Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Early October

October light in the morning is guilded and burnished.
It has a timeless quality.
Turning everything it touches into a work of art.
Even these old dried roses I had casually placed by this unfinished window, suddenly become breathtakingly beautiful.
I have been waking up late this week. Luxuriating in the late morning sunshine streaming through the windows. Maggie waits patiently to be let outside.
We have been working hard this week; me, packing things for storage.
He, stacking wood.
He took this week off work.
It's his 'vacation'.
But he loves stacking wood.
 He loves the solitude and fresh air.
He says it clears his mind.
It makes for a good night's sleep.
I love having him around.
We've been enjoying these lovely October mornings.
A true luxury that we enjoy now, in the 'Autumn' of our lives.
Something we never had raising 4!
And something we really cherish.
We have been busy all week with our tasks, but the mornings are just for us.
So, while we say goodbye to summer and start to prepare for the colder months ahead,
We take some precious time to enjoy the lovely October light.
A reminder of these lanquid Autumn years we are sharing together.
Enjoying each other's company.
And counting our blessings as we share the simple things in life.
I hope you are enjoying October's beautiful light
 and sharing the simple things in life with those you love 


  1. This is so lovely...I love the hearts on the windows ;)...and the photos perfectly enhance what you have written here. We only have one child but the difference in our lives now that she is almost 18 and in college (although commuting) has had a significant impact on our lives (especially mine) and our relationship.Much more relaxing and very comfortable. I love having more time for us without the hassles of babysitters ;)

  2. I agree with your husband - doing that kind of work, especially outdoors, is very relaxing both for the mind and body.

    And autumn is the best time of year, the best time of life, especially this year for me. The coffee cup said so! <3

  3. What gorgeous golden light! Everything in your house looks like a work of art.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying some morning time together. We're still very focused on our daughter's needs but I can dimly imagine a time in the future where we can do things for ourselves and just be relaxed together.

    Your photos and posts are just spectacular, Karen.

  4. I like the light filtering through the green bottle. I like October for its often warm days, the soft light and the memories of the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday.

  5. Dearest Karen,

    You both are soul- and team-mates! That makes for a very special bond and not many find that rare combination. Enjoy those days, lingering in the light of autumn before the cold will seep in.
    Pieter did work outside too, his book for daughter Liz almost finished. Planting a new pomegranate and camellia that we bought on Friday. For that, removing two huge and invasive shrubs. Hard work but after the summer heat such jobs can be done.
    Hugs to you and enjoy your time together.

  6. Nice post...loved the photos, esp the glass in the green light! And the bread...yum..I'll be right over for some. (I wish). Evenings are cooler and the sun is lower as I drive home. Beautiful rose color tonight. Wind was blowing so there were a lot of leaves on sidewalk, higher than when I left this a.m. Swept off door step and walk as leaves just want to blow in when the door is opened. Good night!

  7. You do have lots of blessings to be thankful for, Karen :)


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