Monday, November 14, 2011

Falling Leaves

The skies were turning dark. The storm was coming in.

The wind was getting stronger.

Blowing the leaves from the trees.....

which fell all around me and swirled at my feet while chimes played haunting fairy melodies.

Wind and Rain lashed at darkened windows all day and night.

Leaving behind Nature's cloak upon the Earth.

And a glimpse of blue skies in the morning.

To light up the remaining golden leaves

While I clean up the aftermath.


  1. This reminds me of my drive every day down Sky Island Drive. The trees began to turn the most gorgeous vibrant colors then just recently, started blowing off the trees. Swurling around my car, just as you described so perfectly. Winter is approaching us rapidly and soon it will be time to hit the mountain, spend time indoors with a nice fire and celebrate the holidays! Thank you for the pictures Karen

  2. Hi Sarah, I know what you mean, winter is coming too soon, but it gives us a perfect excuse to stay inside and get cozy.xx

  3. Before I moved to Scotland, I used to think that the saddest thing was the trees losing their beautiful thing. Now that I've seen some spring and fall windstorms that have torn a few heavy leaf-laden trees apart, I realise Nature's wisdom in stripping them to their branches for the wintertime. And now I think, oh good, they'll be safer now that their leaves have dropped!

  4. Nature is certainly wise. I was thinking the other day that maybe losing their leaves is also a form of preparing a cozy nest for seedlings, such as birds do with feathers. Even the evergreens give up their old needles in the fall as they drop their cones. There is so much to be learned by observing nature. It's sweet that you have compassion for the trees. I wish everyone felt that way! xx

  5. Hi again - I'd never really thought about how the leaves (and needles) do provide a cosy nest for spring growth. Monty Don, the gardening guru, once said, "Don't think of leaves as a nuisance, think of them as a harvest." But in Nature, they fall and feed the earth.

    And - I meant to write "the trees losing their beautiful LEAVES"! Too tired. The other day my daughter was worried I might be developing Alzheimer's, but I assured her it was just fatigue and stress! (I hope!!!)

  6. So true, Christine (about leaves as a harvest). It's understandable that you might have a momentary lapse in concentration....You have much on your mind these days. xx


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