Friday, February 17, 2017

Applique' and Crochet - Five on Friday

Hello, Dear Friends, I hope that you are 
having a good Friday and looking forward
to the weekend ahead. 

I have lunch and an antiquing day 
planned on Saturday with a dear friend. 
I will be keeping my eyes open for 
all things 'Green' for St. Patrick's Day,
coming up. You know how I like to 
re-decorate my kitchen for the holidays :) 
Any holiday will do! 

An Irish holiday is a favorite, 
as both my Grandfather, and Ramblin' Man's 
came from Ireland. 

The same county, too - County Cork
We might be distant cousins......haha! 

Click on the link and you can read more about
this beautiful place. 

As you can see from my photo above, I have replaced
my glass 'coffee table' with a padded 
storage chest because of the Grand-babies. 

Ethan - 22 mos. 

Gavin - 3 mos.

That would be these two.....

Walking toddlers and glass tables do not co-exist
easily. I have filled the chest with toys :) 

You can also see the ever-present dog bed on the floor.....

And that would be for these two - the top photo 
is Kai  and the other is Whitey Bear. 
Are they on the dog bed? 
Or any dog bed? We have 3! 
No - they would rather fill my carpets with dog hair. 

They like to attack the vacuum cleaner, 
so are always giving me reasons to get it out :)

That's about the only exercise they get these days.
They are getting quite portly. 
We all need to go on a diet..... 

So let's get on with my Five on Friday

The first thing I want to show you is this 
applique' wall-hanging I made a few years ago. 

It's been folded and stored away because 
I can't seem to find a place that I like to hang it.

You can see the crease I didn't get out when I ironed it. Ooops. 

So disregarding the crease.....I have hung it 
here for now. I am thinking it might make a good pillow. 
What do you think? 
Maybe with a new border in soft green. 
Then I can put it on my green sofa. 
Or use it for my 'Irish' decorating. 
Hey, these might be Irish birds :)

A couple of 'love birds', one holds a key
to the other one's heart. 

The second applique' to show you is this 
basket of berries I made years ago.
 I had fun making this one - finding 
all the fabrics and stitching it together. 
I haunted fabric stores and thrift shops 
for snippets of fabrics in the 'discount' bin
or old clothes that I could cut up. 

I made two of these - one for my Dear Mum, 
and one for me. 

This was my inspiration......
The title page for this book....

When I was a young Mother,
trying to make ends meet, 
I would create dozens of these little applique'
stitchery's to sell at a country shop 
in the next town. 

Chickens were a favorite, but I made cows, sheep, 
pigs, ducks - you name it. This is a farming community
and they were very popular. 

This one never sold, so I kept it. 
It is actually one of my favorites. 

A kite flying over a late fall hillside. 

It hangs in my laundry-room. 

This was the inspiration in the book. 

This is another one that never sold. 

It is a little odd :) haha! 

It's supposed to be plants in a window
with the moon rising. 

This was the inspiration. 
Somehow it didn't 'translate'....

It is a conversation starter, though! 

Crafting styles come and go........ 
I have always been drawn to the 'Primitive' style
of the American pioneers. 

I love reading books about these adventurous 
founders of our country, especially the women, who threw caution 
to the wind to settle in unknown territory, 
traveling hundreds, if not thousands of miles
over wilderness with the bare essentials, 
in their quest for independence and their own land. 

I can relate.......

Fabric was a sacred commodity and every little snippet 
was saved to make quilts and other essentials. 
The creativity and desire to embellish even 
the smallest things is endlessly inspiring to me. 

The fifth and last item I would like to show you
is this little sweater that I made for Gavin at Christmas. 

This is a very easy pattern that I have used 
for the third time now. (The other two were for Ethan). 

I used this yarn. 
It's acrylic and so very soft. 
Most importantly, it is washable! 

It is made entirely in half-double crochet. 

It was one of those free patterns that you find
in the yarn section of the craft store :)

Here is the pattern in case you would like to make one. 
I may have smeared a little chocolate on it :) 

It's still a little large for Gavin, but when he fits into it, 
I will share the photo with you :) 

Well, that is my Five on Friday!

I want to thank-you for your dear visits and comments
to my humble blog. I love getting to know you a little
more each time you visit and sharing in your thoughts
and lives. We truly are 'Kindred Spirits'!

I hope that you have a lovely weekend, Dear Friends! 


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  1. What beautiful things you have shared. I can quite see that Ethan and Gavin will be in the dogs' beds soon! I like your first applique, perhaps the crease will drop out now it is hanging up. The plant one looks like cups with toothbrushes in to me, ha ha. Have a good weekend. 😊

    1. My kids thought the same thing! How funny! Thanks for stopping by xo Karen

  2. I really really love those patchwork applique pieces you have made! And what a cute little sweater!
    Enjoy your Saturday antiquing!

  3. Hi Karen, I so enjoyed visiting you tonight for Five on Friday. Your sweet grands are adorable. Your appliques are incredible. Love them all and the sweater you crocheted is precious. My grandfather was from Dublin and I am Irish too from my dad's side. We hope to visit one day. Have fun with your friend Saturday. I hope you find some special treasures. Give your two fur babies a puppy hug from me. The are adorable.
    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment.
    Blessings always xo

  4. Oh-I love those applique pieces. I did several years ago ad either sold them or gave them as gifts...but haven't done one in years. I did several house/hill/tree scenes as wall hangings, too.
    Love that sweater--the color and the pattern. So very cute. One of these days I will learn to do that! ha...maybe.....
    What animal EVER lays on the bed that belongs to them? None that I know

    Hope you have a blessed weekend-I loved your Five on Friday. xo Diana

  5. My great great grandfather Michael Finn was from Ireland and one of my Kennedy great grandfathers was too, not sure which part. Love the appliques. What a pretty sweater.

  6. I came over from Christine, and her Five.
    I loved your little quilts, and I checked for the patchwork book.
    My library can get it for mr on loan, and I should have it soon.
    I love primitive little touches, and have been thinking on making a few quite awhile.
    I have thought I might turn a small profit if I offered them at the local farmer's market.
    It would go to some upkeep around my old place, if it ever comes to fruition.
    I like reusing old clothes of ours for my crafting.
    Thank you for a lovely post.
    I will come visit again, I'm sure.

  7. That little sweater came out so cute and is something even I might attempt to make! Love seeing all the pretty handmade things. I'm going to a craft sale tomorrow and hope they have some pretty things. Happy weekend! Hugs!

  8. Karen, the bluebird wall hanging is sweet. I didn't know you liked country décor. I used to have country décor in my kitchen many years ago in our first house. The kite stitchery you did caught my eye because I used to fly kites with my son when he was little. Oh, isn't the Pioneer days so interesting? The women back then were brave and had to overcome many challenges, very inspiring women. The little sweater for Gavin is darling, you did a great job on it.

    Your 'Five on Friday' posts are heartwarming, Karen. Have a wonderful time looking for antiques tomorrow.


  9. Ahh, I really enjoyed seeing those sweet shots of your grands. Too cute. I guess I'll finally have to think about baby proofing our home since we are expecting our first grandchild soon. Hope you have a good weekend.

  10. Lovely lot of makes. Your home looks very comfy. Beautiful photos of your grandchildren. Have a great weekend!

    Happy Five on Friday

  11. I love the lovebirds with a lock and a key. I wish I had a way to translate the idea into anniversary cards. Maybe I'll give it a try. I have lots of married friends, and I think anniversaries are worthy of at least a card.

    Your grandbabies are absolutely precious.

  12. I think I'm in the same boat as you, Karen, with the glass table. Ours is just 3 years old and I do like it. Yet whenever 2 year old Elsie comes over, we cover it with a few throws. When my son's dog comes and runs round like a maniac, I'm sure he's going to be decapitated! With 3 babies and another on the way, I know I have to say goodbye to this table. I'm thinking an ottoman. Maybe.

    I think your appliqués are fantastic...they look fun to do as well. I don't know why I never saw patterns in craft stores. Are these hand sewn? I love the first one and I would definitely have it made into a pillow or perhaps a sort of table runner or centerpiece?

    Great post---always love my visits!

    Jane x

    1. Hi Jane, yes, I was sad to see my pretty French table go into storage, but I had the same visions of catastrophe! I will keep looking for something safer and made of solid wood, in the meantime. To answer your question - yes, these are hand-sewn. I just made a pattern drawing and cut the fabric accordingly following the inspiration in the book. I love the idea of a table runner. Thanks for the tip! xx Karen

  13. You have inspired me with all your beautiful appliqués. Wonderful. I have a cupboard full of material scraps so I should get busy. Love the jumper too and of course your two gorgeous grandsons. Have a lovely weekend. B x

  14. you just amazed me with you AMAZING and WONDERFUL appliques !!!
    i learned from my late mom knitting ,needle work and sewing but this one sounds new for me and i am feeling happy to know about it.
    i am going to definitely try for it .
    you grand children are precious may God bless them with long healhty life,amen.
    your wooden house looks so appealing and setting is really nice and elegant!
    thank you for glimpse of you lovely world dear friend!

  15. Hope you have a fun day out with your friend, I love to go antiquing. Beautiful photo of your two Grandsons, such a joy they are. Your applique pieces are a delight and inspirational, I have a couple of books that I would like to revisit once we are settled. Take care.

  16. What a great jumper, will bear that in mind if I have the need for making a baby jumper, I love it

  17. your home is the most comfy i peak in on - always so warm and inviting. i like the bird appliqué hanging but i'm sure it would make a beautiful pillow as well. did you steam the crease? maybe hanging in temporally in the bathroom for a week or so. the steam from the shower may pull it out. it is so pretty!!

    your grands are adorable, really sweet. i have never seen a sweater created in that way. when we knit them, they knit in one piece. it is a winner, i really love the yarn!!

  18. What a fun post! I bet the dogs will be interested in their beds once the grandkids find them ... Ha! I really enjoyed seeing your applique. I've always liked and old fashioned or primitive style. Fun! Cute sweater (love the yarn and free patterns)!!!!! Have a lovely week.

  19. Great post about your lovely home, family and the creations you make. I thought that the one of plants in the three vases was toothbrushes instead of plants. :-)

    I am working on several projects at once, crocheting, beading and embroidery.

    Have a fun weekend ~ FlowerLady

  20. I think Ethan and Gavin are blessed in having such a talented grandmother. x

  21. Hello Karen. Your home is looking very welcoming. I love your patchwork appliques, such a shame not to have them on display but then again it's nice to take them out from time to time and admire your handywork!
    Loving the crochet sweater, it looks so cosy :)
    Have a fantastic weekend :)x

  22. Hello Karen, you have a very cozy home. The bird wall-hanging is so suitable for spring - the colours are lovely. What a great job you did on the crochet sweater. I'm sure little Gavin will look adorable in it. Oh the things we do to accommodate grandchildren! We don't want them injured in any way on our territory, do we?
    Have a great weekend.

  23. Beatrice, I love primitive too, but don't like hanging them. The idea of turning them into pillows really sounds like a great idea. you've inspired me to get out the sewing basket and maybe try making holiday themed pillow covers in the primitive style. Thanks for stopping by recently. So glad you now have your new little grandson. My daughter tried for years to have a second child after her little girl was stillborn, but they finally gave up when the doctors told her the only hope was expensive options she couldn't afford. She told us all at a Thanksgiving gathering, but when she flew home and came down with a "flu bug" that didn't seem to go away her husband bought a pregnancy test and it was positive. So, like your daughter, the only thing that worked was giving up! Tucker will be 11 next July.

  24. Always lovely to read your posts and see the photo's you share.

    Yes, I agree 'walking toddlers and glass tables do not co-exist
    easily' We too did similar and would always keep a stock of toys handy. I always think it nice to have some different toys to play with when they visit Grandma and Grandad - and they each have their favourites.

    Your craft work looks lovely and I especially like the sweater ... look forward to seeing photo's of Gavin wearing it.

    Enjoy your weekend

    All the best Jan

  25. Love the bird applique! So pretty! Made me smile.

  26. I just love your primitive handmade pieces. They bring me back to my years living in my farmhouse on the lake. I decorated like that and still love the look. You are quite good with your hands!

  27. You are so talented, your crochet and applique pieces! I thought the one piece was toothbrushes, too! Maybe you should hang it in a bathroom! My dogs love to attack the vacuum, too...two old tough lol.

  28. Oh my wore me out! You have been busy and those little ones are just adorable. Your dogs attack the vac, mine runs and hides. Dakota don't like loud noises or sudden noises, you see him walking past the washer when it changes cycles, he can't get those feet moving fast enough! Now.....go get busy on more stuff! lol

  29. Karen, I love those sweet appliques from your early marriage years! The little ones are cute as they can be! And it was a very wise move to take the glass topped coffee table out while they are little. Otherwise coffee tables are perfect for driving trucks and cars on. LOL I had to chuckle at that because I know how it goes!

  30. Your applique' reminds me of a wool applique' bunny by a pail that I started, and never finished, years ago. I have too many unfinished projects, and too many I keep starting! I think the wall hanging would make a lovely pillow. Go for it! I think My Shug and I could be distant cousins too. We both have a little Irish in us and we both had the same last name, before we were married. HOWEVER! His family was from Southern Indiana and mine was from mid-to-north Indiana. Who knows....


  31. Karen, your handiwork is heartwarmingly perfect! Your flowers/moon one surprised me. I thought they were toothbrushes! :-). I don't think that I have any St Patrick Day decor. I hope you find something on your adventure!

  32. Your grand kids are adorable!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  33. Your first bird applique is my favorite, it is so pretty, how fun they all are, love the house scene one too. Your little sweater is so sweet, how fun to make clothes for your beautiful grandbabies.

  34. My sweet friend, your bird wall hanging is just darling! I love the little key hanging from the birds beak :)

    Such a delightful post, dear Karen. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face. Hugs to you!

  35. Lovely post Karen - a trunk is a great coffee table - I keep the bedclothes for my sofa bed in one . I love your appliqué and will be watching out to see your St Patrick's Day kitchen - I'll send you some virtual shamrock :) Co. Cork is beautiful - I live in Co. down and we used to go down to Cork often - due a visit again.

  36. Karen, you are so talented and your attention to your decor especially around the different holidays, always makes me smile! I need to hop across to Ireland again, always a good crack and it would be rude not to have a pint of Guinness!! Have a lovely weekend xx

  37. Dearest Karen,
    Lovely photos, Kai and Whitey Bear lounging around and from your Grandsons and the very lovely sweater you crocheted for the boys.
    You made me laugh about the applique showing a fold in the photo. Isn't it always at the time we work out a blog that photos jump in our face like a magnifier? I had silver that was not polished and to our naked eye, at our age, it still looks okay. But not on the screen when wearing glasses and seeing it blown up.
    Never mind; that's life and I love it!
    Sending you hugs,

  38. Awww - your grandbabies are adorable - and I love the sweater you made! That wall hanging would make an adorable pillow. You're so talented - such beautiful applique!

  39. Thanks, Karen, for hanging with me through all these issues! First of all, those two ADORABLE little ones! What joy little ones are to a family! I always enjoy seeing your decorating of your home...I can't wait to make my new house more my own with my personality. Right now it has many country/hunter's cabin features that HAVE to go! :-) I love Colonial (my first love, but one I haven't pursued), Arts & Crafts and primitives. We have two barnwood walls in our new bedroom that I adore! It's hard, but I want to decorate with both Arts & Crafts and barnwood/farmhouse. Such fun for me for the next few years (along with adding a few dependency buildings in the yard) so we have a lot of joy in our anticipation. In the meantime, we LOVE the house itself, and our little acre+. Being close to the kids is so amazing too. Life is good! I will have a lot to share in the months and years to come!

    Wonderful appliques! How neat you sold them when you were a young mother. I have to start sewing again, but I just have my hands so full right now still unpacking! :-) It will happen though.

    Take care! It is always so good to get a comment from you, and to see a new post. There may be some issues with my computer itself so I have decided to hold off on starting a new blog until I've had a chance to get my computer looked at. Anyway, I'm not giving up! All my best!

  40. Good Afternoon ... such a warm and cosy posting. Your "little ones" are precious. Thank you for sharing. Sweetest blessings for your afternoon and evening. Hugs ♥ Teri

  41. Your wee grandsons are adorable. They must love to come to your house - the dogs, the cosy rooms and the wonderful light dispel our winter gloom. That little pullover is so cute - well done!

  42. Those two little ones just make me smile when I see their darling faces, Karen.
    Your appliqué pieces are so pretty, and yes, I do believe the first one would make a beautiful cute with the "Irish birds"! Love the crocheted sweater that you made, and yes, it looks easy. Thanks for sharing! I finished my several posie dishcloths and a crocheted border on a tea towel. Thanks for the inspiration. They'll be gifts for sending!

  43. When our grandson was about 2, he hit his head on our cocktail table which was iron and glass. Ouch! He ended up needing stitches. Another time he had a seizure from a fever. We were starting to wonder if the hospital workers thought we were abusive!

    Your grandsons always make me smile. I imagine it takes a lot of restraint not to eat them up!

  44. I so enjoyed seeing your sweet little "prims" Karen. Hand applique is such a heartwarming craft. I have never tried it myself, but it's on the "to learn" list for me. I just know I'll do it one day. The little sweater is so cute, and I like how you have laid out the pieces. For some reason I balk at making garments because the patterns never seem to show photos of what the pieces are supposed to look like and how you're supposed to fit them together. I need to be braver in the knitting world. I've told my husband I should just knit a few baby sweaters to understand it all better. I think you have added to the inspiration! Enjoy your day,

  45. Oh my I really really ADORE your birdies applique work - so so so cute! You are very talented, my dear.

    Your wee grandlads are adorable - and that sweater is going to be neat!

    I am Irish on both sides too - gotta love that - I knew I liked you! ♣

    Have a wonderful weekend coming up. Big hugs!

  46. Dear Karen,

    Lovely to see your beautiful appliqué work and you will be happy to have them around in your house. Little grandies are so ver cute and you must love them coming to see you. The little hand knit jersey is lovely too.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  47. Well better with room to grow than the opposite after the gorgeous hard work! Gavin looks adorable in his new sweater. I did smile about your many dog beds we were the same with the Crazy Poodle, he practically had one in every room so he could be with us, he has three in different parts of the garden!
    Thank you for your lovely comments about our move! Have a lovely Sunday I'm off to Malaysia for the tennis to cheer on Team USA so will think of you! Have a happy Sunday!
    Wren x


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