Monday, January 8, 2018

A Baby Shower for Twins and a Happy Announcement

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you 
have been settling in to the New Year. 

I have been thinking of all of you who have
been enduring the bitter winter weather
and hope you are staying safe and warm. 

For some reason, we have been spared the worst of it, 
despite our Northern latitude, here in Washington State. 

It's been cool, foggy, wet, and calm - 
typically 'average' Northwest winter weather. 
Of course, winter has just begun and I'm 
sure we will not be spared for long! 

Since Christmas, I've been busy crafting for a baby shower
for my daughter, Heather. 

Little owls for the little ones. 

Letters to spell out their names.....
Declan and Liam. 

The nursery is gray and white with a 'woodland' theme. 

Painted hat boxes and initials, lined with pretty papers
to stack and fill with little gifts. 

The shower was hosted by Heather's sister, 
Jennie, at her home across 
the Narrow's Bridge. It is an hour's drive away, 
so I left early in the morning, 
packed to the brim with dishes, gifts
and a cake still to frost and decorate.

I had never driven there myself, 
although I have been a passenger. 
There is a section of highway under construction
with limited signage and I missed my exit to the bridge, 
which took me miles out of my way
 before I could turn around. 
I hate driving on highways! 

Living in the country, I am used to slow country roads. 
This particular section of highway is the worst in the state, 
not to mention, under construction with lanes that end, 
lanes not marked, ramps, bumps and barriers. 
This state has been voted 5th in the nation
for the most congested highways. 
It's no lie. 
I nearly had a panic attack. 

But I made it safe and sound, although a bit frazzled. 

Jennie, daughter in law's, Erica and Jenn,
 and I got right to work and here are the results. 


Fruit tray, meat and cheese tray, pastries, skewered donut holes, 
tiny muffins on pedestal, and assorted sliced tea breads. 

Mimosa bar
 (champagne was added to the silver buckets
 once the guests arrived)

The 'cakes' and little owls. 

Jennie found the sweet 'It's twins' decoration 
on-line and I baked the 'deconstructed' cake
and put it together there. 

It's simply a white cake with powdered sugar glaze.

The finished hat-box 'cake' with babies' initials. 
I found the bitty owls in a baby shop. They are finger puppets. 

The ribbon is printed with baby feet and 'baby boy'. 

Favor boxes filled with butter mints. 

Flowers with baby's breath, of course! 

Tiny 'onesies'. 
(There are duplicates of each one)

Sweet thoughts. 

The Mom-to be's comfy chair, decorated with pom-poms. 

Jenn and Erica were in charge of the games and prizes. 


The house soon filled up
 with the love and laughter of close friends and family.......

with sweet generosity for the new mom-to-be.


Just a few more weeks before we greet the new arrivals. 

I'm excited, nervous, and filled with so many emotions. 
Heather and Eric already have l year old Gavin, 
so they will have a 'full house'. 
A dream come true for my daughter, who 
was ready to give up that dream of becoming a Mother, 
and now look at her! 
We are so happy for them! 


Speaking of being happy.....I have some more happy news....

Jennie is engaged! Steve popped the question on New Year's Eve. 

It's beginning to look like a wonderful year! 


Now let's hope that I can keep up with this growing family! 


I think I need a nap now :)


  1. Great things on the horizon for your family! Congrats on the upcoming twins AND a new engagement!

  2. Sweet!

    Congrats to Steve... in the old days you didn't congratulate the woman because she was the prize that got got...haha...and the man did a good thing finding her. :)

  3. What a lovely post, so nice to see all of your photographs.
    2018 has started very well, what with the twins arrival within the next few weeks, and an engagement .... special times indeed.

    My very good wishes for 2018.

    All the best Jan

  4. Wow Karen so much happening in your family,oh what an amazing baby shower those owls you made are so cute and the mum to be looks so well,and congrats to the lovely couple that got engaged,what wonderful time for you all Karen xx

  5. How wonderful, twins and a new son-in-law, your family is growing by leaps and bounds.

  6. Oh boy oh boy! Twins and an engagement! What a banner year for sure. Blessings on all these happy events and future fruition! Glad you managed our horrible roads and made it to your sweet event.

  7. Karen, such wonderful news! Everything looks perfect at the baby shower! Did I miss the post with the twin babies gender in it? Are they both boys? Congratulations on all your new additions! xx

    1. Hi Gina, thank you for the sweet congrats! Yes, both boys! My daughter will have her hands full! xx Karen

  8. What wonderful news! Both about the engagement and the upcoming birth of twins. It will be an exciting year for you and your family. The photos of the shower look wonderful. Beautiful photos! I get nervous about driving on the highway too and in the snow as well lol. I'd be okay if it was just me on the road.

  9. What lovely decorating for the shower--an imaginative presentation. We have a woman in our church who quietly arranges for special events or changes of seasons--creative touches add so much to a happy occasion.
    I can relate to your near panic attack on the drive--I have no sense of direction and get rattled if I make a wrong turn.

  10. You are awesome!! you created so many items.. Congrats to your daughter..

  11. Wow! You really go all out with the decorating. It really looks wonderful and your lucky to have such a growing family to love.

  12. What a cute shower! And lots of exciting things happening in your family. So happy for you guys.

  13. It looked like a perfectly lovely shower - your creations were beautiful and I loved the cake too!

  14. What a lovely post, my you have been so busy. Such lovely news about the engagement and I bet you can’t wait to see those twins. B xx

  15. Hello, you and your family always throw neat parties. I love the cute owls. The cake looks yummy too. The decorations are adorable and so creative. Congrats on the twins and the engagement, my son announced his engagement on New year's Day. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day.

  16. Such wonderful news, a great start to the year. The baby shower looked amazing, the decor and food was a delight. Hope all goes well.

  17. Oh Karen, these are indeed happy news!! It's so good to see life go on for our loved ones! Everything looks beautiful for the shower!! Wishing a good delivery and that all goes very well.

  18. What a happy post, filled with a lovely shower for twin grandbabies, and a happy engagement photo. It is all exciting.

    Happy 2018 ~ FlowerLady

  19. Karen, I'm so happy for Heather having twins, that's so special. The baby shower turned out very nice with so many lovely things. The cake looks Yummy with blue frosting dripping over, and the cake server is pretty. All the food and goodies look scrumptious, and the favor boxes are sweet filled with mints. The owls you made are darling, and I love the "woodland" theme for the baby's room. I'm with you on the freeways! I don't mind the highways as much, but the freeways here can get pretty crowded, especially when driving down south. Karen, when I first saw that picture of Jennie, I thought it was one of those old vintage ads haha. She looks gorgeous, and so happy for her being engaged. Yes, 2018 looks like a bright one for you so far. : )


  20. It is all such wonderful news to begin a new year! I know what you mean about highways. Always felt like they needed "whoopsie" spots for people like us to turn around without going so far out of our way!

  21. Wow Karen, such a blessed start to 2018! Your decorating skills never stop amazing me!!! You have a real talent when it comes to decorating with such lovely taste! Those little owls are just so cute - what a great idea with the woodland settting for the babies room! You are going to be busy with 2 extra grandsons soon! Congrats on the engagement also - I guess there will be another chance for decoration skills to come out lol. Take care my friend, I'm back to work this morning so much go and get ready for that. Xo

  22. This is knock yourself out Party. Congrats to you Dear Lady. Happy New year to the whole family. yvonne

  23. Congratulations! Those owls are a adorable. Blessings to you in the new year.

  24. You've had lots of good news and good times! The owls really did turn out SO are all of the decorations! I'm very happy for you and know this new year will be filled with blessings! Hugs!

  25. How wonderful! Happy times for your family! Twins! Congratulations!

  26. Dear Karen, my sweet friend, wonderful news in this lovely post! The Baby Shower for the new Twins was done so well with all the Yum Yums and Goodies!
    Congrats to the engagement of Jennie too!
    Yes, this sounds like becominge a wonderful year for you and your family!
    Wishing you a wonderful time, a wonderful and happy new year, filled withlove and laughter!
    Sending much Love and hugs, Claudia xoxo

  27. Love the pictures special the cake have mine favorite colour...Greetings,Joan

  28. How exciting for your family! Newborns, weddings and in a few years maybe more newborns! The owl theme is so cute for a baby's room. I think the woodland theme is a new trend for decorating a baby's room. My niece is doing owls with gray and aqua and a friends daughter did one in baby foxes. Your owl garland is adorable.

  29. What wonderful, exciting news. The baby shower looked amazing and I love the theme of grey and woodland animals, so much for your family to look forward to xx

  30. Sorry about the problems getting there, I am not enjoying the in city driving as much the older I get, St. Louis Missouri can be a real headache. It looks like it was a beautiful party, I so love the garland of owls they are just too cute!
    Big Congrats to your daughter engagement too, how exciting to see your family grow!!

  31. Wow congrats on the great news. The shower looked really nice and I love those owls yoy made. These will be great times for you all and your daughter will have her hands full with little ones.
    It was so cold in our area for the past two weeks and had a bad snow storm. I have cooking a lot and staying warm.
    Take care and have a great week and Happy New Year.

  32. Such happiness,Karen!Congratulations!Love the baby shower!Hugs,sweet lady!Maristella.

  33. What a beautiful and very special baby shower! How wonderful that your daughter is able to have twin boys! She will have her hands and heart full for sure! I just LOVE the gorgeous owl banner that you created! It is just darling, and how wonderful that it will be used to decorate their room too! And how exciting to have your sweet Jennie engaged as well! So much excitement going on in your family for sure! I understand the very difficult way construction can make things so difficult to drive in! It's so tough to navigate such things, and I'm grateful that in the end you made it safely there and the party went off without a hitch :)

    Many blessings to you dear friend, so thankful for our blogland friendship :)

  34. wow!!! all that wonderfulness and it is only january 10th!! the baby shower food and decorations looked amazing. you certainly have a lot to look forward to!!!

    ps, i especially like the hat box cake, what great idea!!!

  35. HI Karen....
    I read this delightful post a few days ago, but could not post my comment!
    Anyway....everything looks on the missed exit....congrats on the engagement!
    You must be so excited waiting to see the new boys! Keep us posted!
    We are visiting our wee Nora tomorrow...made the mom and dad a big pot of veg soup...
    Cannot wait to hold her again...💕
    Enjoy the rest of your week....
    Linda :o)

  36. HI Karen....
    I read this delightful post a few days ago, but could not post my comment!
    Anyway....everything looks on the missed exit....congrats on the engagement!
    You must be so excited waiting to see the new boys! Keep us posted!
    We are visiting our wee Nora tomorrow...made the mom and dad a big pot of veg soup...
    Cannot wait to hold her again...💕
    Enjoy the rest of your week....
    Linda :o)

  37. So many wonderful blessings have come your way Karen, and you deserve each and every one of them!

    Lots of lovely items at the shower, including those adorable owls. You must have had a blast making everything for such a happy occasion.

    You're so lucky you got spared the horrible weather that so much of the country has had to endure, including NC. Who knew!!


  38. Dearest Karen,
    Oh my, getting there in time and safe was a hassle as I read but glad you made it.
    Getting to Ft. Lauderdale turned out to be the exact same ordeal. Too many Interstates interweaving and you easily end up in the wrong lane. Worst is that even with your signal blinking, they keep driving towards you at a speed of light without even giving you ONE chance.
    So I vowed to never go back there again. We worked it in this year because Miami was way out of price range for whatever reason. That's how one learns...
    But how adorable are your cute little owls! Great themes all together. Yes, I'm singing in the Knight (last name of leader) Owls so they have more meaning to me.
    You ladies pulled off a great buffet of goodies for all guests and glad it worked out well.
    Now the wait for the final day that those twin boys make their entrance into life!
    Happy for daughter Jenny as well. Yes some exciting things are getting worked out in your life.

  39. Oh what a wonderful post, so full of family love and celebration! Declan and Liam are blessed to be born into such a loving family. Well done on all your creations, edible and inedible, but especially well done on managing the drive. I am not a brave driver so I empathise. Happy New Year - and what a year it's going to be! x

  40. Hi Karen, I enjoyed catching up with you in this post and your Christmas one too. It all sounds so wonderful and I'm happy for you and your family with the expected arrival of twins soon and an engagement! Wow. What a year this will be for your family. I love the owls banner you made - adorable! Take care and stay cosy. xx Pam

  41. Liebe Karen,
    welch wundervolle Nachrichten zum Jahresbeginn!!!
    Ich freue mich mit Dir und drücke ganz fest die Daumen!!!

    Ich möchte auch danke sagen, zu Deinen lieben Worten auf meinem Blog.
    Und fürs Bonbonmachen wünsche ich gutes Gelingen!!! Du wirst schon von dem Duft, der dann im ganzen Haus ist, begeistert sein!
    Alles Liebe

  42. Oh wow Karen! How wonderful!! Such an ever growing beautiful family. So many blessings to be thankful for - yay 2018! And what a sweet shower. So fun and such yummy goodies. And those owls you made adorable!! Love the woodland theme. Glad you made it there & back safe & sound. ;)
    And so excited for your daughter Jennie! What a wonderful chapter of your life with all of that going on. And couldn't be a more deserving wonderful Lady/Mom/Grandma. You're a Gem. Blessings on your weekend Sweetie! Going to share giveaway scoop this weekend - so stay tuned! Xoxo

  43. Karen, congratulations!!!
    Everything is so sweet.

  44. Karen, What a wonderful post! Twins, how exciting. What a beautiful shower. You are a talented crafter! Love the cake also. I hate highways and nearly have a panic attack just being a passenger on them, glad you made it safely. Oh, an engagement to celebrate too, wow your 2018 is going to be exciting.

    Loved everything about this post. :)

  45. Tudo muito bem preparado Karen. Um dia feliz. Bom domingo. Cumprimentos.

  46. Everything looks so wonderful! You did a lovely job and so much excitement for your family in the new year! Many blessings to all and I can't to see the twins! Have a wonderful day!


  47. I missed seeing this post! Congratulations to the expecting couple! Wow! Twins and a 1 yr old!!! Love everything you and others did to make the baby shower so awesome! Like I said before, you are extremely talented! Congrats also to the engaged couple!

  48. What a beautiful post. So exciting that the twins are on their way and also the engagement. The decor and goodies for the shower was perfect. I love your owls.

  49. Marvelous post dear Karen!

    your posts always give me warmth of homely and family feelings which i love MOST in this whole world!

    what a lovely baby shower for twin adorable angles!

    happy this day to new mom who received the so many blessings of God at a time :)

    Loved the all arrangements and delicious yummy food that you prepared with your daughter and daughter in law in spite of facing troublesome long drive .Bitty owl look so cute,wonderful choice Karen!

    i also loved your handmade pretty owls with glittering eyes!

    happy engagement to dear Jennie ,may she enjoy her life with his future hubby with grace and pride!

    i think this nap is important as you will feel fresh after rest my friend

    wishing you more happiness and prosperity to you and your family in new year .
    take great care Hugs!


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