Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Autumn Decorating

Now that October is here, 
I have been busy 
adding some autumn decorating
to my little cottage in the foothills.

It's so nice of you to stop by, 
Dear Friends, 
won't you come inside?

I crafted this wreath using silk leaves,
faux berries, and strawflowers
hot-glued to a grapevine wreath.

It only took about an hour!

Let me take your coat...

My Dear Father made the 'village' coat rack. 
I keep his favorite wool jackets there. 

This time of year, we wear bright colors
whenever we take walks, as it is hunting season :(
Wearing my Father's coat is so comforting. 

I crafted the forest weaving years ago. 
I used to sell them at craft fairs. 

My Father also made the flying ducks on the beam.

He was a life-long tool and die maker
and was president of his local steel-worker's union. 

These are made from cast aluminum.

Aren't they perfect for fall? 

My Dad passed away in 2012 after
a long battle with Alzheimer's disease. 

I love having these sweet tokens of his love. 

I've changed the artwork over my mantel,
replacing a summer scene in greens and blues
with this painting of fall flowers. 

Ramblin' Man put a fresh coat of black paint
on the wood-stove recently.

Soon we will be warming ourselves by the fire. 

Simple pottery, gourds, vintage books, 
and brass candlesticks decorate the mantel. 

This vintage hand-painted wooden tray
was a gift from my sweet sis-in-law. 

Some beautiful autumn gatherings. 

We've had lovely sunshine lately, 
with temperatures in the 70's. 

I have been enjoying these 
last warm, golden days. 

Autumn is so bittersweet. 
Ramblin' Man built our home....
The wonderful basket was my Dear Mom's.

These rest on top of my tall pine cabinet.
The television and stereo hide inside. 

I won the burlap flower pillow
 in a blog give-away a couple of years ago
 from the talented blogger, Brandi,
from the blog, Don't Disturb This Groove.

I love rustic pottery. 
This was a thrifty find :)

My clay urn from Pier I Imports
holds eucalyptus and cattails from
the market.

The scent of the eucalyptus fills the whole room.

You can see them in the mirror xx

I had to find a place for some white pumpkins, too!

My entry table was the perfect place.

The hydrangeas are from my garden.
My four children in the photo above <3

I love playing Scrabble!

Come into my kitchen and I will put on the tea-kettle.

More hydrangeas from the garden fill the
vintage wooden crate.

Can you see Ling-Ling by the glass door?

My table runner is actually a curtain valance
and matches the one at the window.

It's the perfect length for my long table.

I like changing the artwork, curtains and pillows
for the different seasons.

I am always on the look-out for seasonal
art wherever I go.

All are inexpensive flea market, garage sale,
or thrifty finds.

Another pottery vase with my collection of stone birds
 gather on the crate table.

I keep table linens inside.

Living in a small cottage forces
me to find creative storage :)

My hutch was hand-made by someone
named 'Bruce' in the 1960's.
(It's signed and dated)

It was in a little cottage we rented
as newlyweds. When we moved,
the landlord sold it to us for $100.

I made the curtains and painted
and decoupaged
the cupboard doors.

Kai looks on.

These hand colored pen and ink
drawings are two of my favorites.

They are from the 1950's.

A small collection of vintage bottles
glow in the sunshine.

I made the fall leaves out of oven-baked clay
and real autumn leaves.

You can see how I made them Here.

Strawflower wreaths hang from
the back of chairs.

My enamel top vintage table
has a sweet outdoor faucet drawer handle.

I grew and dried the strawflowers.

The tea kettle is whistling, won't you sit down
for a cup?

Whitey Bear relaxes nearby.

Do you take cream and sugar?

Would you like a cupcake?

Thank you for stopping by,
Dear Friends!

I always enjoy your company!


"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile."

- William Cullen Bryant -

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  1. Well, that was quite a tour! You have such a comforting home. Especially in autumn. It's the kind of place my mind turns to in fall. It's wonderful how many warm memories you have of your parents about the place. Everything around you just speaks "home."

  2. Everything looks beautiful in its fall decor, and so very warm and inviting! What a wonderful treat that you have the flying ducks that your dad made. Those things are so meaningful. They're what makes a house a home. Just lovely.

  3. hi dear friend !! su casa es realmente hermosa.. adoro cada rincon .. me encanta esa decoracion otoñal-- espero que tenga un lindo dia

  4. You have been busy conjuring up the Autumn magic! I particularly like your forest weaving and baked leaves but everywhere looks really cosy and inviting, many thanks for the tea, it was just what I needed! :-)

  5. I just love your home, Karen. When you add your seasonal decor I love it even more. It oozes comfort, tranquility and love of family. I would have wanted to keep that hutch, too. It is so pretty and unique. Love all your fall decorating and please give all those furry faces a hug for me. Deb

  6. What a lovely home you have, Karen...so cozy and beautiful for fall. I love all of your special pieces...especially those from your father. Thanks so much for stopping by my post...I left a reply for you there, as I wasn't able to email.

  7. Your home looks cozy and ready for nesting, Karen. I loved seeing all your cottage decor and I especially loved the photo of the sunlight streaming in on the clay leaves that you ,axe, and the glass bottles. Happy Autumn, sweet friend! xo

  8. Your home is so lovely and welcoming...I can almost feel the warmth coming through the big windows!!!
    I love all of the lovely things your father created...I miss my Dad...

  9. Thank you so much for inviting me into your home. You certainly have a great job decorating for the new season and making everything so beautiful. You are blessed to have so many things your dad made; what treasures.

  10. Always a treat to come by your place, and thank you for the cup of tea :) You make your home beautiful!

  11. Karen, I didn't realize that your husband built your home, wow. It reminds me of mother-in-law's home in the mountains that my husband help built for his mom and dad. Autumn is all around your house, and it looks lovelier than ever. I like that BIG urn from Pier 1 Imports, and did you know that's my favorite place to shop? The little white pumpkins next to the hydrangeas are sweet, and you must smile every time you pass the picture of your children. : ) The flying ducks that your father made are wonderful. Thank you for the tour of your home, Karen. You have decorated it with all the pretty colors of this glorious season.


  12. Hi Karen,
    You have decorated your house so nice for fall. I love the dried hydrangeas and the white pumpkins are pretty too.
    Thanks for joining and sharing at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
    Enjoy the week.

  13. What a wonderful post, Karen! It really felt as if I were there visiting! I keep going over the pictures for inspiration. I want to see how you made those leaf pieces. So pretty. I need to find a fall picture like the one you have over your daybed. We have spring, summer, and winter paintings, but haven't found the right fall one.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

  14. Dear Karen, your home si filled with love and wonderful decorations. YOu got all the wonderful and warm colours of Autumn, every place is so lovely! I like the Houserack your dear father made for you!
    Thank you for those wonderful and warm pictures from your wonderful home, my dear friend!
    Wishing you a lovely week, filled with love and Joy!
    Hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  15. Karen, What lovely things in your home, and so many with very special memories attached to them.

    I would love a 'muffin' ... and to share a little time with you enjoying the beauty and warmth of your place called home.

    Wishing you a beautiful day...

  16. Hi, I just love your home it so welcoming!, you have decorated it with such lovely Autumn things and the stove is fab!x

  17. It has been a delight to enter your front door and stroll through each lovely room having my eyes drink in all the beautiful vignettes before me! Your dad's house coat rack is lovely and how comforting it must be to have your dad's coats hang there always. I must say I would love to sit a while in your lovely comfy chair in the sunshine and enjoy a cup of tea with you. It looks like such a cozy spot. Your decorating for Autumn is lovely as are all the family, memory-filled pieces that abound.....just beautiful!!

  18. Your decorating looks so warm and inviting! I just love the little item you have at your entry way with the pumpkin on top. THat is really sweet! Have a wonderful day. Lynn

  19. Such a delightful cottage, and ;your fall decorations are wonderful, as well as your treasures.

  20. Hello, Karen!
    Your home looks beautiful and warm and inviting. I love your kitchen and the lovely items made by you or received as gifts, so precious and beautiful.
    Thank you for the tour! Take care! xx

  21. Dear Karen ~ Thank you for this autumn tour of your lovely home. It was an enjoyable read with lots of nice photos.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  22. Please, please, please can I come over and see everything in person? I have a feeling it smells like apple pie baking and warm wood stove fire there. It looks so homey and just plain comforting to me. I love all your bits and bobs and the way you decorate for the season. Your whole home-place just makes me smile.
    So..can I come over? Can I? Can I? I'll bring an apple dumpling, coffee and promise not to spill anything anywhere....xo Diana

    1. I so wish you could, Diana! Apple dumplings sound wonderful and we spill things all the time, so no worries. xo Karen

  23. It all looks so restful and relaxing.

  24. Your home looks so lovely! I love the stove on the front porch :-) Have a wonderful day!


  25. All of your decorations are beautiful and go so beautifully with your home. I love the weaving that you did and also those leaves too! Everything is so pretty!! xx

  26. Love your beautiful touches Karen. Especially the things you've made...and the personal things that your Dad made. It's such a precious gift...to have an item, or smell, or hearing a certain song take us right back to a beautiful moment in time. Or back to the memory of a cherished loved one.

    Your home is so beautifully warm and heart felt. Thanks for sharing it on here as I feel like I am on a true visit with you. Love that. :)

  27. Karen, your home is so warm and inviting. I love all the wood everywhere! I love all the natural light from the windows. Thank you for sharing such beauty with us - you've inspired me to try and finish all my unpacking!

  28. Hey there dear friend.. beautiful decor... I can feel the warmth of your welcome. I enjoy Scrabble too but these days I play the game called "words with friends" and that keeps me
    occupied at Doctor appointments etc..smile.. Also I love those baked-clay leaves...that is so cool I want some - wink!
    Hugs back!

  29. Your home is so beautiful and the Fall décor only enhances that! Wonderful tour!

  30. I had an idea of what I wanted to say, but I just kept seeing more and more loveliness, I don't know where to begin!!! The little stove at your entry, the cupboard, the muffin sign, I could go on and on. I'll just say it is warm and inviting and I love it all!

  31. I forgot to mentioned that I like how you decorated your broom for fall!!! Great idea!!!

  32. Dearest Karen,
    You are a very busy bee and so very clever and talented for creating lovely things such as that forest weaving! Lovely idea and still looking very special after many years.
    Kai got himself a home again and that feels good for all involved.
    Now are the days for indoor activities and you better watch out walking outside during the hunting season...
    Sending you hugs,

  33. Karen, you are simply inspirational. Thank you. You really do live in a home full of handmade love. x

  34. Oh my such a beautiful welcoming entrance you have. How wonderful that you have touches of your parents around your home. My Father carved wood and I am blessed to have them around my home along with quilts, crocheted Afghans and other crafts my mother made. Love the pictures of sunshine streaming in, so lovely. Your idea using a valance for your table runner is such a great idea, that is one thing I never change is my curtains, may have to think about that ;) You have a lovely home!

  35. I fall in love with your home each time I see new photos! We seem to like so much of the same themes. I also have the exact same coal stove as you do. But I just don't have the nerve to paint it yet. Yours is beautiful!

    1. ps. I didn't know you sold at craft fairs, and the coat rack your dad made, it's a great way to keep remembering him by the coats!

  36. Thank you, Karen, for sharing your fall home tour at Vintage Inspiration Party. You've done such a nice job displaying all your precious family treasures and cozy fall decor.

  37. Your home looks very cosy for autumn and I love the way the sun comes into your windows.

  38. I really love all the subtle details you have!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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