Friday, February 3, 2017

Sweet Hearts - Five on Friday

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope all of you 
are enjoying this first week of February. 

Or, perhaps, you are just getting through it
 as best you can, like I am :)

This time of year seems to drag on for all of 
us who live in the North, but I have seen 
some subtle signs of spring......

I have a few bulbs popping through the ground
and my camellia's are starting to bud,
although snow is forecast for the weekend. 

Of course February means Valentine's Day
and as I was in my sewing room the other day, 
I started noticing all of the 'hearts' I have in there. 

This delicate beaded heart was one I gifted to myself
from a dear blogger friend's Etsy shop last year;
Flower Ladys Creations

The tiny basket of  hen and chicks
is from my Mother's Limoges collection
that she gave to me right before she passed away.

The little basket opens up to reveal a tiny egg.

My Father had given them to her as gifts 
the last few years of their lives.  

I keep it on a shelf with some dried roses 
from my daughter's wedding
and the china my daughter's played with as children. 

My sewing room is my two daughter's former bedroom. 

My sweet Sis-in-law sent me the framed print. 
I keep my vintage patterns in the picket fence basket. 

The shelf has hearts cut into it. This has been here 
since my daughter's shared the room. 
There are two of these little shelves, 
made by Ramblin' Man. 

Hanging underneath is a garland made from 
an old quilt of my Mother's, giving it new life. 

This heart sachet was also made from
 an old thrifted quilt. I added the heart button
and embroidery. 

Sneaking downstairs for a bit, 
another old quilt garland graces 
'Maggie's' bed :)

I like to wonder where the fabrics may have come from. 
A child's dress? A Grandmother's blouse? 
They are so faded, soft and worn. 

My collection of ceramic heart boxes rests
on a sweet, gifted tiered server and hold 
tiny sewing supplies, such as buttons, snaps, etc. 

I collected these over time, and some were gifts. 

This one is a favorite. 

A sweet cupboard that my son made
in 'shop' class 
holds heart photo frames, among 
other treasures. 

The frames hold photos of Ramblin' Man as a baby
and on the beach during the last visit to see his Father. 
A favorite photo of my children reminds 
me of precious childhood days. 

I lined the cupboard with wallpaper leftover 
from my daughter's nursery as a baby. 

I remember that day when I took this photo. The wind was strong
but it was warm and clear on that Florida beach.
I collected shells as he and his Father
sat talking in chairs on the sand
until the sun went down.
It was a good day - a good visit.   
I still have that bucket of shells that I  
brought home on the 6 hour plane ride.
Someday I will use them to decorate some 
little boxes and frames to commemorate that special day. 

A cascade of hearts made by my Mom
hangs in the window. 

The ceramic sign says, "Dogs have owners, 
Cats have slaves". 

How true is that?

Sweet little tokens of love <3 

I love spending time in this special room, 
tucked away, surrounded by sentimental treasures. 

Here I can forget the cares of the world 
while I quietly sew, 
listening to the echoes of time 
and the busy hum of my sewing machine. 


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  1. My goodness you do have a lot of hearts, suits me as I am really drawn to hearts myself. Particularly love your quilted hearts at the end of the bed. My post today is about hearts also, something in the air perhaps?

  2. Well Happy Valentines to you. My Daughter was born a few days before, and we always celebrate, early. I can't get over how organized you are. Stay warm my dear, I have been painting just posted a few of new oil paintings , drop over sometime. yvonne

  3. What a joy to visit today. You have such a beautiful room to sit and sew surrounded by such beautiful trinkets. I loved your hearts made by your Mom such a beautiful treasure.

  4. Your whole house is filled with love for the season!!
    I bet that basket with hidden egg is treasured by you...forever.

    Love the kitty on the bed.

  5. So organized too Karen!
    Lovely memories...sweet hearts...
    Winter is dragging here as well...but Spring is just around the corner.
    Have a great weekend...
    Linda :o)

  6. Such a lovely post.
    I do like your ceramic heart boxes. I just have one, but it's very special given to me by one of my sons.

    It is so nice to have a home filled with special things that constantly remind us of our loved ones and special memories.

    Wishing you a Happy Friday and a good weekend ahead

    All the best Jan

  7. Love your LOVE post! You have a wonderful collection of hearts and special memories. You have a very special room to relax in and sew. Happy Friday!

  8. I love the quilted heart garland. I cut up an old quilt a couple of years ago and I'm always looking for ways to use it. Happy weekend my friend! Hugs, Diane

  9. Such a charming room in which to craft!! so much eye candy that warned my heart!! Love all your reproduction Chimney flutes. I a
    have a few myself!!

  10. You have a wonderful space to draw away from the world and create! Love the little treasures that you have kept close to you. The shelf your son created is so nice with the wallpaper backing...makes me wish I had kept some of my own daughter's wallpaper when she was a baby with pink roses and yellow stripes. Your hearts are very sweet and hold special memories. I too have an old patchwork quilt made by my grandmother and have yet to cut it up. It's too worn to use as a quilt with the batting completely bare in places. I like the idea of making the heart garlands and will keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing your special creative space Karen. Enjoy your weekend,
    Wendy xox

  11. Dear Karen, so many wonderful hearts you show us here, thank you!
    HAve a lovely weekend,my dear friend!
    Sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  12. Time just stands still when I read posts like this Karen. I'm transported to your cozy home and I can just hear your sewing machine buzz along as I pet a kitty or sweet doggy and sip tea. I would listen to your share stories and memories as I swear I could read what you share all day. ;)

    Love all of your sweet little hearts. Such a beautiful little symbol - but that means so much and can bring back such memories.

    Blessings on your weekend. xoxo

  13. What a wonderful collection of hearts you have and they are so nicely displayed in your lovely crafting room. It's a peaceful place filled with love.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  14. Lovely five and sweet hearts to share. Reminds me to go up into the attic and get my Valentine day decor out. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  15. What a lovely display of hearts and mementos from your life :-) Looks like a great place to relax and unwind and think of good times. Thank you for sharing with us. Have a wonderful weekend!


  16. So many beautiful touches for Valentines day! I love the way you have pretty decorations throughout your home!

  17. Dearest Karen,
    Indeed very sweet and nostalgic pieces with a lot of heart in form and even more so by emotion.
    Yes, winter season can drag along but it is also a time for organizing and for finishing and preparing projects.
    We are having some cloudy days too but the Japanese Magnolia started blooming on Mom's 2nd anniversary in heaven, on January 27th. So that is unusual and very much welcomed!
    Sending you hugs,

  18. Such pretty stuff. I love the hearts. Thank you for coming over to visit at my blog and leaving comments. Keep up the great work.

  19. Hello Karen, oh I just love all of your hearts! I hope all is well with you. Enjoy the weekend.

  20. You have some lovely things in the sewing room.

  21. Your sewing room is brimming with lovely sentimental hearts, filled with treasured memories, Karen. Your son's shelf is amazing; how clever he was/is. I love all those little hearts made from old quilts; how precious. What a gorgeous room to hide away in and enjoy some stitching time and beautiful memories.

  22. Hello dear sweet friend.. I look forward when I get a chance to drop in and see what you are sharing today.. It;s all so lovely - I once had a heart box don't know where is went..what happened to it -- it's a puzzle even today! It's been a cold cold LONG winter for me..can't wait for spring...hugs

  23. love the hearts made from the old quilts, such a wonderful idea. As you talk of your sewing room it makes me want to be a better craftsperson. Must get my act together first and finish purging all un-needed projects that I just have to admit I will never finish.

  24. So many hearts, aren't they beautiful. I must have a good look round to see if I've got any, I'm not sure I have. I must make some. 😊

  25. A home full of love I think. Plenty to banish away the drears of winter :) B x

  26. Your sewing room looks so restful , a perfect place to contemplate life while sewing.I especially like how most of what you've displayed there really is sentimental. A heartfelt post !

  27. How special that you have a space to work in where you can collect your memories together in one space. Happy ones and ones that have bittersweet memories attached because the person is no longer here...but there with you by virtue of having held and loved something that you now have. (did that make any think you know what I mean.
    I love the windblown picture of your son. I can almost hear the ocean behind him.
    I hope you have a sweet, blessed weekend. Thanks for sharing your sweet space here with all of us. xo Diana

  28. So pretty & romantic! Your crazy quilt hearts are adorable. Happy Valentine's!

  29. I enjoyed seeing the wide variety of hearts and sentimental decor you have in your home. You didn't mention this, but the box with the cubbies for your thread spools is very attractive.

  30. You have found a lot of hearts about your place - I could probably find a couple here, if I look hard enough. I am in my last week in Australia, next weekend I join Mr Wren in Bangkok and our first week together we can celebrate valentines day - I will remind him!!!!!
    Have a happy week
    Wren x

  31. What fun to take a peek at your happy place, dear Karen, which is filled with so many sentimental treasures and reminders of those who are dear to you. ❤️

  32. Karen, your sewing room is delightful. I enjoyed looking at all the goodies in there. The hen and chicks is such a treasure from your mother. I love these trinket boxes, and just gave Jess a Pink macaron that I saw while shopping one day. The framed print 'sewing mends the soul' is so sweet, and my sister would love that, as she sews quilts and various things. I love how you put the ceramic heart boxes on a tiered server. What a collection you have! And the cupboard your son made in shop class.....Karen, that is a treasure. He did a great job on that, and it is something that you will keep forever.

    Love your Five on Friday posts, my dear. They always make me smile. Have a restful weekend.


  33. You have hearts a'plenty! And most seem to be treasured momentos- and that makes it even sweeter.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  34. I love your sewing room, so many beautiful treasures and memories.

  35. Such a special room. Hearts are certainly appropriate here because I can see that the room is filled with love.

  36. You have some beautiful hearts, not as beautiful as your own heart though! I hope that the rest of February will be kind to you and that March will bring great things your way. Hugs!

  37. Karen, Such sweet heart memories and decor. I've not done much for Valentine's Day this year. I did copy down the directions you shared of the crocheted red heart. I hope to start it tomorrow! ♥

  38. A very sweet collection of hearts, and wonderful memories, the perfect combinations for a creative room, loving all the rose items too!

  39. You keep the gifts in good condition with sweet memories. I think the gifters are very happy.

  40. Dear Karen, what a beautiful post sharing your heart collection. So many special memories to go along with the beauty that surrounds you. How wonderful to sew in your creative space filled with heartfull pretties. I love hearts too and enjoy collecting anything related. You are an inspiration and share your heart in ever post.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Blessings for a beautiful Sunday! xo

  41. you do have a lot of beautiful, "vintage" treasures. i have tossed so much - i just can't keep up with the cleaning and dusting but i miss much of it. the sewing room is so pretty, beautifully decorated - and how nice to be spending time in such a special room. imagine the conversations that were shared in this room, giggles and tears - how wonderful to be sewing there now!!!!

  42. Such wonderful and sweet hearts, dear Karen.
    My favourite is however the little basket of hen and chicks and its heart-warming and touching story.
    Wishing you a happy new week! xx

  43. Karen, your sewing room is so full of sweet treasures. I can see why it is a delight for you to spend time there. I especially like the pretty heart garland. What a nice decoration for a bedroom, I hope you are having a good weekend.

  44. I love how you have all of your sentimental treasures in one room. So many sweet things to spend time with!

  45. i truly love the way you express your love for life and love itself friend!
    how blessed and wonderful artist you are.
    amazing lovely things to cheer and celebrate the love day here!


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