Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Decorating

It has been raining for the last few days. Not steady, just sort of showery and breezy. Every time I think it is safe to go outside, the weather changes and it starts raining again. So I have been inside, cleaning, reading, cleaning some more, and doing a little redecorating. Not much. Just a few things here and there for Fall.
Just to add a few warm fall colors.
I replaced a print of summer roses over my daybed with this Autumn scene.
Sorry for the reflections in the glass, but can you find the quail hiding in the leaves?
 I thought the colors of the print and the framing went well with the colors of my daybed.
A thrift store find for $15.
You can see my pet door there for my two 'best friends'. Here I put their beds for the night and they are free to use the pet door to go in and out to the dog pen at the end of the deck.
We have never, ever had a trick or treater come to the door! We live too far out! Although, when my children were small, I did invite their friends over for a little treat around Halloween. Usually home made 'pumpkin' cookies and candy.
I made these small strawflower wreaths out of flowers I grew. The dried flower heads were simply hot glued to a vine wreath.
I hung them from my Hoover Cabinet doors.
A few Dahlia blossoms and some bittersweet vine in an old jug add a little more Fall color.
I love the word, 'Bittersweet'. When I saw this sign, I had to have it. I sewed the felt pumpkin wall hanging a few years ago.
It is hung by tiny nails through the button holes.
I framed some vintage Halloween postcards.

I love the little warning on this embroidered picture.
A little decorated pumpkin on a pedestal!
These are vintage pen and ink watercolors I recently found at the same thrift store. I love the Autumn scenes. They are on a narrow wall beside my hutch with it's curtained doors.
I made these hand colored clay leaves last year that grace my kitchen table. You can find the instructions under 'Crafts' in my archives. They were very easy to make.
The larger size can be used as candy and nut servers.
Thank you for stopping by and visiting today. I hope you enjoyed the tour of my Fall decorating.
And remember: Be Wary, It's Scary In The Dark!


  1. Your fall decorating is wonderful. So many good ideas. I especially like how you framed those post cards. And the clay leaves are beautiful. I am going to try that this weekend.

  2. It's fun to decorate for the Fall, isn't it? I've been doing a lot of cleaning and reorganizing before I can get to the decorating! I love the tray on your coffee table with the fruit painted on it. Those wreaths are so pretty. One like that would probably look nice hanging on your door, too. Enjoy the Fall and all the simple joys it brings :)

  3. Dearest Karen,

    You are quit a crafter; searching for this post of October 18, 2011. BUT... we don't have such lovely, large leaves for making them. Your area is superior for that! Love the way you painted them, so natural looking.
    By the way, did you knit that fringed afghan yourself?
    Hugs to you,

  4. Thank you, Dear Readers for being so nice! I like your suggestion for the wreath on the door, Loredana, that would brighten it up, wouldn't it? And Mariette, no, I did not knit it, it was a gift from my Dear Sister. (I do not knit, but I do crochet. xx)Hope you are enjoying your week, ladies, it is getting cool here. xx

  5. Hi Karen,
    You have been busy and it's all so darling! Love the old postcards and black embroidery! The aqua stove at your doorstep is sooo pretty! I love the backlit shot of your cream settee too:-) Happy fall!

  6. Fall colors are my favorite colors - they invite warmth into a home, I believe.

    I'll be over in a few minutes, ok? haha <3

  7. Hello Karen!

    I love your Fall decorations!!

    Isn't this a beautiful time of the year?

    Thanks for your comment.
    I hope to read you from time to time.


  8. Your Autumn decorating looks wonderful! I have an antique sewing machine just like yours!


  9. You have a truly beautiful home I can see the love that has went into every detail. You are very creative and I love the homey feel. B


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