Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cozy Winter Days - In the Sewing Room

Hello, Dear Friends, as we say goodbye to January, 
I've been trying to stay cozy during these 
seemingly endless winter days. 

It's been cold and wet here - or what I like to term, 'Murky'. 


Every once in a while a stray sunbeam sneaks through 
and leaves strange reflections on the wall. 

This crazy reflection is from the wood-stove air-vent pull. 
(That little dangling coil)

These sorts of things catch my eye......
It was dancing and flickering. 

It doesn't take much to entertain me, apparently :)

Kai agrees with that.....

Although these two have not been very entertaining lately. 

Whitey Bear and Kai have been doing a lot of hibernating. 

I can't say that I blame them. 

I've been cooking a lot of comfort food these days. 

Here, I've tried Tuscan Tortellini Soup
from  Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. 

Instead of making it in the slow-cooker, 
I made it the traditional way. 

I paired it with Irish Brown Bread

A healthy favorite and so easy.

While I wait for Ramblin' Man to get home
for dinner, I will spend some time in
my sewing room.

My Happy Place.

I've found some fabrics, hankies and doilies
to make pillows for Valentine's Day decorating.

I look for vintage hankies and doilies whenever
I go to a flea-market.

This pretty, linen fabric has ribbon rosebuds :)

I hand sew this hankie to the fabric along the
scalloped edges.

This wonderful doily is hand-sewn onto fabric
from an old chenille bedspread.

A 'Fairy Garden' on the windowsill to enjoy
while I sew.

My comfy chair - a slip-covered office chair.

I made the pillow from a favorite old tee-shirt.

You can see more of my sewing room Here.

I collect Victorian children art for this room.

This room was once shared by my two daughters.

The art brings back sweet memories.

I once had a little sign that said,

'Childhood days go swiftly past -
Enjoy these moments while they last'

It was so true.

My dear Sis-in-law sent me the metal advertising
sign for 'Singer' sewing machines
as a gift for Christmas.


I enjoy these winter days of cooking and sewing and hanging
out with the pup-dogs.

(When I am not babysitting this little darling)

(Or looking forward to seeing this precious little one)


Next time I will show you the pillows I made
for Valentine's Day.

Time to set the table for dinner.......

Thank you for stopping by, dear Friends!



  1. Hi Karen the month has gone fast ,lovely post my friend ,I love your cosy home and you are very clever with the things you have made,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. I can’t believe we’re in February already. It’s grey and damp here, staying inside weather and definitely the time for homemade soup xx

  3. A good way to pass the cold winter days. I've made lots of soup these last few weeks too. Your sewing room is so pretty.

  4. Those are great winter images. I get a 'housebound' feeling this time of year with the dark days of winter and the cold, cold wind coming in off the bay. We have a high of 8°F here today--much colder with wind chill factored in.

    I love your creative space and hope to have one of my own soon when we move this Spring. xo Diana

  5. Hello, I love your furbabies and your grandchildren are adorable. Your sewing room is so pretty, it looks so cozy. The soup looks delicious, I am sure it is great for a cold winter day. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  6. Hi Karen! It is always a pleasure visiting your cozy home!Your Grands are so so cute!!!Blessings and keep warm!Xo Maristella.

  7. Cooking an£ crafting here too. Definitely the best thing to do on grey days. Your vintage hankies look lovely. B x

  8. Thanks for sharing the link for the soup. Looks like a good soup for these cold days.

  9. Hello Kai and White Bear, aren't you so cute? The tortellini soup and Irish bread sounds very good, Karen. I can see why your sewing room is your "happy place." I've always wanted a craft room to create and just hang out. The vintage linens are lovely to make as pillows for Valentine's Day. And I LOVE the Victorian children art on the walls. They are always a favorite of mine too. Thanks for giving us a peek to your sewing room. It's a special place for you to imagine and create.


  10. I love staying at home but I love it more when I have a reason a cold, snowy, murky day. I don't sew anymore but I seem to find lots to do and they are some of my busiest days.

  11. It looks pretty bleak on the outside, but oh so warm & cozy on the inside. I love your sewing room.

    Happy February ~ FlowerLady

  12. You can't beat a few hours making something, all nice and cosy inside. I can't believe January has been and gone already, it wasn't so bad after all. x

  13. Your pictures and words are always very comforting yo me Karen....
    I am fighting with bronchitis right now, so this was very soothing....
    Your sewing room is fabulous...a cosy spot to create beautiful things...
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Linda :o)

  14. Love all that you do...& can't wait to see your Valentine pillows!

  15. Definitely a great month for hibernating. I was happy to get a dry spell this week so I could finish pruning the pear tree. Those Valentine pillows sound lovely. I've got a stash of hankies I'd be happy to send to you...
    I'm getting ready for the big move and I'm pairing down...

  16. Wonderful pictures Karen, yes it has been a soggy wet January. Can't wait to see your fun Valentine pillows and maybe a little sun.

    Hugs Diane

  17. Hi Karen,
    thank you for all the lovely pictures from your sewingroom :O)Your work looks so wonderful and I am looking forward to sse the Valentine Pillows!
    HAve a lovely weekend, take care , my sweet friend,
    sending much Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  18. What a joy to visit and have a little tour of your sewing room, a definite feast for the eyes. So many beautiful things to look at. I love the idea of re-purposing a hankie, I have already embellished some doilies onto fabric for cushions in readiness for the pews. You are blessed with a beautiful home and gorgeous Grandchildren.

  19. You are making the beautiful pillows for the day. This is heartwarming information. Have a nice weekend.

  20. Your soup and Irish soda bread look like such a comforting meal for you and Ramblin' Man, Karen. I love your vintage hankies and how you're re-purposing them into pretty pillows. Being in your sewing room must feel like a warm hug!

  21. Karen, I'll try this again. I think my comment did not take. If you end up with two, please feel free to delete one. I tried to comment as my WP username but the comment didn't stick I guess.

    You paint such a lovely picture of how to embrace these winter days. Delicious soup, sleepy pups, time spent working with your hands, and sweet cherubic faces of grandchildren. I look forward to seeing more of your valentine pillows.


    PS I'm open for business - xx

  22. Those will be the sweetest pillows. I can see why you love spending time in your sewing room. It would be my favorite room too. I've been making lots of soup too. I need to try that bread. It looks delicious.
    xx Beca

  23. Dearest Karen,
    That is a lovely old valence with angels, darned on fishnet! Women of fishermen learned how to do this in winter time when they were not knotting any nets.
    One can only admire such old handcrafts and they remain timeless pieces of beauty.
    We all ought to learn from our pets, they know how to get through winter season.

  24. I like the interesting shadows and sunlight beams on my walls and floors too. Wed evening when the blue super moon was out, the light came onto dining room floor between mini blind and window sill. Scared me at first. Lovely decor my friend. I have a metal sign that has spools of thread on it and a sewing machine I think. So fun to have that around.

  25. Hello Karen,
    Sewing is a great way to spend time during the cold winter days. I always have a few projects on the go (ahem, maybe more than a few). Looking forward to seeing your Valentine's projects.

  26. Your sewing room is the perfect place to while away cold, wintry days. Such a glorious room filled with many, many pretties. I look forward to seeing your Valentine's stitching.

  27. Karen,
    Loved seeing your Sewing Room!!! I adore what you did with the embroidery hoops!!Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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