Thursday, February 9, 2017

In Deep

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope you are having
a good week as we travel in time towards spring. 

Today I would like to share with you five things 
I am grateful for. 

As I was writing my previous post last Sunday night, 
storm clouds were moving in. 
You can see Mt. Rainier below the clouds. 

Little did we know what we would wake up to.......

This was my first view as I got out of bed
and opened my bedroom curtains! 

So much snow! 

During the day it continued to snow, off and on. 

 I was so grateful for my warm 
and cozy home! 

My tables looked like big coconut cakes 
on pedestals! 

You can see one of the hummingbird feeders nearly
buried on the railing. 

The first thing I did was put on my boots
and heavy coat and make sure all the feeders 
were thawed out and free of snow. 

Whitey Bear came out to help me.....

He loves the snow! 

Of course, he IS an American Eskimo dog! 

All the trees were heavy with snow with large branches 
hanging down. The snow wasn't as deep underneath them, 
so I only had to kick away the snow by the gate. 

I didn't recognize my front yard! 

 This tree is about 150 ft. tall
rising over the woodlands. 

The bird feeder is here, so I make my way......

Whitey Bear leads the way - plowing a trail to the bird feeder. 

The birds were waiting.......

This bald eagle was hungry, too! 

So were my beloved hummingbirds.....

I am so grateful for the joy that these little darlings 
bring to me. This variety, Anna's live year-round here in Western WA.
(We usually have very mild winters here.)

Whitey Bear and Kai enjoy playing in the snow! 

I am truly grateful for these two faithful companions
who protect me and make me smile every day. 

You can barely see Kai down by the trees. 
The snow was deeper than he is tall. 
He was leaping like a gazelle through 
the snow. 

Our little drainage stream wanders through the underbrush. 

It was just above freezing, so the water was flowing. 

Ramblin' Man's tool shed nestled in the snow. 

Time to go back inside. 

There's snow in my boots and 
a big hunk of snow fell on my head! 

Since I was already outside, I shake the snow 
off my lilac tree before going inside. 
It was bent almost to the ground. The snow is 
littered with branches. 
You can see my pink gloves :)

This is what it looked like! 

All my shrubs were bent down or buried
and there are many broken branches everywhere. 
I'll have lots of clean-up when the snow melts. 

Back inside, looking out at where I was. 

I am glad that the lilac is not damaged too much.

We were stranded here until last night (Wednesday)
when Ramblin' Man finally got enough shoveling done 
to clear around the truck and free the gate 
at the top of the driveway. 

The dogs and I watched as he put the truck in 
4 wheel drive and drove through the snow to 
go downtown for the mail and some supplies. 

You can see Whitey Bear in the tracks. 

I am so grateful for my Ramblin' Man who 
works so hard to provide for me, 
and who does all those 'manly' things 
like shovel snow, chop and bring in wood, 
 repair endless things that go wrong, 
and through it all, always makes me laugh :)

My daughter, Heather sent me this photo
of her and my little grandson, Gavin
playing in the snow. 
They are all settled in to their new home
 only 10 minutes from here. 

Of course, we are thrilled to have them so close :) 

Here's a photo of my other little grandson, Ethan, 
playing in the snow. 

I am so very grateful for these sweet little 
grandchildren who fill our lives with so 
much love . 

The hills looked beautiful covered in snow, 
with a slight pink tinge from the setting sun. 

Here is the view today. Overnight the temperatures 
warmed up considerably and it has started to rain. 

We've even had some thunder! 

Raindrops on my lens as the snow melts off the roof. 

Temperatures are now in the 50's and most of the snow is melted. 
My pansies and primroses survived the snow
 and are miraculously still blooming! 

The creek in the little valley below us is roaring with run-off. 

Ramblin' Man has gone back to work and I am enjoying 
a quiet day, listening to the rain on the roof and 
counting my blessings. 

I hope you have had a week full of blessings, too, my friends. 


Today I am joining with:

It's a Small Town Life - Thankful Thursday
Love Made My Home - Five on Friday

Won't you join the fun?


  1. Oh my, I have enjoyed visiting here so much. You did have a lot of snow. It is always nice to count our blessings. I also wanted to mention how much I loved your Valentine posting. Your home is so pretty and so welcoming. Sweetest blessings for your evening. Stay warm and cosy. Hugs ♥ Teri

  2. That is a lot of snow, but it is so beautiful! Enjoy it for me! We can't seem to get a flake! lol Thanks for linking up today and have a GREAT weekend!

  3. It must be wonderful to have your grandchildren so close! And that snow! Oh my goodness! The first photo of Whitey Bear and the one after that are just simply enchanting! I also love the one of him in the tracks. We are truly blessed to have men who love us and provide. Have a great weekend!

  4. ...I LOVE snow, but I'm glad that I'm walking barefoot in the sand.

  5. What a beautiful snowfall you received. It looks like your dogs had a wonderful time, they almost blend right in with the snow. It's so nice that your daughter has moved in just down the road, your grandchildren will enjoy lots of time at your place I'm sure. Take care, Kelly.

  6. Wow, you had so much snow! It certainly is beautiful, but hard to be stranded until you can dig out! In Minnesota, we have had a very light snow year!

  7. how exciting to wake up to all of that!! what beautiful pictures! i love the fact that the first thing you did was go check on the bird feeders :)

  8. Karen, your dogs look like they are having the best time in the snow! I just loved ALL THESE PICTURES, especially those sweet hummingbirds. So nice of you to look out for them and care for them. The snow looks so beautiful like a winter wonderland all around your house. What a cute picture of Heather and baby.

    I must come back and see this post again. It was truly heartwarming, Karen.


  9. That is a LOT of snow, Karen, and yes, it looks like a fluffy topping on a cake!! I knew the East coast had a lot of snow but not your area. I so enjoyed your pictures. Those pups were having the time of their lives. I had a Siberian Husky and he loved to take off whenever it snowed!

    I applaud you for keeping those feeders full. I do my best to thaw my bird baths with boiling water but that's the extent. And a hurray for Ramblin' Man for keeping you safe and cozy! :-D

    Jane x

  10. It's certainly been a wild week here in the Pacific North West. You received more snow than we did - WOW! And it's so beautiful. Wonderful photos. I can't believe how warm it got all of a sudden and now the sound of melting snow is everywhere. Have a great weekend, Karen.

  11. Dear Karen, my friend, you really got such a lot of snow ... well, it looks brautiful! and, I love , how Whity Bear and Kai helped you getting through the snow :O)
    Wishing you a wodnerful , warm and cosy weekend, my sweet friend!
    Sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  12. You really did get a lot of snow, making it look like a Winter wonderland although I am sure that is not the reality. We rarely get snow and just as I am typing this we seem to be having a little snow shower, I doubt it will last.

  13. Wonderful photos Karen. The snow looks magical. Days filled with snow have a special feel to them to be savoured. Enjoy. B x

  14. What a lovely post you have much to be grateful for. But my gosh so much snow overnight x Stay warm

  15. OMG the snow is stunning!!!
    THanks for sharing.
    Have a nice weekend

  16. Hello, I am glad you and your family were warm and safe in the snowstorm. Looks like a lot of snow. Your dogs are pretty, they almost blend in with the snow. Cute hummers, I am sure they appreciate the feeders. Gorgeous views and photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  17. What a sweet, lovely post. I especially love the first photo of Whitey Bear. He looks as if he's posing. You should frame that - a great portrait.

  18. Oh my, you really had your moment in winter wonderland! :)

  19. What a lot of snow, beautiful and oh so cold. Glad it didn't last too long and that your Ramblin' Man took care of things. It is wonderful having a husband to do those things.

    Happy Valentine's day to you both ~ FlowerLady

  20. Your snow pictures are so inviting... I just wanted to crawl into the computer and roll around in all that white stuff, maybe make snow angels. So beautiful.

  21. I am another that really, really enjoyed my visit. Such beauty! Even though I tire of winter, snow still thrills me as it does a child.

  22. Well you got way more snow than us here in Seattle. Loved reading your post, seeing your snowy photos and enjoyed your thankfuls. Hurray for daughter and grand living so close. Enjoy the weekend.

  23. Wow- You got a Whole Lotta Snow!!!! I am so tired of snow here...I am always antsy and anxious for spring this time of year.
    The picture of your daughter and Gavin. Darling!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

  24. The snow and your pictures were wonderful and beautiful! Thanks for explaining about the hummingbirds! Whitey Bear and Kai, such angels! Thank you for a soul soothing stroll in your world today!

  25. Nature can be so surprising ...
    All that snow and then it warms up and you now have rain.

    We just have to take these days and do the best we can.

    Lovely to see the photo's of Heather with your little grandson, Gavin and a great picture of Ethan too.

    Happy Weekend

    All the best Jan

  26. Such a lot of snow! It's always good to take the time to count our blessings. I too have a wonderful husband who takes good care of me and a daughter, who though is far away, who makes me smile every day.

  27. Wonderful snowy scenes! I love your white dogs in the white snow!

  28. how amazing what mother nature can do - and look after!! so much snow and still she keeps the flowers blooming!! we only got a few inches and it is just about gone!!

    you are brave to go out and explore in all that snow, i always do but after a few inches i stay indoors. your images are so beautiful!!!!

  29. What beautiful winter scenery...I love the snow and we've had so little this year...I would be out playing in it just like Whitey Bear. Our Ginger loves the snow too...she hates hot weather so. But a day like this is also good to stay inside and do the things we love.

  30. Wow, oh, wow! I can't believe it snowed that much in your neck of the woods. Amazing pictures. Your family is so adorable and your husband sounds like a wonderful man. You are blessed, indeed.

  31. Oh my goodness...all that snow!! Ethan are Gavin are adorable, Karen. I know how much you appreciate your Ramblin' Man. Happy weekend to you! xx

  32. OMG!!!! totally covered with snow.. the puppies are enjoying a lot.. XOXO..

    Please visit:

  33. Holy SNOW batman!! Lol! You guys had more than we do for a while there!! That's crazy and then so mild and gone so fast. I'm so happy your flowers survived all of that - resilient little darlings. Whitey Bear and Kai looked like they were in heaven and having lots of fun with it!! ;)
    You're so good to your creatures of the woods - love the hummingbirds too.

    Your grandkiddos are getting so big and they're so adorable. I've got cabin fever already. ::sigh:: I'm praying it's an early Spring this year.

    Blessings Sweetie!! xoxo

  34. Your family is so adorable!!! [and Whitey Bear too!]
    My goodness...look at all that snow. It looks very heavy on those vulnerable plants/trees/bushes.

    And that's definitely a first....I've never in my life seen a hummingbird in the snow like this. Wow.

  35. So much snow The pictures of your white dogs in the snow are adorable!

  36. Your white world looks beautiful. We don't get any snow around here so I'm a little envious but at the same time it looks like a lot of work and very very cold :-)

  37. Wow you did get hit with a lot of snow, that is amazing and that your flowers and the hummingbirds made it through is great too! I can't wait for ours to make their way back. We have had just a couple of dustings here this year which is unusual. It is so pretty to look at but I don't mind that I didn't have to deal with it. Your grandbabies are too cute in their snow gear, so glad you can have the kids so close!

  38. Oh my goodness... those snowy pictures are amazing! They are all so good - I almost feel like I'm right there in them. Makes me want to throw a snow ball, but brrrr, it looks so cold!

    I do love how the chilly weather always makes our fur-babies so frisky! Their fur must be amazingly protective from the bitter cold!

    Thank you for visiting my site and leaving such a sweet comment! I love your blog, too! (by the way, I'm also a new follower here!)

    God's Blessings to You & Yours!!! Keep Warm!!! Net :)

  39. Dearest Karen,
    Wow, what a different world such a load of snow does make.
    Of course, Whitey Bear and Kai are in their natural habitat and enjoy it but for humans to exist is a bit different.
    If we are kind of trapped and cannot use the car to get out, it is not easy.
    Makes one ponder about any elderly lady on her own; that would be nearly impossible to fight the elements...
    Admiring those Anna hummingbirds! They now fully rely on humans for help.
    Cute photos from your grandchildren in the snow; they enjoy it so much.
    Sending you hugs and blessings,

  40. Oh my - a lot of snow!!!! Great photos and the dogs had so fun. Wishing you Happy Valentine's Day!

  41. Zo hé! I love all your snow photos. Very nice.

  42. That is an unusual amount of snow! Our grandson just relocated to the area north of Seattle and had to miss his first day of work because of the snow. Those hummingbirds appreciate your help under these conditions!


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