Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Woodland Walk to the Lake

Come along with me, Dear Friends, 
as we take a walk through the New Hampshire 
woodlands, to the edge of the lake
below sister Donna's garden. 

The sun is low on the horizon, 
and there is a welcome, cooling breeze.

It is the final night of our visit,
and there is a tender sweetness
to this late summer evening,  
as we try to capture these 
precious moments in time. 

The lovely scent of pine-needles
rises from the path as we descend
the steep trail toward the water. 

New Hampshire is known as the Granite State 
and wonderful ancient outcroppings 
punctuate the hillsides. 

There are many species of trees, 
including Birch, Hemlock, 
Sassafras, Maple and Beech. 

Blueberry and Huckleberry bushes
provide delicious berries. 

The forest floor is carpeted with Wintergreen, 
Wild Grape, Bittersweet, and Poison Ivy! 

Wild Grape creeps along the forest floor. 

A serpent-like Bittersweet vine 
wraps around a small tree. 

Late summer grasses surrounding the lake. 
This lake is wonderfully unspoiled 
and is a sanctuary for wildlife. 

Wildflowers and Water-Lily. 

A beaver dam on the opposite shore. 

The forest looks dark and spooky over there! 

 Ramblin' Man
and sister Donna on the look-out :). 

Me by the lake. 

Ron's ice-fishing shack 
with wheels for rolling
onto the ice.
Ron is an expert fisherman. 

The ancient tree that broke in a recent storm. 

Lovely sylvan light. 

As the sun sets on the golden lake 
we are reminded 
that time flies swiftly by. 
Moment by moment we capture 
sweet memories while dreaming 
new dreams of tomorrow. 

 But it's those timeless moments in between,
that we always treasure the most. 



  1. Glad you are having a wonderful visit with family in beautiful surroundings. Enjoy!

    I just spent a bunch of time visiting your blog posts, I have been so neglectful this last month, glad I caught up. Take care and have a great rest of the summer.

  2. Hello, I enjoyed the walk to the lake and the pretty views. Lovely shots of you and your family. Have a happy day!

  3. Hi dear friend ,, que bellos bosques y me gusta mucho conocerla en esos bellos parajes

  4. What a beautiful photo of pretty in that setting. I would love to take a walk there and enjoy the beauty of nature. Hugs, Diane

  5. Such beautiful photos Karen. And I love how you write - so poetic and straight from your heart. I love living, or just being by the water. It truly does seem to pull out reflection and deep thoughts from a person. Lol ;)
    thanks for sharing your beautiful family moments. I feel like I know you all! Well, you are part of my blogging family. And I'm so grateful. xoxo

  6. Well I am officially jealous- what a lovely back yard oasis and the trees...gosh and the water...wonderful!

  7. what a beautiful place and what a nice evening to spend with your sister. I wanna go there!!

  8. Dear Karen, my friend, so lovely pictures from where you all live .I love the photo of you, it is wonderful :O)
    Thank you for sharing!
    Wishing you a wonderful time with your sister, enjoy every moment!
    Sending Love and hugs and blessings,

  9. What a beautiful path to take for the last walk before you return home. Those captured moments will always be there in your mind, after such a beautiful wedding which as a family each one will take away a special moment however futile it was, it will be a memory never forgotten. Lovely words for your lovely pictures .

  10. oh...that last picture took my breath away!!! So happy to hear you had a wonderful time in a lovely place!

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed my walk with you, sweet friend :) What a beautiful place! I am sure it's easy to spend hours among the trees and lovely wildlife. And you, dear Karen, are so beautiful! Love and hugs!

  12. It all looks wonderful and most relaxing. :-)

  13. What a peaceful place to visit and see all of the gorgeous trees and water. So glad you had a nice time. I'm so allergic to poison ivy! UGH! Take care and thanks for sharing these photos with us. Enjoy the weekend.

  14. Wow, a very breath taking walk! Those "serpent like vines" that do that to the trees are popular for walking sticks in our area. In the summer months, we often have people knock on the door asking to venture into our property to hunt for those as they make walking sticks with them.

  15. They live in such a pretty area, looks like a nice evening to relax by the water :)

  16. I feel very refreshed after our walk. Such a beautiful area. I am so glad you were able to spend this time with family making sweet summer memories...

  17. Lovely peaceful place.

  18. Gorgeous and I love those lily pads!

  19. Such a beautiful and relaxing place!

  20. I agree across the lake looks spooky... my favorite photo is number 9.. and your photo of your lovely face. It's all beautiful there...

  21. What a lovely wooded area. So restful and peaceful looking.

  22. It is so beautiful and peaceful there...I'm glad you had such a wonderful family time! I hope to visit that part of the country sometime!

  23. Such a lovely trip you've had visiting your sister! I love the mixture of different trees, and the lake with water lilies ... Most of all - spending time together with family is so precious!

  24. Thank you for allowing us to join you on your walk through the woods. Oooh the lake looks delightfully peaceful, and you are too cute!

    Beautiful photos, Karen

  25. What an idyllic spot for relaxation and meditation Karen. I have longed to live in such beautiful place where nature is just outside my doorstep. Your sister is truly blessed.
    Hope you have a good weekend.


  26. I am so in awe of the beauty that surrounds Donna and Ron's home. To enjoy that everyday, would be so heavenly, as it's so peaceful and serene. What a blessing!

  27. Dearest Karen,
    Oh my, what a bittersweet last moments indeed. Knowing that feeling too well...
    But nature is incredibly beautiful in that area and one wonders how on such a granite underground still a mighty forest can be! Like in Connecticut, where they need dynamite for building roads and such.
    Love the photo of your husband with his sister; so lovely and a precious memory for taking home with you.
    Sending you hugs,

  28. Dear Karen,

    Such a beautiful tranquil place at your sisters and know how happy you must have been enjoying all the beauty of nature.
    Thanks for taking us along on your lovely walk.
    Happy week

  29. What a beautiful place...I can feel the stillness! Lovely!
    Have a great day, take care.



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