Thursday, December 1, 2011

Animal House

You think you know the ones you love. But every once in a while, you get to see their true colors. Last night was one of those nights. I don't usually sleep on the couch. It takes a lot to get Hubby or I to give up our feather bed mattress and down comforter for the uncomfortable contours of the couch. But yesterday I had a migraine. I don't know if any of you suffer from this particular malady, but I get them regularly, at least once a month. I am in so much pain that the only thing I can do is lie around like a fish out of water with a heating pad on my head. Not a pretty sight. And to spare poor Hubby a restless night of me thrashing around in pain, I went out on the couch.

Usually I go upstairs and sleep in one of the bedrooms there, but they were filled with cats. And whoever has cats knows, you let a sleeping cat lie.

So on the couch it was. With 3 feather pillows to prop my poor aching head.

See the evil eyes? The pointy ears disguising the devil horns? This little demon darling woke up and kept up a steady yowl until I let her out. Against better judgement. But when you are desperately seeking quiet, you will do anything for some peace. So out the door she went. Only to want to come in less than 20 minutes later. By scratching furiously at my glass door and yowling.

So I let her in.
With a mouse.
No, I didn't see the mouse until it was too late.

At which point she drops the mouse when I let out a scream.

Which woke up these two.

And this one.....

And yes, the mouse was alive and well, thank you and promptly ran up the coat rack with 3 cats and a dog leaping in the air after it.

With aching head, (and experience with this sort of dilemma.... when you live with cats.....) I calmly ushered everyone out of the room, took all the coats and carried them one by one out the front door until I found the little hitch-hiker clinging on for dear life on my favorite yard coat and carried him out, whiskers quivering, safely away from the house. At three a.m. It was very quiet out there. And spooky.

Finally, the drama being over, I was looking forward to a nice restful 3 or 4 hours before morning.

And no sooner did I fall blissfully asleep, propped up on my feather pillows, than I heard a commotion.

Can you see what is going on? Yea, that was my milk. Was.

And don't let the innocence of this little sweetie fool you. A short time later....
 this one and that one were fighting over the butter that hubby left uncovered on the counter. On the counter! Cats were on my counter! Eating my butter! I wonder how many times I buttered my toast.......

For Sale Free- Three Demon Darling Cats
Good Mousers. Not Finicky Eaters. Love Butter To Butter you up.

The good news is my migraine is gone. I woke up this morning to the smell of buttered toast and coffee. Sweet Hubby couldn't understand why I didn't eat my toast. He had already eaten his. Ssshhhhh! What he doesn't know won't hurt him.....


  1. Oh dear, oh dear! Will you be offended if I tell you I had quite a laugh over your animal adventures, AND I'm awfully sorry about the migraines, that doesn't sound fun.

    On another note, I have taken such comfort from your comment under "Resilience" - I was telling my husband about it today. Thanks, Karen.

    I hope you've had a few better nights since this post!


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