Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Daughter's Parisian Style

Hello, Dear Friends, we've been invited 
to my daughter, Heather's new home
for a sweet visit! 

She's been hanging pictures and moving 
furniture around - making the house
she shares with husband, Eric - home. 

She has prepared a delicious brunch for us, 
so won't you come inside? 

Have a seat and slip off your shoes....
I will take your coat. 

Here she is with a big smile for us! 
Oh, look at that delicious food! 

My sweet daughter has had a rough year, 
health-wise. She recently found out
that the asthma she thought she suffered
from, was in fact, 'late onset cystic fibrosis'.
Naturally this was very difficult to hear,
but she is my bright little ray of sunshine.

She never complains and is always incredibly
optimistic and happy.

CF also causes many other complications
besides respiratory difficulties,
and if you want more information just
click on the link that I have provided.

These little hearts are lavender shortbread!
She collects amber glass, but in the move,
all her pretty pieces were broken,
(accidentally) except these. I am always
on the lookout for replacements :)

Little quiches and cinnamon rolls. Yum!
They are served on her new Pier 1 plates.
While we nibble, let's have Heather show us around....

She loves all things French,
after a trip to France while in High School,
with her French teacher and fellow students,
including her brother, Gabe.

(They are only a year apart in age
and shared the same teacher.)

An Eiffel tower collection,
including a Limoges box (on right)
that belonged to her maternal Grandmother.

Crowns are another favorite....

A cozy corner with vintage telephone
and leopard fur screen.

Of course she needs a leopard print rug!

Lampshades with feathers and vintage
fashion posters are her style.

Heather studied fashion merchandising
in college at the Art Institute of Seattle.

A wall collage with wedding photos.

Cute and neat laundry room :)

The shelf includes a drying rack that pulls out.
The vintage black velvet beaded purse is her sewing kit :)
A gift from me <3

Vintage French Vogue posters and toile pillows.
I sewed the black velvet and lace heart pillow for her.

She is unable to have cats due to respiratory irritation,
so I bought her this stuffed Siamese:)

She loves cats.

A nightstand vignette.

A feminine corner of her dressing table.

I created this little sign for her recent birthday.

It is hanging in her closet.

The guest room has an Hawaiian theme.
Eric was stationed in Honolulu and Thailand
while serving in the Marine's.

The music room.

Eric is an accomplished musician in his free time.

I hope you enjoyed visiting
daughter Heather's Parisian Style home
with me!

She says that you are welcome any time!


"Paris is always a good idea!"
Audrey Hepburn

"We'll always have Paris."
Howard Koch


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Ivy and Elephants

Thank you Dear Friends for your sweet visits.

I love reading your lovely comments
and learning new things about your lives.

You are all so kind and sweet
and generous with your lovely thoughts.

I wish we were all neighbors....



  1. Hello, I am sorry to hear about your daughter's illness. I hope she is doing well now, I will keep her in my prayers. I enjoyed the lovely tour of your daughter's home. It is beautiful. And the food looks delicious too. Enjoy your day!

  2. Your daughter has a beautiful home. So nice of her to open it to all of your readers!!!

  3. Such a beautiful home Heather! She decorates beautifully - must have learned it from her Mom! xx

  4. Lovely. Such a shame to lose those treasures in the move though. Keep well x

  5. Hi dejar Karen , la casa de su hija es muy bonita y me gusta mucho toda esa ambientación rememorando París ,, ulalaaaaa

  6. Karen, thank you for the tour of your daughter, Heather's, lovely home. The lunch she prepared looks very yummy. I haven't heard of adult onset CF so will check out the link. Have a good day. Pam

  7. A beautiful post Karen and a beautiful daughter xxxx

  8. She has such beautiful style. It's so nice to decorate with things that you've collected and mean something to you. I love the linens on her bed! Very pretty! Hugs!

  9. What a GORGEOUS home and your daughter is just beautiful! I am so sorry that she has late onset CF. That is a tough pill to swallow but she looks like she will do just fine with it. Attitude is all part of dealing with any chronic illness and it sounds like she is upbeat and positive.

    Her home is so sweet. I love all the little personal touches that make it hers-from the posters over the bed to the Hawaiian themed guest room. I have always heard that every well dressed house needs at least one leopard print in it somewhere.

    Enjoy your visit and thanks for visiting my blog, too! xo Diana

  10. Hi Karen, Your daughter is beautiful and I am so sorry to read she has CF. She wears such a beautiful smile and sounds like she has such a wonderful lookout on life and her health.
    Love Heather's beautiful home and all her gorgeous Frenchy details. Simply all her treasures are so very special. Your photos are lovely and I really enjoyed the tour. I imagine your lunch was very delicious. It sure looked so good. Give Heather a big hug of thanks for sharing her lovely home. Prayers for her health!! Blessings to you all~ Hugs, cm

  11. Oh my goodness, Karen. Somehow, in all this time of reading your blog, I completely missed that Heather is married! I offer my fondest congratulations, many years late? Sigh. They certainly do have a lovely home.
    Anything lung related is tough. Ray has recently been diagnosed with COPD-related asthma. To hear them cough with no seeming relief or respite is hard as we do love them so.
    A true Indian Summer here - nearly 80* forecast tomorrow and we have had our first frost. It was 29* the other morning! Such days to love!
    :) and xo from m & jb

  12. Your daughter has a truly lovely, warm and welcoming home! She did a wonderful job decorating. I'm so sorry about her recent diagnosis, my oldest daughter suffers from asthma too and I wish I could wave a magic wand and it could all go away. I'll keep your daughter in my prayers as she faces this new health challenge.

    Many blessings,

  13. Your daughter is lovely, Karen and obviously loves her home. I love that it shows her personality so well. It's nice that she opened her door to your readers. I doubt I could talk mine into doing the same. haha! It must be very tough to love cats but not be able to be around them. I can't imagine being such a feline fancier myself. I wish her well with her diagnosis. Sending a hug, Deb

  14. Your daughter has a lovely home and great style. She takes after her mom:) I'm so sorry about her diagnosis. I will keep her in my thoughts. And thank her for sharing her home with us. (Too bad we couldn't sample the goodies!)

  15. Your sweet daughter has a charming home with lots of pretty personal touches! I'm sorry to hear about her CF diagnosis, but she sounds like she has a great attitude in life. xo

  16. Dear Karen, my friend, thank you for sharing those pictures from your sweet duaghter's wonderful home! It looks great, all those lovely treasures, filled with so much Love and Warmth!
    I ilke her style, and I love the frame with the wedding photos...such a wonderful idea!
    Sorry to hear about her diagnosis, all the best for her!
    Wishing you and your daughter, and all your family, a wonderful weekend,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  17. Blessings to Heather as she deals with this CF curveball God has thrown her. But just from being blogland friends I feel the love of your family jump off the screen - so it's wonderful to know she has great support.

    I absolutely LOVE her style!! And my Annie - the Francophile herself - would be in love there! Lol Loved the charming tour & delicious brunch. Thanks for sharing to you both. Xoxo

  18. Hi Karen,
    Heather is so beautiful and by her smile I know that even with her diagnosis of CF, her cup is always half full. She and Eric have a beautiful home and I certainly enjoyed my tour with all her special touches, and some of yours, too. I know you loved the lovely meal that Heather prepared. Thanks for sharing Heather's Parisienne style!

  19. What a beautiful daughter! It is so difficult to have a chronic illness. She has such a sweet smile and positive attitiude! Her home and the brunch she prepared are beautiful. She is a very talented gal and I can see she gets that from her mama! Have a beautiful day and trust your daughter will also! Lynn

  20. Heather your home is lovely and I will keep you in my prayers as you deal with CF.

    Happy Fall to you and your dear Mom ~ FlowerLady

  21. Hello, Karen! What a lovely home your daughter has made! It's both cosy and elegant, at the same time. I'd love to be able to visit her and taste those delicious-looking treats. :)
    Thank you for the tour and have a lovely weekend!

  22. I love Heather's style! She surrounds her family with thought-out, well loved, meaningful things and isn't that the essence of what a home should be.

    It's all so warm and comforting, particularly that love seat. Oh, and that leopard rug. "Swoon"!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  23. Your daughter has a lovely home and I'm going to make myself a frame with the cinderella quote for my shoe closet!

  24. Karen, thank you for taking us on a trip to Paris! Your daughter's home is gorgeous! I've never been to France but I'd love to go. In the third picture, my eyes went straight away to the cinnamon rolls! :-)

    I will say a prayer for your daughter Heather. {{HUGS}}

    and I want to invite you to enter my little Christmas craft giveaway/drawing!

  25. She has such a beautiful home and I love her decorating style!

  26. What a beautiful home Heather has created! Lots of fun details that really show off her style. Wishing her well with coping with her health issues.

  27. Karen, your daughter's Parisian style home is charming. The girls would appreciate it also, as they love all things Paris. There are so many things that I liked in her home. I am a lover of crowns also, so her crown tea pot made me smile. I really like her long entryway too. The heart-shaped shortbread cookies with preserves looks so yummy. What caught my eye was the red in her kitchen. I used to have red in my kitchen until I changed it to white. But I will forever love red in the kitchen. Your daughter's home is so welcoming, and her greeting you with that beautiful smile, I'm sure, just made your day. : )


  28. Oh, I forgot to mention that I will be saying a prayer for your sweet daughter's health.

    love, ~me

  29. (Well, I can see I'll have to scroll back and get that delicious apple muffin recipe!)
    Your daughter's house is beautiful, and I love all her French touches. I love the gifts from Mom around her house, too. :) The brunch looks delicious, and such a treat for her to treat you! I'm sorry she has to deal with the CF; she looks like a lovely person, and her optimism will hold her in good stead as she moves forward. Blessings on her and her husband. (Nice to see that she has decorated with him in mind, too, honoring his military service.) xo, Deborah

  30. I found the page interesting especially this part:
    his page has good news:
    Red Cherry preserves! Sounds yummy but have never seen before. I LOVE cherries!

  31. Sorry to hear about your daughters diagnosis, but so glad that she now will be treated for the right thing, interesting read I really didn't know much about that disease before.
    She has a very lovely home and so special that she has so many wonderful creations from her mother scattered all around it.
    My daughter will be hopefully moving closer to us next spring and I can't wait to be able to visit her in her home.

  32. Dearest Karen,
    Oh, I can see you beam with pride for posting this precious story of your sweet daughter Heather and her husband Eric; and rightly so!
    Even with the bummer of learning she has late onset CF, it speaks for her for having such a great attitude!
    She did manage to build their NEST, really cozy with elements of her love for Paris and his fondness of Hawaii and Thailand. A tropical touch works always well.
    Blended with music and great food, that makes for lots of foundation pillars.
    Thank you so much for sharing your joy and pride with all of us.
    Compliments and hugs!

  33. Hi Karen, thank you for the guided tour of Heather and Eric's house. Everything looks tidy and clean, love all the Parisian touches. The black lace pillow is my fave (the one you made) it is so cute. Hope Heather is feeling better.
    Wishing you a happy week ahead.

  34. Karen, your daughters home is absolutely lovely, but not nearly as lovely as her! What a gorgeous smile she has! It truly reflects her positive attitude, which is so vitally important when it comes to health. Thank you for sharing your visit with us.

  35. What a pretty and well-appointed house! Isn't it wonderful to see your children making homes that a joy to visit?
    I am sorry to read about your daughter's challenging diagnosis. I love her smile and I can imagine that she and her husband have a positive outlook. They certainly have feathered a beautiful nest!

  36. Such a beautiful and welcoming home. I do hope her health problems may be alleviated and overcome!

  37. Sorry to hear about her illness. What a beautiful young lady, with a real style. I also went
    to the Art Institute years ago. Isn't it a treat to visit your Daughters house for lunch. I see
    Heather is a cook also. That quiche is delicious looking. Glad we have these moments
    with our beautiful Daughters. yvonne

  38. Such a beautiful home and such a beautiful daughter. The diagnosis of late onset CF is a lot to deal with, but her positive attitude and loving supportive family will make the challenge easier. Thank you for bringing us along on the visit.
    Dorene @ Seasonal Chapters

  39. I am sorry about Heather's health. She certainly has a beautiful smile and a wonderful outlook on life. Her home is beautiful and I know she and her husband are enjoying it. You must be very proud of her....

  40. I am sorry about Heather's health. She certainly has a beautiful smile and a wonderful outlook on life. Her home is beautiful and I know she and her husband are enjoying it. You must be very proud of her....

  41. I'm sorry to hear of the news regarding Heather's condition. Sounds like she's a wonderful young woman who will keep a positive attitude. Pretty smile. I enjoyed her flair for French decorating. Beautiful.

  42. Karen such a beautiful daughter you have, and it looks to me as if she has the same wonderful knack for making a house a home that you do. It was fun seeing how beautifully she has decorated her home. So sorry to hear about the CF. Don't think i have ever heard of this initiating in an adult before. Hoping that it is being managed well and doesn't have too much effect on her life. Thank you for the lovely tour

  43. I love your daughter's French-inspired home! I fell in love with France on a college trip and it has stayed with me too! Thank you for the beautiful tour! ~julie

  44. Nice tour of your son's house. I fell in love with England since I lived there for 2 years while in the USAF. Thanks for sharing your daughter in law's creativity!!


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