Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Quiet Weekend

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope you are all 
hanging in there as we start to ascend
 from the depths of winter
here in the North, and the heat of summer
for all of my friends south of the equator. 

I want to thank you for all of your kind and 
encouraging comments on my last post.
It truly warms my heart to have such sweet 
well-wishers and lovely friends. 

I've been winding down after the flurry of activities
during the holidays and the baby shower, 
and have been trying to get
my little cottage in the woods back in order.

I finally put away all of my holiday decorations, but
  I left these tiny twinkle lights behind the curtain,
  just because I liked them :)

They are so pretty at night. 

Speaking of night.......have any of you been 
able to see the Big and Little Dippers? 

They appear right over Mt. Rainier on clear nights 
now, and it is so magical and wonderful 
to see them, especially this time of year 
when the nights are long and all the twinkly 
holiday lights are put away. 

Well, most of them, anyway :)

I found some white primroses at the 
market and planted them beneath my 
'caged' angel. 

We have had a mild weekend with temperatures 
in the 50's and 60's, so I couldn't resist 
going outside to get my hands dirty. 

I can see them from the glass door in the kitchen
and they just make me so happy. 

This time of year we always have cloud drama around 
the mountain. It changes from moment to moment. 

We have two new 'neighbors' - a pair of bald eagles 
that I have seen the last few days, flying through this view. 
(I've failed to get a decent photo of them, yet)

I am hoping that they stay and nest somewhere close, 
but they may just be temporary visitors. 

Although there is not much happening in the gardens
this time of year, I did find a few wonders......



Winterberry and tiny mosses. 

Kai on mossy steps 

Water droplets on bare branches

Male Anna's Hummingbird 

The lacy patterns of winter trees

Misty mornings

Winter sunsets

Contemplating the beauty of nature, even in winter, 
helps to keep me grounded in this world of turmoil 
and strife. 


"A calm and modest life brings more happiness
than the pursuit of success combined with 
constant restlessness."

- Albert Einstein -

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  1. Hello, it is nice seeing the pretty flowers blooming. The berries are pretty and colorful too. I love your hummer and the sweet dogs. The clouds and sunset with the mountain views are just beautiful. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  2. Greetings, love the pictures, I was sure enjoying the past three days. I am so looking forward to spring. My Anna hummingbird has been visiting my feeder also. Currently we have a raccoon digging up the yard.

    Hugs Diane

  3. What a lovely post! Love the quote you closed with.

    Happy January ~ FlowerLady

  4. Beautiful post. The primroses looked lovely, a sign of what is to come. I loved the drama of the cloud around the mountain. Stunning photos.

  5. Hi Karen. I loved see the beautiful photos of winter's beauty that you shared today. How nice to have some warm temps during this time of year. I missed commenting on your last post; congrats to Jennie on her engagement. You have so many exciting happenings in your dear family. Have a wonderful week and I wish you all the best. Hugs, Pat

  6. Such lovely winter berries! My hummers left when I didn't get my heated feeder in time to keep them around. I plan to put it out early to lure them back. I don't think we are coming close to the end of winter yet...maybe in a few more weeks. Your shots of Mt. Rainier are awesome and your sunset beat mine! :-) Lovely post!

  7. Great pictures,Karen!It is a pleasure visiting you...As ever!Have a lovely week!Sending hugs!xo

  8. I loved this post today, Karen, as nature really brings me peace, and love its simplicity. The white primroses are so pretty planted in the silver bucket. Wow, the clouds are amazing above the mountains swirling every which way. Such beautiful pictures of the berries with drops of water, and I was wondering, "how do you know that's a male hummingbird?" I'm sure you pick up on little things here and there living in the mountains. Little Kai is sweet and I can see why you love having him close to you. Your posts fill me with wonder, Karen, and I appreciate them very much.


    1. Hello, Dear Sheri, thank you for your sweet visit! I always love when you stop by! To answer you question - I know the little hummingbird is a male because he has an iridescent, bright red head! It looks almost black unless the sunlight hits it, then it lights up and turns rose red! The female lacks the dark head. This little guy was guarding his feeder from other males. They are very territorial! Yes, Kai is my constant companion and you can see he is 'keeping guard' and always on alert. Hope you are enjoying your darling little Francesca! xx Karen

  9. Thank you so much for such a lyrical and sensitive piece. I follow you via my e=mail account. but I must admit that I am one of those followers who rarely comments. It's not because I don't enjoy your blog I love it. But I have MS and there are days when using my keyboard is impossible. I'm managing tonight, so I just wanted to thank you for your lovely words, and please forgive me if I can't always respond, but please understand how much joy your blog brings into my life. Blessings

    1. Hello, Dear Lesley - I am so very glad that you were able to leave me your sweet comment. You are the reason I blog - to reach out and connect and hopefully bring a little joy to someone's life. Thank you so much and may God Bless. xo Karen

  10. It's so nice to wind down after the holidays and get back to normal! Your pictures are just beautiful and create the feeling of cozy and peacefulness. I am a little envious that you can buy flowers and plant them. Our snow is beautiful though and it is a balmy 25 degrees here!

  11. So nice to see your flowers and to hear of your warmish temps. We are snowy and cold, but enjoying it anyway!

  12. Flowers? Lucky you! We have more snow!!
    Your pics of the Mountains are always so inspiring...love them!!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)
    ps...I have twinkle lights on a timer all year in my living room window, and backyard shrubs!!

  13. So nice to see the colour in your flowers and the clouds around the mountain. A very nice selection of pictures.

    I appreciate the words at the end of your post ... so true.

    Enjoy the remainder of January.

    All the best Jan

  14. We're still loving the cold of winter here. Your photos are so beautiful. You're lucky to live in such a lovely area of the country.

  15. The cloud drama is very cool to see. A caged angel... The flowers are a lovely touch. The sun we've had the last few days has been glorious. Hope the rest of your week goes well!

  16. Such lovely photos, Karen! It will be a couple of months before we see scenes like that here! We keep a few lights up in the window, too!

  17. Your photos of nature are so good for my soul. Everything will be dormant here until at least April. I'm used to it, and so I really enjoy your photos and many others.

    I can't imagine the thrill of seeing a bald eagle. I'm enthralled to see a hawk or owl!

    Your home looks warm and cozy. It's 2 degrees here at the lake. I'm going to bring in some firewood tomorrow to keep me toasty, especially in the afternoon. Upstairs is really warm, but I only go there for the evening to write and watch some TV.

    Sending warm wishes,


  18. Dear Karen,
    thank you for this wonderful post and all the lovely pictures!
    We have really strange weather at the moment, so it is best, to have a calm and cosy weekend at home!
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week and another lovely and quiet weekend in your wonderful home!
    Love and hugs and blessings to you, Claudia xo

  19. Look at those clouds round Mr Ranier, aren't they wonderful. Your fairylights are like twinkly snowdrops. Enjoy your day. x

  20. Your angel & primula arrangement is so beautiful and the sunset glorious. And your dog looks always so curious & cute <3

    Right now I'm trembling for it has been forecast a terrible snow storm! It reaches Finland from Sweden and shall pour snow from now on till tomorrow night! I'll keep my fingers across that I'm able to manage with all the shoveling ahead :) Well this is the Nordic winter!

  21. Thank you for sharing these lovely captures.

  22. Great photos. The photo of barberry is especially poetic.

  23. Dearest Karen,
    You sure have a very mild winter and the beckons one to go outdoors!
    We have had lots of frost at night days but it is dry and sunny.
    It was perfect for driving long distance. Two hours for our performance with the choir, singing The National Anthem at a UGA Basketball game. That has been so far for our biggest audience ever!
    We both went on to Atlanta for a meeting next day with the Dutch community for celebrating New Year's the Dutch way with some apple beignets (Dutch apple fritters) and Dutch Raisin Fritters. It was lovely and we started out on Monday by making our rounds at Costco, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Market. Perfect for being already right there and relaxed driving.

  24. the last quote by einstein resonates with me. I am missing the events and culture around Wash. DC but suspect the more quiet area we are in now might lead to something later. Hope so.

  25. Hi Karen, I have so enjoyed seeing your photos with a taste of spring weather. We're going to be a while yet. It has been freezing. We had one thaw where we saw the grass but it's back to snow and cold again. I love your primroses, they're one of my favorite spring flowers.

  26. Trukly deeply enjoyed your quiet day !
    loved these serenity and calmness shining through your photos

    each has artistic touch ,what a magical waving of clouds, glowing berries ,lovely roses , pretty hemming bird and enchanting views through your glass each one is CAPTIVATING!

    thank you for glorifying my day with your soothing words and images

  27. I love nature in winter when it works so hard to be survive and be noticed. And I love the look of your home, so cozy and welcoming.

  28. Oh to have bald eagles as neighborhood visitors!!! Jealous, I am.
    Love the 'sky drama' along the mountain. Beautiful [and the sunset]

    The winter garden is gorgeous, and Kai is so handsome

  29. It is always a joy to visit your beautiful and cosy home and of course that mountain of yours. Each vignette of your home always makes me smile.

  30. Wow, you've gathered so many lovely things from nature! Even the lifeless flowers are just beautiful. And yes, I agree with the quotes you mentioned.

  31. Such pretty photos of your beautiful world. ;) It's kind of nice to have everything put back to normal, isn't it? And the promise of a shiny new year ahead too. Blessings to you dear Karen! xoxo

  32. Great images! I love those moody skies.

  33. ...gorgeous sky shots, enjoy your weekend!

  34. You have excelled yourself with this post, Karen! :)
    Violets, primroses, cute little dogs, gorgeous mountains and clouds... and yet my favourite is the photo of the Berberis fruit. What a light!
    Thank you for sharing all this beauty. Have a happy weekend! xx

  35. your flowers are so pretty, i never got around to planting any pansies and i so regret it. yours are just beautiful. i don't think the primrose is out here yet but i will have to take a peak at the garden center!!

    everything looks so special, especially your view!!!

  36. Stunning photos. I love getting out too during a warm up. Thanks for linking to Keep In Touch.

  37. So great to 'meet' you from Michelle's Thursday link! I'm especially envious of the bald eagles you are seeing! How wonderful!


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