Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Country Drive with Good Fences and More

It has been hot and dry here this summer
near the foothills of the Cascades
in Washington State.

Come along with me and we will 
take a late summer drive
through golden fields. 

Beautiful Goldenrod blooms despite the drought.

A whole field full. 

Sunflowers growing along the edge of this rural airstrip. 
There are houses along both sides, 
all with their own private planes! 

The road bisects the airstrip, with houses
and planes on both sides.
They all have very large garages :)

We frequently have small planes flying over 
our foothills home from this airstrip.

Most of the time, they are sight-seeing.
Sometimes they will do aerial acrobatics!

Just last evening this ultra-light came into view
after listening to it approach for quite
some time.

It was towing this hang-glider. 
To my surprise, the line was released
right above me! The plane cut the engine
 and drifted away while I held my breath.

The engine finally started again
 and they both flew out of sight in different directions.

This is where they were.
Not many things happen out here.
The only 'traffic' consists of aircraft
or the occasional flock of birds!

A beautiful evening for touring the skies.

Here is another shot of the airstrip
 taken earlier this year, 
looking straight down the runway. 

You can see some of the houses alongside. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to step
out your back door and hop into your plane?

This is their view.
The perfect place to have a small plane.

I had to drive down the private lane to get this shot.
And yes, I was noticed.
And inquired upon :)

The Gentleman graciously let me take this shot
and offered to help me exit.

A neighborhood watch in action.

A closer view of the sunflowers
as I leave. 

Whoever plants these every year
makes everyone smile :)

Further along we see this Rowan Tree full of berries. 
The large purple Beech is impressive, too.

Every year I make a point to drive by this Dahlia farm.

Beautiful rows of happiness!

My Mother loved Dahlias and grew them
every year.

I'm sure these get sold in one of our
 many wonderful farmer's markets.

A simple little cottage that could use some flowers!
It has basic charm, though.

That's better! This is how I would fancy it up!

Cows ahead!

In my rear view mirror :)

A beautiful fence-line corals tall trees.
You can see how dry the fields are.

Forest fires are raging east of the Cascade range
 in North Central Washington State
and frequently fill the air with smoke here,
West of the Cascades.

This amazing photo of Mt. Rainier surrounded
by smoke and red-tinged clouds
from the fires, was taken two days ago by my son,
Dustin, on his way to Phoenix on a business trip.

This year the Okanogan Complex fire is the largest
fire ever recorded in Washington State.
 It has burned 438 sq. miles so far and is
only one of several large fires burning in the state.

It is only 17% contained.

We have lost 3 young firefighters and
President Obama has declared a federal emergency.

The good news is that we are expecting rain,
over the weekend.

Ripening corn.

A beautiful garden.

More pretty flowers.

Love these fence posts.

We arrive at the gate.


My new neighbor's beautiful horse.
I think it might be a Belgian cross.

The welcoming committee.

Where we park....

Home Sweet Home


Thank you for coming along, Dear Friends!

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  1. Thank you for taking me along on your beautiful drive. I love the horses, the lovely flowers and the gorgeous views of the mountains. And your doggies are adorable too. Great series of images. Enjoy your day!

  2. As always, beautiful photos and ride! I absolutely love the pic of your rear view mirror view~!

  3. This was just such a beautiful trip! Loved the little plane. The Red Barron, if you remember Snoopy. :)

  4. like your sweet welcoming committee. :) fingers crossed for some good rains to help your state this weekend!!! so very scary. love the blooms at that farm and all the pretty fence scenes.

  5. It is such a joy to travel along with you. So many gorgeous sights. Today there were plenty of awesome fences, beauitful views and such. Too many to name favorites. Let's just say I loved it all!

  6. Dearest Karen,
    Lovely photos and the Goldenrod blooms bring back fond memories of exactly 32 years ago when we first got to Georgia on August 29, 1983.
    Miss the tansies though, a favorite flower that we had lots of in The Netherlands but not in Georgia...
    So happy that your new baby is looking so happy!

  7. Dear Karen,
    what a beautiful ride again! So many fences, wonderful houses, trees and flowers, thank you for those great pictures again!
    It is always a pleasure to come with you to this rides!
    I love the picture of your welcoming comitee :O) So lovely doggies!!!
    Home sweet home, yes, it always is so good to be back home again!
    Wishing you a wonderful and blessed weekend, my deear firend,
    sending Love and hugs,
    Claudia xo

  8. HI B
    love your post so many beautiful photo's. I try every year to grow sun flowers no luck.
    My Son is flying into Maine and my Daughter and he loved my Beef brisket as kids.
    In those days a 8 pound roast costs maybe $15 . Ok I know prices have changed, BUT
    I bought a six pound Brisket- Cost $56,99 At SHAW"S $8.99 per pound.
    Got it home to marinate, took it out of the package and what a disgrace, 1/4 heave fat. I am taking it back today, we'll eat Lobster.This world has gone crazy, Why is the cost so high? Even a man in the meat department said that cut they used to use that cut for hamburger..,
    Well, that's my world today.Have a great weekend. yvonne

  9. Oh Karen, the Dahlia farm took my breath away - what beautiful colors! And the picture from the plane is truly stunning! The smoke truly created a unique and lovely photo. I hope the fires are contained soon, sweet friend! We are just starting to get clear days after weeks of smoke and haze.

    Once again, I found your images charming and captivating. Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely weekend. Hugs to you!

  10. Sweet Karen ~ Thank you so much for this lovely little drive in your part of the country. It is wonderful to see so much serenity, a quiet life.

    I'm sorry about the loss of three fire fighters. I hope the fires will be contained soon.

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  11. I just love coming along with you on your country drives, Karen, and seeing all of nature and the delightful fences. The hang glider must have been a sight for you. I've actually been interested in hang gliding lately and called to talk with them about it. The berry tree is pretty, and I love those little cottage homes along the way. The picture your son took of the plane and sky is beautiful. Your dogs look so happy that you returned home. They are saying, "welcome home, you are loved."


  12. Beautiful pictures Karen! Thank you so much for the country drive.

    It makes me so sad to hear about the horrible fires and the lost of the fire fighters. Praying for lots of rain your way.

  13. A really lovely drive with you!! The view the houses with the airstrip have is wonderful isn't it, but not quite as wonderful as the view your son captured from the plane!! That really is a great photo isn't it. I hope that the never ending rain that we have had this week has now made its way around the world and all that it has left will fall on your state this weekend to put out all of the fires! We needed the rain, but not as badly as you do. xx

  14. These are gorgeous photos!
    I hope to see you at, and please join us each week for Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday)!

  15. Swan Island Dahlias located in Canby, OR is having their Dahlia Festival this weekend and next weekend! There are miles and miles of a variety of dahlias and every year they sell new breeds!
    I plan to go next weekend to take photos! Maybe I will buy a bulb or 2!

  16. Such a beautiful ride. You live in a gorgeous area of our country and I love seeing it through your eyes. I too hope you get the needed rain....

  17. A beautiful drive Karen. I loved seeing the dahlia farm, and that sunset picture of Mt. Ranier. Also what a great picture your son got from the plane. I do hope you get some rain. So sad about the firefighters. They've all been working so hard this summer.
    What a nice welcoming committee you have!

  18. Dear Mrs Karen,
    What a beautiful trip! As always I love everything you shared with pictures here :) I love Dahlia farm full of joyful colors. I've been thinking of you :) and Love to see your house again here.
    Thank you for the wish and talk to you soon.


  19. So many beautiful photographs! I particularly love the dahlia farm, and the view from the airplane - also your mountain sunsets. I hear there has been rain this weekend - so desperately needed. You've been much in my thoughts, out there with the wildfires. X

  20. Sounds like you had quite the excitement in your area with the hang glider, such lovely pictures of the flowers and country side. I love sunset pictures so liked that one too :) I sure hope you had some good steady rain this past weekend, so these fires can be contained

  21. I hope Kai is still doing good there. He looks like he loves it there! Hopefully I can swing by and see him sometime when you have a chance!(:

    1. Hi Bailey! So glad you are checking in on our little friend! He is doing so well - we love him so much! Please feel free to visit any time - just give us a call! - Karen


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