Friday, October 14, 2011


This time of year is summed up in this one word, don't you think? Because, although Autumn is a lovely time of year, we have to come to terms with the fact that Summer is over. And so, as the beautiful berries of Bittersweet ripen, we are reminded of our loss.

I was originally going to do a post on decorating with Bittersweet Berries, but today is a sad day for my dear sweet Sister-in-Law and her very loving Hubby.
You see, they have lost Hubby's brother after a long battle with cancer.

Not only have they just lost this precious family member, but earlier this year, they also lost their son.

They need all of our prayers.

Life can be so incredibly Bittersweet, don't you think?

But just as the long tendrils and vines of the Bittersweet encircle and twine, we all must do the same with those that we love.

Especially in times of sorrow.

And so as the door closes on another lovely summer, we will have Bittersweet memories and fond remembrances.

And circle our loved ones with warmth and love, as we symbolise our sentiments with the lovely gifts of the season. The harvest of our hopes and dreams and wishes.

And save a place in our hearts for all of our Bittersweet Memories.


  1. That is very sad news indeed. I hope they will still be able to feel the love that surrounds them, and eventually take strength from the good memories that will win out over the sad ones. Change can be so very hard, and life is so fragile.

    Your decorations are beautiful. I don't know what bittersweet is! I don't think I would recognise it. And I suppose it won't be a plant that we have here in Scotland.

    Your sister-in-law and her family are lucky to have you praying for them.

  2. Thank you, Christine, you are very kind. xx

  3. karen simply beautiful thank you so much for your heartfelt story and yes this year has been bittersweet tho are hearts are aching we are also in the healing process. It's the missing them, that never leaves. I Love You dearly my sweet kind sister.


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