Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Gardening

What is the recipe for future happiness? Why it's gardening, of course! This time of year is an excellent time to continue gardening, especially with planting bulbs. It is also a great time to pot up some seasonal plants to enjoy on a patio, deck, or even a window box.
Ivies, small evergreen shrubs and ground covers, winter pansies, and bulbs can be potted up to add to the beauty of the season. Here I have gathered a few supplies to keep handy for when inspiration strikes. Not only can you plant in pots, but wreath making is also an enjoyable activity this time of year. On mild sunny mornings, I can work outside with all of my supplies at hand.
A bucket of potting soil, moss gathered on woodland walks, pots and a few pot shards to cover drainage holes are all waiting to be put to use.
Those lucky enough to have a covered area need not worry, but as I have utilized an open area on my deck, I use old pizza pans or pot trays to cover my supplies from rain, (and my cats) as this is only a temporary potting station. Everything else can be stored in wire baskets for easy drainage.
I simply use one of my deck tables for potting, using old cookie sheets or bread trays to capture any spills. Everything is conveniently placed right outside my kitchen door.

So far I have potted up 75 tulip and 50 crocus bulbs. I am unable to plant these in the ground as I have too many hungry squirrels. So keeping them in pots on my deck allows me to enjoy these beautiful flowers up close in the Spring. I simply tuck the pots in among my succulents and winter pansies on my wire plant stand. Here they sleep under the eaves and stay relatively dry and warm during our wet winters.
I have even managed to plant 75 daffodil bulbs. Every year I buy one big bag of mixed daffodils and then I have the task of finding a place to plant them! Here I have planted quite a few in an old milk crate for Hubby's Tool shed garden. The rest I have planted under my dwarf apple trees. It will be a pretty scene when all are blooming.
I placed the crate under the old washing machine filled with ivy. It will be pure joy to see their bright cheery blooms come spring.

So that is my recipe for future happiness; a few bulbs, some evergreen plants, and a little place to create some joy. I hope you get a chance to create your own future happiness!


  1. Oh I agree with your recipe! Last weekend I was planting tulip bulbs in the church garden, continuing with a line of yellow and white tulips that I'd planted a year ago and had run out of bulbs. I was trying so hard not to worry about things, but only time will tell if I managed to concentrate properly. The yellow and white bulbs look identical and so I will be interested to see if there is a variation in the pattern next spring!

  2. Hi Christine, I love that story! I also get carried away with my thoughts when I am outside gardening. You will have to take a picture in the Spring of your daffodils to share with us. xx


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