Monday, August 10, 2015

Donna's Garden

Hello, Dear Friends! 

When I left you last, 
we were touring 
sister Donna's garden
in New Hampshire. 

We had taken the garden path
from the front porch, 
around to the side. 

This garden grows along
the vintage garage.

Both, Donna and husband, Ron
 are always on the look-out
for beautiful and unique accents to 
add to their gardens. 

This tiny Adirondack chair is the perfect
size for their 2 yr. old grandson. 

A lovely corner. 

The guest house (It was pool cleaning day :) 

Let's open the door and peek inside!

Ron is a master carpenter and does all
of the remodeling, building,
and maintenance on the property.

Donna loves all things vintage
and has been a collector for years.

This cozy guest house
 doubles as a gathering
place for parties.

Ron built the serving bar.

A sleeper sofa pulls out to make a double bed
for overnight guests.

Can you see Ron outside cleaning the pool?
The pool is a recent addition for
their grandson who loves the water.

Next to the guest house is the screen house.

An Oakleaf Hydrangea catches the late
afternoon light.

Charming rock walled gardens
meander along.

Honeysuckle climbs the trellis.

Don't you just love the old sink?

Soft filtered light  as we peek inside.

White-washed wood ceilings add to the charm.

Exposed framework provides shelving
for little treasures.

Ron built the 'frame' for family photos.

A vintage bicycle, seemingly parked
and forgotten among the day-lilies
one long ago summer day.

A child's wheelbarrow.

A summer camp atmosphere
under towering pines.

Complete with bonfire.

The pop-up screen house
protects food from insects
during outdoor gatherings.

A shady garden at the edge of
the woodland.

Wild Phlox.
A hummingbird moth
lands on one.

I was unable to get a clear photo,
but it was amazing!

Here is a link to see
what they look like:
Hummingbird Moth

Squash and Sunflowers.
 Can you see Ramblin' Man touring the vegetable garden?

Wind chimes....
a gift from her son.

A place for the birds....

And beautiful stone walls.

I hope you have enjoyed the
tour so far!

Next time I will show you
the hand crafted greenhouse
and vegetable garden.

I hope you will come along!


He who plants a garden
plants happiness.

- Chinese Proverb -

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  1. Your sister has a beautiful garden and your photos capture it admirably.

  2. What a lovely garden and house your sister in law has Karen!

    Madelief x

  3. Karen love
    What a beautiful cottage garden your sister. Everything has been carefully
    made. The wind chimes look great. The little hummingbird moth is here
    in Germany Taubenschwänzchen (


  4. A lovely visit here today. What a pretty cottage garden and everything looks so inviting and inspirational.

    It's been too long since I've been to visit, I'm so glad I chose today to catch up.

    Wishing you a beautiful day...

  5. Hello, your SIL has a beautiful yard and pretty gardens. I love all the cute accents and decorations. Thank you for the lovely tour! Have a happy week!

  6. I do like a peak at other peoples gardens always good to wonder around in.

  7. Hi dear Karen ,, que bonito Jardin con esas divertidas jardineras , su casa esta llena de encanto y elegancia ,, deseo que tenga un buen comienzo de semana

  8. Thanks for sharing, Karen. I love seeing other people's gardens. Sometimes, i want to go into a stranger's garden and walk around. Rick doesn't think that would be a good idea:)

  9. What a charming place! They have given it such whimsy with their decorations. It's excellent!

  10. Dear Karen,
    Donna's garden is such a beautiful place, a little paradise and so many lovely things to see! Thank you for sharing, my friend!
    Have a great week, sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  11. What a lovely property and those gardens and guest houses are beyond charming. I love the vintage elements so much too. All so tastefully done.
    That stained glass window in the guest house and that farmhouse sink are so cool! I love the white washed feel in the screen house and the stone walls are so beautifully done! So fun to see all the unique artistic touches here and there too.
    Loved it all - thanks for sharing! xo

  12. That hummingbird moth is stunning! A lovely place to relax and explore. :-)

  13. They have let their imaginations soar here.

  14. Wow, Karen, haven't they made a veritable wonderland? The picture frame and bicycle particularly caught my eye.
    xo, m & jb

  15. You always do such a beautiful job with your camera making it as if we are really there with you just following along.
    Donna has made a lovely garden, and that guest house...sigh.
    We have a beautiful good sized wood shed that my husband built in our back yard next to the creek that I want to some day make into a guest cottage. My husband thinks I'm crazy :) but I know it can be done. Someday...

    Thank you for sharing this beauty with us, Karen.

    Enjoy your day ~ Debbie

  16. Looks like they have a very nice area there, I would love a screened in area here, in the evenings there can be quite a few bugs around, I like the white washed walls, really brightens it up in there.

  17. What a lovely garden! What a great idea the frame is for family photos. A nice, peaceful, happy place to live and hang out.


  18. Yes, love the old sink - want one - wink! What a blessing to have such a beautiful garden and property to enjoy all summer and year long..

  19. Wow1! it looks like fantasy. fairyland, and enchanted garden all one. I wish with all my heart that my grandchildren had such a place to play. Blessing to you and all of your family

  20. What a beautiful place to live! I'd feel like I was on vacation year round. I LOVE that big picture frame idea.

  21. So beautiful warm and welcoming! Thank you for sharing this lovely yard with us :-) Have a great evening.


  22. Oh my Karen, thank you for taking me along for the tour of the yard, and garden. There's so much to enjoy and so many fun ideas. I love the big picture frame!!! What a great idea!

  23. I love this whole place and especially that old sink.

  24. Karen, I enjoy looking at other people's gardens to get ideas for my own. My back yard is a small area, so not alot of space to work with. This looks like a large area with so many interesting things. The statues and the wind chimes and the sunflowers all make it so charming. Thanks for the peek into her garden.


  25. Such a cool garden! I am still having my being created!

  26. Dearest Karen,
    What a blessed place to live and enjoy gardening, birds and other wild life.
    Very fertile soil and an ideal climate for indulging in all sorts of flowers and veggies!
    One can see Ron's woodworker's love by looking at the serving bar.
    You for sure did have a very special time while with them.
    Sending you hugs and blessings.

  27. What a charming place, Karen! There's a lovely, soothing atmosphere in this garden... as well as numerous very pretty and well-thought-out details. Thank you for sharing!
    Hugs! xx

  28. What a wonderful garden and yard your sister has! So inviting. I just love the frame for family photos. What a great idea!!

  29. That's a wonderful garden. - So many quaint and charming touches. Loved it all and I would enjoy staying in that guest house.

  30. Oh what a lovely garden, full of inspiration everywhere! The guesthouse is very sweet...
    Really nice to see those pictures!

  31. Dear Karen,
    I miss your posts and thinking of you sometimes that your pictures always telling me paradise in the other side of this world.

    Love the garden and what a blesssing that we found someone else that has same pinteresting with us. Just like we want to spoil things they like and collect.
    Looking forward to see you here again - blessing!

  32. Just gorgeous! A delight around every corner.
    It looks like the home that everyone flocks to.

  33. What a wonderful garden! I saw hummingbird moths some years ago when I was on holiday in Majorca ..... my husband had to drag me away from watching them!

  34. Oh Karen, what a wonderful home and garden! All the little touches are wonderful! What a perfect little guest house!

  35. Haven't been by for quite awhile. We were in New Hampshire in July! We loved New different from the west. Lovely photos as always. The little guest house is adorable.

  36. Well, is this isn't just the most enchanting place! :) My, what a darling little spot in the would be easy to spend hours in Donna's garden.

    Thank you, my sweet friend, for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I was completely charmed.


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