Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Cottage Debut with a Birthday Celebration

With summer parties almost at an end, 
I wanted to share with you one last outdoor celebration! 

The occasion was my eldest daughter, Heather's birthday. 
It was also the first party at my younger daughter, Jennie's
new home - a 1910 vintage cottage that she purchased
earlier this year. 

So come along with me and we will celebrate
summer's last fling! 

Her little cottage is less than 800 sq. feet, 
but has an open floor plan 
and large back yard that is perfect for entertaining. 

Jennie greets us at the front door. 
Come inside! 

We walk through her bright and airy living room. 

We've arrived early to lend a helping hand. 

The table has been set for a menu of 
gourmet burgers and dogs with small dishes
of labeled sauces, condiments and all the fixings. 

Layered bean dip in canning jars are ready for sampling. 

Crock pots with beans and chili are bubbling on the counter. 
Pasta salad has been prepared. 

Here's Jennie earlier, 
loading the dishwasher while
Weenie Baby keeps guard:)
You can see her front door from here! 

The view from her driveway.
Don't you love her garage doors? 

A shady sitting area as we come through the back gate. 

So cozy.

We had better get back inside - there's much
 to be done before the guests arrive! 

A cupboard is put to good use for cupcake displays.

Sunflowers are Heather's favorite flower. 

Let's take a peek outside where the festivities will be held. 

We walk through the French doors onto the deck. 

Looking back.

Her Dad built her deck
 as a housewarming gift:)  

Bright and happy! 

A sweet place for photos. 

Refreshment table. 

Birthday girl collage:) 

Hand-made pinwheels. 

Bouquets from the local farmer's market. 

The first guests arrive! 

Grand-baby Ethan and sweet Mom, Erica. 

Already 3 and 1/2 months old!

Our precious little dumpling :)

Happy grandparents! 

Our birthday girl arrives! 
All smiles with brother Gabe, (Ethan's Daddy)
and sister Jennie. 

 Heather's hubby, Eric mans the grill!

Eric and Heather's cute little niece.

Her mother, Jackie (Eric's sister), says Hi with Jen.

Our daughter-in-loves, Jen and Erica
with baby Ethan. 

A sweet hug from youngest son, Dustin. 

Opening cards and gifts.

Making a wish. 

Hand stamped napkins and ice cream hearts. 

Some of the girls....
Cousin Shawnee, Heather, Jackie and Jennie

A rousing game of Corn hole (bean-bag toss),
 keeps the guys busy. 

All too soon the day was over! 

As we wish our girl a happy day, 
we count our blessings 
for the wonderful life we've shared.

Happy Birthday, sweet Heather! 
We hope this year is as special as you are! 


  1. I love love your daughter's house and yard. It is as cute as a button and she has decorated everything so sweetly. A lovely celebration for your daughter, Heather. Thanks for sharing the good times with us. xx Pam

  2. Oh - Jennie's house is soooo sweet!! I LOVE all of her colors. Just beyond charming and So so pretty!! That back yard is perfection. ;)
    Looks like it was a wonderful day with your beautiful family. And happy birthday to Heather!
    Ethan is changing so much already. The time sure flies doesn't it? :;sigh::
    Thanks for sharing and blessings to you my Karen. xoxo

  3. I love her house and what a special yard. Just perfect for entertaining as you did on the weekend....She obviously got her mother's knack of decorating and entertaining. Happy Birthday to Heather....I love seeing families getting together to celebrate each other.....

  4. You have such a beautiful family! And that house is adorable! Love the nice outdoor space too. Happy Birthday to Heather! Hugs!

  5. Hi dear Karen !, usted tiene una muy linda familia adore todo el colorido de esa casa en tonos pasteles

  6. Hi Karen,
    I remember when you shared Jennie's cottage awhile ago, and it was so nice to now see it in all it's glory. The cottage is just darling and what a birthday celebration for Heather, and fun for all. Baby Ethan is just adorable and I know is such a blessing to you and your family. Thanks for sharing the fun family festivities!

  7. What a lovely party! Jennie's home is absolutely charming! And baby Ethan is precious!

  8. Karen,
    Jennie's home is so charming. Love the smaller cottages, and she has such a large area in her back yard! What a wonderful party she gave for her sister. The homemade pin wheels are delightful, I really like those. What a cute picture of you and your husband, and your husband did a great job on the deck. Your girls are so pretty, Karen, and please tell Jennie she has an exotic look - simply lovely.


  9. Lovely place, and a pretty good party.

  10. Happy birthday to your pretty daughter! Love Jennie's house - it's so cute and she's fixed it up beautifully. Your grandson is so sweet! I want to hold him:)

  11. I was so fortunate to have been invited to Heather's birthday party. Visiting a lifelong mutual friend, I was welcomed to join in the celebration at this adorable cottage and it is everything and more as the pictures show but the family is even better. Thanks again for your amazing hospitality & happy birthday again to Heather!

    1. Aw! Thank you, Brian! It was so wonderful to meet you and I am so happy that you could join us! Safe travels and I hope to see you again! - Karen

  12. Dearest Karen,
    What a number of blessings are shown in this post.
    Grandson, Jennie's cute home that now is looking so much like a cozy nest!
    One can only enjoy a birthday celebrated with family like you did.
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. Dear KAren,
    such a lovely post with all your family members! Happy Birthday to your daughter!
    Thank you for all the wonderful pictures, it must be a wonderful place!
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  14. You did a great job again Karen. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog and to watch your happy family. ;-)

    Greetings from the Netherlands!
    Gert Jan

  15. Oh, Karen, what a wonderful post! Jennie's house and garden look beautiful and it's always lovely to see happy family members having good time together.
    One photo is missing though... I would have loved to see a close-up of the delicious burgers and sauces in the fifth photo. :D
    Have a grand day! xx

  16. What a happy celebration, so glad you all could meet up at the cutest cottage ever. It all looks so pretty. You have a beautiful family, including that adorable little man.

  17. What a sweet celebration! I also have two daughter-in-loves!! Isn't it the best to have our children home with us. Love her home, just adorable! hugs gayla

  18. What a wonderful birthday celebration for your sweet girl! And such a darling cottage, making good use of the space. Lovely family, including cute little Ethan! The deck was a great birthday gift.

  19. Hi Karen, wow I love your daughter's house and yard. Sounds like it was a fun birthday and I love the decorations. Thanks for sharing the festivities.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Hugs, Julie

  20. A beautiful cottage, great party and lovely family !

  21. You certainly had some wonderful family festivities over the summer, how blessed.
    Such a beautiful cottage! She has done a lovely job both inside and out.
    Your family is precious, Karen.

    Have a wonderful day~ Debbie

  22. What a sweet cottage and garage! Lovely yard too.

    It looks like you all had a great celebration. Love & family.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  23. Sweet friend, wha a beautiful celebration! You have such a lovely family :) And your daughter's home is absolutely delightful! What a sweet and charming place :)

    Hugs to you!

  24. Oh, I'm so happy to see, that you and your wonderful family realy enjoyed this summer. What a wonderful post!
    Happy days to you and yours

  25. Gorgeous cottage, great party! Happy Birthday Heather! xx

  26. such a sweet decorated and perfect color cottage.. Awesome birthday ideas too.. Good looking deck as well...and beautiful people - and the most cutest grandbaby....wink!
    Super glad you had a nice time..being with your kids is the best!!!

  27. You all know how to throw a party! Everything looked amazing and that little cottage home is so charming.

  28. Such a cute little cottage. It does have a good size yard!

  29. Such a charming cottage and beautiful yard! I love all the little handmade touches your daughter created to make her sister's celebration unique and extra special for the guest of honor and all who attended.
    Dorene @ Seasonal Chapters

  30. Her Cottage is absolutely charming and I think she has a lot of taste, I wonder who that comes from... My own Cottage is about the same size as hers and I believe it's the perfect size when you're alone.

  31. What a darling little house. Love her living room! And such a great gift of a deck from your husband. What a sweet sister to give such a nice birthday party.

  32. Your daughters home is just precious, love all the light, and how roomy it is. Great decorating for the party and how lucky she is to have a deck built for a house warming gift, great place to get together outside!

  33. The photos of all your family are fantastic. It looks like a very happy gathering. Could it be that Jennie has inherited some of your vintage decorating sensibility? Her house is adorable. A belated very happy birthday to Heather!

  34. What a charming cottage for a wonderful family! Really blessed to share such happy moments with all kids, big and little ones.Thank you so much dearest Karen for visiting my blog, your comments are always very appreciated.
    Wishing you a great start into the new week


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