Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cupcakes for Valentine's Day

Hello, my Friends, I hope that you had a 
very nice weekend, with time to do 
a few things that you love. 
I was fortunate to spend time with both of 
my little grandsons - my sweet little Valentine's <3


The sun was shining so beautifully
in my kitchen this morning, 
inspiring me to do some baking. 

There's something about a sunny kitchen
that makes my heart sing! 

I wanted to bake something sweet for 
Ramblin' Man's Valentine's Day, 
and of course it had to be cupcakes! 

My dear daughter, Heather gifted me with 
the sweet mixing bowl and spoon on Christmas. 

The mixing spoon says, ' Live, laugh...and lick the spoon!' 

The bowl and spoon are from 'The Pioneer Woman's' 
cooking line. 

All ready for the oven......

While they cook, I whip up some pink frosting 
and set out the sweet decorations in my re-decorated
heart box. 

All done - the kitchen smells so good......

While they cool, let's look at some 

I made the Valentine with the gold heart. 

I love the Tennyson quote.

I also made the red heart doily Valentine. 

A favorite <3

I crocheted these little hearts 
many years ago when my first child,
Heather, was a baby. 

Let's decorate the cupcakes! 

For Ramblin' Man. 
The 'hearts' are cherry flavored gummy hearts. 

Tiny cupcakes for me :)
I'm trying to watch my waistline....
The key word is 'trying'  :)

Let's put on the tea-kettle and have one! 

While the kettle heats, we'll look at a few more Valentines. 

I remember, as a child in school, we
brought a tissue box from home and decorated it 
with crepe paper and pink and red hearts,
so we could receive sweet Valentines
like these, from our classmates.

In those days we weren't required to give one
to everyone in the class.

I was very shy and only received a few,
but those precious few were that much
more appreciated.

When I was 14, I met my future husband
(little did I know......:)
in my first year of high-school,
and the first Valentine he gave me was
a gold bracelet with my name engraved
on it and a tiny dangling heart.

He saved for it by doing 'odd-jobs'.

Here it is, a little worn and
scratched, but still very much treasured.

I knew then, that he was a 'keeper'.

Oh, I hear the tea-kettle whistling! 

Let's sit down for tea and a cupcake! 

I just found this darling tea-cozy at Rose Petal Blessings
one of my favorite Etsy shops. 

Stephanie, from the blog, 'The Enchanting Rose', 
sews and crafts the sweetest things. 

Do you take cream? 

My dear friend Pat, from the blog, 'Lilly My Cat',
crocheted me these precious little tea coasters. 

Thank you, my friend.

Pat does exquisite needlework and takes
us on wonderful travels via her beautiful blog. 

Let's take a few moments to browse through my latest
issue of 'Romantic Homes' magazine.

This lovely article about botanical illustrations caught my eye. 

It's getting late in the day and I had better 
clean up and start dinner. 

Ramblin' Man will be home soon. 
I've planned his favorite meal;
 Sweet and Sour chicken with rice. 

And cupcakes for dessert :) 

I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day, 
sweet friends. 


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  1. Beautiful post! I like the bowl, spatula and measuring spoons. Your daughter chooses well. The wire frame is so cute and the cards are marvelous! Love those old fashioned Valentine's card. Yummy cupcakes!! You done a great job!

  2. You must have seen me eying off that mixing bowl and spoon since you told me about it just as I'd been wondering lol! Really enjoyed stopping by for a cuppa and cake xo

  3. Hope you have a wonderful time sharing your cupcakes!

  4. Karen, so much eye candy here. Just love the mixing bowl, so cute. All your Valentines are beautiful. Yummy enjoy your cupcakes and special day!

  5. Lindas as imagens.
    Adorei conhecer seu blog

  6. That is a precious valentine that your husband gave you all those years ago. I love it!

  7. OH those cupcakes look delish!
    Enjoy your evening Karen!
    Linda :o)

  8. Karen, I am living/eating vicariously through your blog. Your cupcakes look so delicious. My new oven arrives tomorrow! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

  9. Dear Karen ... What a "sweet" posting. Your kitchen is so charming. It all looks so warm and cosy. Such sweet treats to enjoy with a cup of tea. Happy Valentine's Evening to you. Warmest Hugs ♥ Teri

  10. What a pretty and happy, fun post!

    Everything looks so nice and festive - you did it up right, sweet friend!

    Hope your Valentine's Day was a great one! Hugs! ♥

  11. Dearest Karen,
    You created perfect Valentine's cupcakes! All a labor of love...
    It is the cozy things that create happiness!
    Sending you hugs and wishing you a Happy Valentine.

  12. Dear Karen, my sweet friend,
    this is jsut a perfect Valentines Day! So wonderful and delicious cupcakes you made, so wonderful decorated in your home ... it allways is so wonderful to see, how you celebrate those special days, filled with so much Love!
    The bracelet you became from your dear ramblin Man so many years ago is so beautiful!
    I am sure, you both had a wonderful Valentines Day!
    Sending much Love and hugs and blessings, Claudia xo

  13. You had a wonderful things for this Valentine's day. Love your cupcakes, red color jugs. All looks beautiful:)

  14. What a wonderful post for Valentine's Day!! Love all your pretty decor and those cupcakes look so good!! Thanks so much for your visits!!

  15. Karen, you're cupcakes look delicious and so cute.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you hade a happy St Valentine's Day

  16. Well, it certainly looks to me that you had a most perfect Valentine's Day.

    Lots of favourite food to eat.

    Loved all of your photo's, especially your very special bracelet

    All the best Jan

  17. Such a beautiful post for Valentines day, uplifting. So lovely to have the bracelet from your first Valentines together. Loved the teacosy and coasters.

  18. Hi Karen, that was so sweet of you to bake Valentine's Day cupcakes for your husband. I am sure he really appreciated them!
    I love your pretty mixing bowl! I think it is so much more fun to bake and cook with nice cookware. And I also love your vintage stove. When I was previously reading your blog I was wondering if the stove is just decoration or if you really use it. Now I know! How old is it?
    I also really admire your homemade Valentine cards.
    My husband and I were not celebrating Valentine's Day "excessively", but I stopped working a little earlier than usual and cooked a really nice dinner for us. It was so nice to eat together and chat away!
    Warm regards,

    1. Hi Christina, Thank you for your sweet visit! I love when you stop by! To answer your question - my stove is a 1961 Hotpoint. We found it years ago through an ad in the newspaper. We drove to Seattle to pick it up, thinking there would be someone to help us load it, but what we found was a young, single gal who 'wanted it out of her kitchen'! The only information we could find on it was that a little old lady used to live in the house and that she rarely cooked. So Ramblin' Man and I moved it ourselves with the help of a trusty 'hand-truck' and a plank ramp to load it in the back of our little pick-up truck. We've only had to replace the oven element twice in the almost 20 years we've had it. I love my vintage stove <3
      xx Karen

  19. What a sweet post, filled with much love and good things to eat.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  20. Your cupcakes look Yummy, Karen. The mixing bowl was a nice gift from Heather. Love the polka dots. : ) The silver bracelet from husband is a treasure, indeed. And the Valentines you made are so cute. Weren't those Valentine's that we gave our classmates sweet? I'll tell you a little secret.....I still send my kids those vintage Valentine's every year, even though they are in their 30's haha. The decorated tissue box is a good idea to put all your Valentine's in as a kid. Your kitchen is so charming, and I can smell your cupcakes from here.

    I hope you had a splendid Valentine's Day, Karen.


    1. Oh Karen, I just wanted to tell you that Jess lives not too far away, so I see her often, and my son lives in the same town; it's just Nel who lives in Georgia right now. She got a job offer that she couldn't pass up. But it will just be for a year or so, and then she's back to Calif. I miss her. I always wanted to be close to where my kids lived when they started a family, or at least in the same state. :) I'm sure you feel the same way. :) Have a lovely Wednesday.

  21. I love your new bowl and spoon and the tea cozy from Stephanie is adorable! I just love her beautiful hand made things. Cupcakes are the one thing I don't bake and I am not sure why. Yours look wonderful!

  22. I also met my husband when I was 15 and he was 16. Every month afterwards he would give me a small present. A stuffed animal, flower etc. On our first valentine Day he gave me a little silver two heart charm that said You&Me and a almond joy bar, my favorite candy bar. He turned out to be a keeper too. We got married 3 years after we met and that was 45 years ago. I love your blog!

    1. Hi Shery - I love your sweet story! I think that we are kindred spirits, for sure! Thank you for stopping by for a visit and I hope you visit again, soon! xo Karen

  23. Hello Karen, I love your Valentine's Day decorations and of course the cupcakes! I hope you have a love time celebrating. Thanks for sharing at C&C with J&J. Enjoy the week.

  24. What a lovely post! But now I am craving something pink and sweet!! Love the bowl your daughter gifted you, and that darling tea cozy from Stephanie. And how I love vintage Valentines! You have displayed them so beautifully. And what a sweet, sweet gift from your husband-to-be so many years ago. To think of him working to save up money for it is just the sweetest thing! xo Deborah

  25. What a love-filled post, Karen, and best of all you were able to see your grandsons. Your bowl and spatula are darling, and so is the tea cozy from Stephanie, and the adorable coasters from Pat. I'll bet Ramblin' Man loved his special meal. I probably told you this before, but my late Beloved and I met when we were 14, also. Such sweet memories of young love!

  26. Such a very sweet post, I love your mixing bowl and the quote on the mixing spoon is cute :) Wow you have a fantastic collection of Valentines, next year I should get all mine out and display them I think that is a fantastic idea, and read the old ones. You two met early on, I thought meeting my hubby in our sophomore year of High school was early :) How great to still have the bracelet he gave you, mine gave me earrings. Stephanie does beautiful work doesn't she and the coaster is so sweet too. I am sure your hubby enjoyed his valentine dinner and dessert!

  27. Happy belated Valentie's dearest Karen! I'm playing catch up, but still didn't want to miss the fun. And you've sure been baking up lots! ;) Those cupcakes look too pretty to eat! I love PW's stuff and I'm coveting that bowl!

    I love all of your pretty touches in your home - especially the vintage Valentine's. I love vintage so much.

    And I especially loved when you shared your bracelet. When my Hubby and I were first dating (at age 16) - he got me an "ID bracelet" (what we called them then) just like that. It had my name on the front and "Love always, Ad" on the back. Aahhhh swoon!! Such memories. Lol

    I love talented Etsy folks and I that you give the business just like I do. One of my favorite places to shop. ;)

    Off to catch up on your latest post. Blessings. xoxo

  28. It's so sweet your sweetheart saved money to gift you this bracelet. I'm sure you treasure it more than some expensive gifts and wathcing at it must bring back so many memories!


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