Monday, October 1, 2012

First Signs of Fall

It rained very early Saturday morning. But only enough to leave the newly stained deck, puddled up with water.
Maggie and Ling Ling wanted to go out, but didn't want to get their feet wet.
This is where I found them, waiting to be rescued. 
This tiny bit of rain did nothing to relieve the two months of rainless days we have had. We have broken the record for the driest August and September ever recorded.
This is very unusual for Western Washington where it is known for it's rain!
I have managed to keep my roses blooming in this dry spell by diligently watering.
But you can see my grass has turned brown.
We stopped mowing the back 'pasture' and have let the Hawk weed bloom. The dogs love to roll in the dry grass. It gives them a good back scratching!
 Whitey loves this dried out circle of grass where we tried to re-seed after burning some brush from our ice storm last winter.
Why do the white dogs love rolling the most?
There is still some green in the front yard after you pass under the cedar trees. The evergreens are dropping their needles early in this dry weather and every day I go out and sweep the walkway and stepping stones. Soon, the ground will be covered in beautiful gold as the oldest needles are shed before winter.  
But one benefit to all of this sunshine are the blackberries. This year, I have a bumper crop. My freezer is nearly full of delicious black jewels, just waiting for my culinary creations!
We are getting just the barest hint of Autumn in the forest, as the golden rays play with the shadows.
The light is soft and diffused. The air is still and pungently sweet with the first decaying leaves.
The birds quietly twitter.
I heard my first owl of the season.
The hills are still cloaked in dark green.
But the barest touch of gold glimmers.
And as the sun sets, the full moon rises and off in the distant hills an elk bugles his ancient song.


  1. Hi Karen, your cuts on the first photo are adorable! (and I am not even a cat person :-) ). I love Ling Ling's white collar, makes her (him?) look very distinguished.
    I never tire of seeing various cloud formations over "your" mountain. You have a magnificent view.

  2. What a lovely and enchanting place you have!


  3. Dearest Karen,

    Lovely photos and the last one with Maggie is gorgeous. Do your felines realize in which beautiful surroundings they live?
    Sorry that you missed the delivery today...
    Hugs to you,

  4. Oh I wish I could come visit you on such a day! The photo of your stepping stones to the gate, and the views from your deck just transport me. The cats waiting to be rescued made me laugh. And the photo of your tabby cat with the mountains behind is also so beautiful.

    Enjoy this time of year!

  5. Your deck, garden, cats, and YOUR VIEW all beautiful!

    Loved the Alaska shots below too. Someday I'd like to get there. :)

    Thanks for your visit!

  6. Lovely shots of fall in Washington, as always, Karen.

    It rained for three days non-stop in Louisiana this week. Finally, the sun has come out to play again, but I never mind the rain. It was so cool after the "cold" front came in that I had to wear long sleeves this morning! I am ready for winter. :)

    Hugs from the Bayou State. <3

  7. Thank you so much for all of your very nice comments! I wish I could have you all over for a nice cup of hot tea and some blackberry cobbler.

    Stacy Lyn, does that mean you are back home for good?

    Hugs to you all! xx

  8. Oh, yes - I am in Louisiana for good. We are looking for a home now. I'll keep you posted. Check your email inbox for a special request. :)


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