Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blogger Give-away

In this season of giving and heartfelt messages of hope, one of my favorite blogger friends is giving away a beautiful little book of Amish proverbs. To win this book, all you have to do is leave a comment on her blog post. Her blog is called, Writing From Scotland, and you can access it from my blog list. I hope you win!


  1. Blog-hopping from Writing from Scotland - isn't it fun to skip around the world, finding connections everywhere? I'm another Scottish blogger, a bit further south than Christine in my beloved Aberdeen.
    Your grandmother sounds as if she was in the mould of most Scottish women of that generation - my own grandmothers were both strong women from different ends of the social scale (still very prevalent then) who coped with hardships and personal tragedy and still found much to love in life.

  2. Hi Linda from Scotland! It is fun to skip around the world in the blogoshere and see how others live. But I am finding that we are all much the same, just different geography. Scotland seems a very beautiful place and I hope to see it in my lifetime. Both sides of my family have Scottish roots; my Father's family, also. They settled in New England and even had a place named for them called 'Little Scotland'. There is much to be admired with the Scottish people. The trait of coping with hardships and tragedy and keeping a positive outlook seems to run very strong. I hope you come back to visit again soon! xx


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