so perfect for those pretty colourful annuals. And those handy plant stands are perfect for the decks to. Our winter this year was colder than last year. Hope you get a proper winter this year, I'd like to see some snow covered Christmas tree 😉😍.
    Oh and I was just reading your post about your beautiful life companion pets. You are blessed to have them. In fact, we are blessed to have them in our lives.
    Enjoy your week.

  39. Incredibly beautiful, Karen! You enjoy a garden much longer than we do here. Everything has gone to seed and is ready for winter here.
    Thank you for your kind visit over at my little blog.
    Sending hugs,

  40. Your autumn pots look beautiful Karen! I wish the pots on my balcony looked as good as yours! I bought some bulbs recently too. Still have to find some time to plant them. I hope your bulbs will give you a beautiful display of flowers in springtime.

    Have a lovely weekend ahead!

    Madelief x

  41. Your deck looks beautiful! How wonderful that you can have flowers that winter over. I love that ornamental cabbage and the sweet pansies. We've been on vacation, and I see my two pots of mums and fall flowers are quite sad looking. Hope they will perk up now that I'm home.

  42. Dear Karen,
    You definitely have a sense of setting flowers together ... Your collection looks so pretty, I like the mix of lilac and pinks! Your patio is a lovely place for them to grow - with all the light ... and you and your husband can enjoy them daily, having coffee by the table outside!
    Enjoy the time planting!

  43. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely fall garden you have composed here! You are lucky for being able to grow that many in your region. But like the white petals, sticking to your deck, we all DO learn a lesson or two as we garden on. We got rid of the gorgeous white blooming crepe myrtle next to the driveway but it too left sticky stuff on top of the car, on the driveway and on the balcony... So it got the death penalty and we still keep a baby (meanwhile HUGE) of it behind the gazebo, in the lawn.
    Love Kai looking back so innocent! They can show us that face too, where you don't mind mopping up after them.
    Happy weekend to you and hugs.

  44. Your autumn planting is so colourful and really brings out the beauty of your decking and surroundings. I love all your garden furniture and containers, how I would love to do that! Have a wonderful weekend, with hopefully not too much mopping up! Take care my friend xx

  45. Such a pretty variety of flowers! I am watching my flowers die in the freezing cold and snow!! How nice to plant for Fall till Spring. Your porch looks great! So glad you like your treasures from my shop!!

  46. your deck is decorated beautifully, what a great place to see and take in the view!! that's a lot of flowers to take care of, i'm afraid i don't have the energy to keep up with so many plants.

    it looks beautiful and has a nice flow to it!!!

  47. place to sit.....autocorrect thinks they know what i'm thinking!!!


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