Friday, December 23, 2011

Wish Upon a Star

Last night I saw a shooting star. It was one of those clear, crisp nights where the stars really twinkle and I had stepped outside for just a moment. The Big and Little Dipper have been rising every night right above Mount Rainier and giving us a spectacular show. Along with that, we have been watching Venus, Mars and Jupiter shining bright. But the shooting star was the best of all.

I went back inside to coax Hubby out with me. There we stood, small and insignificant, gazing upwards, marvelling at the beauty when right before our eyes, we saw another one! It was so special to see one together. A shooting star is better together. Don't you agree?

And I thought of what I would wish for.

But I couldn't wish for anything more.

Well, maybe world peace.

I have a hummingbird that has stayed for the winter. So every day I put out my feeder, then bring it in at night so it won't freeze. It is so small and fragile, yet so brave and resilient.

Like we are on this beautiful planet.

We have a hawk that has arrived for the winter. I was standing in the window looking out over our little forest clearing and right before my eyes I witnessed the fragility and the resilience. There was a flutter of wings and a flash as one bird gave his life for another. They landed on the ground together, and I felt regret for the innocence lost, yet a sense of awe. The Hawk was so beautiful. Soft bluish gray, striped wings and tail. A Cooper's Hawk. I ran to get my camera, but like the mist, when I returned he was gone.

It's been quiet here on my little mountain. As the year draws to a close, I have been reflecting. This has been a year of contrasts. I've lost my Mother. But I have gained a new daughter with the wedding of my son.

A new generation to carry on.

I am now the elder.

But it is something I look forward to. Now there is a new generation that begins with a long story of those that have paved the way.

Now it is up to me to tell the story. So it is not forgotten. Of lives well lived, of struggles and successes, of family stories to pass down.

It's been one of those years. A year of change. A year of happiness and sorrow.

But with every moment an awareness of how truly precious each day is.

You can't get them back. You can only go forward, learning from the past to make a better tomorrow.

And I think my Wish Upon a Star would still be World Peace. But also Peace within our hearts to know how brave and resilient we all are.

Life isn't easy. But we are all in this together.

Peace on Earth

Goodwill toward mankind


  1. What a lovely post. I wish on every star I see, just about, these days! Seeing the shooting star with your husband is like a story I wrote ("Offering") - definitely better to share the experience.

    You're right, world peace is the best wish to make of all. And as Gandhi said, the change we wish to see in the world must first happen within us.

    Karen I wish you a very blessed Christmas. I bet your mother's spirit will be close to you.

  2. I absolutely adore this one. Thank You. Happy Holidays Karen

  3. Thank you, Christine and Sarah. Best wishes to you both. xx

  4. i wish we had 1 more day with them..but we know the every falling star is our beloved Rjr. and our loving brother A.and all the the ones we have lost close to our you so much sis xxoo

  5. It must have been a wonderful experience watching the shooting stars together; not many people will have gone through similar experience.


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