Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks

All week I have been busy preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. To put me in the mood, I always bring out my little antique turkey. This year he sits on my moss wreath hanging on the kitchen door. He is very small but with a big personality. I wonder if anyone will notice him.

He has kept watch while I have been busy, busy.

This year I have a new apron, seen here hanging on my pantry door. My sweet sister-in-law 'T' sent it to me for my recent birthday. It has just the right colors to wear on Thanksgiving. She sent me out a little box filled to the brim with wonderful surprises. Don't you just love getting gifts in the mail?

Something to be thankful for.

This darling serving set just came in the mail, too. This is from my other sweet sister-in-law, 'D'. She knows I love the color blue and that my favorite flower is 'forget me nots'. Is this not the most charming little server? Just in time for Thanksgiving.

Another reason to be thankful. 

Today I baked pies, and as I peeled apples and made pie crust, I thought of all the reasons to be grateful this year. At the top of the list is my wonderful family. I couldn't ask for a more devoted husband or more loving children. I am truly blessed.

I thought of my Mother and my Grandmother before her. I remembered all of the Thanksgiving dinners in years past. I have so much appreciation for these women that came before me. My Grandmother had 8 children (7 daughters and 1 son) and every year she hosted Thanksgiving in her big white Farmhouse. I remember her pantry shelves loaded with pies. This remarkable woman would bake each one of her son-in-laws their own favorite pie. I remember my Dad's favorite was chocolate cream pie. All baked from scratch. Those pies would melt in your mouth. I don't know how she did it. Not only did she bake 7 pies for all of her son-in-laws, but she also baked pies for the rest of us. There were about 14 pies all together. My favorite was her lemon meringue.
 My Mother was also an excellent pie baker and she would make me lemon meringue. I miss your lemon meringue pies, Mom.

I am thankful for these wonderful memories.

As I busy myself with these loving tasks, I realize that now it is my turn to make beautiful memories for my own family. So this year we are starting a new tradition. We are starting a gratitude journal. Each member of the family will write about something they are grateful for. It will be nice to look back on in years to come.

In this year of hardship for so many, it is especially important to appreciate all that we have.

And losing precious family members this year, reminds us how important it is to show how much we appreciate one another.

So once a year, on this one special day, we take the time to realize what is really important. A meal shared with loved ones, beloved memories, old and new traditions.

 Now that's something to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. What a lovely, lovely post! I was just remembering my Granny's pies, too. She was a wizard lemon-meringue-pie maker. I have her recipe but not her skill, though I should practise! I think your family gratitude journal is a wonderful idea. Your home looks so welcoming and calm, Karen. I hope you really enjoy your Thanksgiving day. I'm sure your family will, more than you can know.

  2. Thank You, Christine, you are so very nice. I can't make lemon meringue pie, it always collapses on me! Your Granny sounds like a wonderful woman. Women in that generation were so strong and capable, I have so much admiration for them. Things were not as easy for them as they are for this generation. Thank you for your lovely sentiments. xx

  3. Thanksgiving dinner was so perfect Mom! You are absolutely amazing and our family is very blessed to have you! xoxo


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