Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Morning - Five on Friday

Hello, Dear Friends, it's time for Five on Friday
once again! Time does fly and the weeks
seem to go by fast, 
although the days can seem 
to drag on slowly sometimes. 

Especially on days like this! 

First to discuss on Friday is 
the change in the weather.
Yes, we have lost our sunny, balmy
weather and now it is cold and rainy
with a biting little wind. 

The clouds are racing by
and every so often there is 
a little break in which the 
sunbeams stream down through 
the skylights as I sit here. 

It lasts but a few moments
and then it is back to dark and dreary
once again. 

The weather is fickle here in the mountains....

Just the day before yesterday, it was clear
and sunny and warm. 

But we are reminded that it is still
Old Man Winter who rules the kingdom. 

Yesterday morning, as this weather system started 
coming in, the sunshine turned to dark clouds
and then we lost our electricity! 

I couldn't figure out why, until a few 
moments later, a strong wind came 
barreling through the valley, 
which gave me my answer. 

I was without power most of the day. 

But while the weather held out for a couple of days 
beforehand, I was able to get some work done outside.
Which brings me to the second subject
for Friday morning - the gardens. 

I trimmed the roses along the arbor, 
tidied up the hydrangea bush, 
and did a bit of weeding in the 
forget-me-not patch. 

This is my parent's commemorative garden. 
I started it for my Mother, and then when my 
father passed a year later, a white rose that I had planted
along the arbor bloomed for the first time that very day. 

The forget-me-not garden has bugle-weed, wild geranium, 
birds-foot trefoil and deciduous lady fern all
mixed in with forget-me-not, which makes for delicate 
weeding sessions. 

I am forever battling the wild buttercup that always 
invades the gardens, but have not been able to eradicate
 it completely, so I have learned to embrace it reluctantly. 

The hellebore are budding and some early narcissus, too. 
These narcissus are many years old - 
planted when my children were young! 

They are fragrant and lovely, but I have to remember
to slug bait next time I go outside,
as they are tasty, too. 

I use non-toxic bait - 'Sluggo' - 
safe for pets and wildlife. 

You can see by the moss, that we have 
very wet winters here, 50 miles south of Seattle. 

I have a few benches sprinkled throughout the property, 
which are too wet to sit on this time of year, 
but provide handy spots to rest my gloves, clippers
and thermos of coffee. 

As you can see, I am behind on my winter clean-up. 

I need another dry spell so I can trim these hydrangeas. 

I will fill my large baskets
 with these bleached-out beauties to 
display on my tall cupboards. 

I'll be very careful to only trim the flower heads
so as not to interfere with this year's blooms. 

As I sit here at my computer, I can look out the window 
over my garden, and the deep forest beyond,
 while enjoying the hummingbirds that 
stop by to visit. Can you see him? He is hovering, just over
the left side of the bench. 

I know that at any time, the winds could change
and instead of moderate temperatures
from the south, we could get hit with a late 
winter blizzard from Alaska or Canada. 

Such is life.....

Which brings me to my third subject; 
Banana Bread. Is there anything more delicious
than a nice, thick slice slathered with butter
on a cold, rainy day? 

I think I over-did it on the butter......
A light lunch is on the menu to balance
this equation! 

I baked it in my newly purchased, vintage, 'Fire-King' 
milk-glass baker from Nana's Things

The 'Country Vase' was a gift 
from my sweet Sis-in-law, 
all the way from New Hampshire. 

I have plenty of company this morning, too,
which is my fourth subject - dogs. 

Whitey Bear, Kai, and who is this at the food dish? 

Why, it is Miss Peanut! Or Queen 'P', 
as she is better known as. 

She rules the roost when she is here! 
All 8 inches of her! 
I am pet-sitting her this weekend. 

Along with this sweet girl, Weenie Baby, 
who loves her comfort. 

Here they are together, snuggling on their blankets. 

It's a peaceable kingdom. 
As long as there are no cats around:) 

So the cats stay in the bedroom and loft area
while our visitors are here. 

These are my daughter, Jennie's two mini-dachshunds. 

Here she is on the left with big sister, Heather. 

She not only brought me her two precious pups
to watch for the weekend, 
but she also bought me a present for
'being there for her'....

A new iPhone! 

Yes, I have joined the 21st century! 
My old Blackberry finally kicked the bucket. 

I think it was about 10 years old! 
Very 'state of the art' when it was new! 

She spent the evening downloading all my apps
and showing me how to use it. 
Luckily, Ramblin' Man has one, too, 
so he can help me when I need it. 

Now I can check my 'important messages'
(Pinterest :) whenever and wherever I am! 

Seriously, though, I am very grateful 
and blessed. I even have GPS mapping so that 
I can find my way home whenever I get lost. 

I've been lost a few times :)........

Thank you, Dear Daughter! 

So that is my Friday Five. 

I hope you are having a good TGIF
and that your weekend is full 
of happy blessings. 


Today I am joining;

Love Made My Home - Five on Friday

Won't you join the fun? 


  1. Karen, A lovely post for a Friday afternoon. Loved your doggie pics -- they certainly know where to find the cozy, comfy spots! And, the banana bread with butter looks delectable -- I can almost taste it.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend...

  2. I love seeing all of your garden goings on - great work cleaning things up! I can't wait to play in the dirt...unfortunately I have a long wait yet. ::sigh:: But I'll keep enjoying yours. ;) And I can definitely relate a bit on the fickle weather! Lol

    I completely agree with your banana bread sentiments my Dear. Nothing better!

    Yay for furry babies. I don't know what I'd do without my Ruby! You're such a nice Grandma taking your extra poochies in to stay for a while.

    And God bless your wonderful daughter bringing you fully into the 21st century. ;) We can't have you getting lost anymore Lady!

    Blessings on your weekend Darlin'. May it dry up and get warmer. Save me some banana bread. xoxo

  3. I know you are in your winter but here there is not one tiny bit of green showing in the ground. Not a plant anywhere. I am so in need of flowers and colour. I bought another in-door plant today. :) It must be fun having all that canine company but being a cat-lover I would probably spend time visiting your cats in the loft. ;-) Your banana bread looks delicious. I just may have to do something with those dark bananas in my freezer. Have a wonderful wknd., Karen. Hugs, Deb

  4. Your weather is much like ours - windy and rainy together with a few sunny breaks here and there. And your garden is at the same stage as mine. Good for you for getting out there and beginning the clean up. I need to do that, too. Lovely looking banana bread!

  5. A lovely post Karen which makes me feel "all is well".
    Not good being without power but apart from that it seems ok.
    I love your memorial garden - I Ican imagine what it means to you.
    And so the season come and go - it's scorching hot here and my garden is parched - I will be quite happy to welcome Autumn when she comes!
    How nice to have such good company as you tap away - awe they're all beautiful!
    Shane x

  6. The weather here in IN is being weird too - this weekend it will get close to 60! Maybe I'll do some garden clean up too. That bread looks so good! And you have such sweet fur babies to keep you company:) Have a great weekend! Oh, congrats on the Iphone! I got a Samsung4 - not the newest, but OK for me:)

  7. Dearest Karen,
    That reads like a novel... great for bed time reading.
    Lovely home amidst the woods and your garden is progressing fine but as you said, we're not yet there!
    I'm in awe about those Anna's hummingbirds, so precious for having them in winter. But how would they survive winter without feeders?!
    Your four legged family is also like a dream, they all get so well along, the doxies without kitties... but that's okay.
    Precious and beautiful daughters and you are blessed with such an iPhone gift.
    Yes, we too started off with a Blackberry, had it when Pieter was in the hospital for his 4 bypasses. But now we both love our iPhones and I treasure my bigger iPhone 6 Plus as it is such a difference in reading and seeing everything. Pieter loves his iPhone 4S, like I had before this one. He's hooked and I think it is good for the mind too for staying active by using things like this.
    Sending you hugs, hope I manage to sleep without too much back pain. Last night was the worst so far and I got up by 5 and after early breakfast I slept till 1:00 PM.

  8. Loved seeing your gardens again. We still have snow on the ground but it should be melting as we will see temps. in the 40's this weekend. You may laguh but I do not have an I phone or snything close to it not do I want one. I do not want to be avialable 24/7 to anyone. I have a new phone but it is a simple phone that rings like a phone and you can take photos with it but I do not even have it set up to text. People can call me and talk to me in person!! LOL!!


    1. I apparently should have checked my spelling first before posting, huh??? LOL!


    2. Too funny, Deb - I have to check everything several times because I swear I am half dyslexic, which is a serious disorder, so I don't make light, but you know what I mean! I am with you on the whole idea of the iPhone....I would probably be happy with one of those jitter-bug phones with the big easy to read buttons - ha ha! But all my kids are 'techies' and I should probably try to make them proud.....I do love getting their funny texts and photos. It's all about the 'instant message' these days, isn't it? I am learning as I go.....Hugs xo K

  9. I loved your five Karen and so glad that you were able to busy yourself during the power cut. It's so lovely to see the spring flowers coming again and gives hope that sunnier days are ahead. I bet whenever the sun comes out you stand under those sky lights to absorb the rays like recharging batteries :) I loved the view from your desk, what an inspirational place, especially while watching humming birds. The little pooches are adorable and you are really lucky they all get on. I can understand about the cats, Tia goes mad when she sees one, so your feline friends are best to keep out of the way while the guests are with you. Congratulations on the iPhone, careful, it may takeover your life! Will you be joining Instagram as well? Have a great weekend and keep warm xx

    1. Hi Chel - oh wouldn't that be great if a sunbeam could recharge the batteries that way? I am in serious need of recharging! Thank you for your sweet visit. To answer your question....I may think about joining Instagram once I get used to all the features on the phone! Oh, the possibilities! Lol! xx K

  10. How blessed you are mrs Karen :)
    I always enjoy things about your home and I more enjoyed knowing you use iphone and pinterest (be careful of being addicted haha) and GPS those are most apps on my phone as well hehe.
    All your friends are adorable! Thank you for sharing.
    Have a great weekend

  11. Great to read all your news. I'm glad you aren't too cold weather wise even if it is all rainy. I wonder what happened to the electricity. Enjoy your iPhone I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it. x

  12. Such great things! I need to get a new phone, but I am not looking forward to it... Envious of you being able to get in the garden, it is still too wet and boggy here. Enjoy the banana bread, sounds delicious!! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, happy weekend! xx

  13. Hello, your garden are beautiful even in the winter. I love the sweet hummer and your adorable furbabies. Your banana bread looks delicious. Congrats on your new iphone. Have a happy weekend!

  14. Oh! Looks like spring is arriving where you are! No luck for that around here. More snow fell last night - just a few centimetres - not even enough for the kids to play in! The dog loves it though. It's just enough to flick his nose in! Congrats on your new phone It's nice to get something new!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Hello Karen, it looks peaceful and cosy in your home this weekend. The view from where you sit and write is inspirational with the woodland in sight and the hummingbirds hovering. The changeable weather is a reminder that the Winter is not over yet, but there's the promise of Spring in the garden. I love the naturalness of a woodland garden. Enjoy the company of the extra doggie visitors. They're sweet and it's good that they all get on together. We are just waiting on a guest to arrive. Sleety snow is falling once more, but it will turn into rain. Definitely weather to stay cosily indoors once more.

  16. What a lovely homely post Karen. Your garden looks great..amazing that your narcissus are that old. Ours always seem to gradually fizzle out. Love your doggy visitors and what a lovely present from your daughter...she is just making sure you can stay in touch easily. Have a cosy weekend. Barbara X

  17. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog today, what great photos. If I had your view I'm afraid I'd spend the day just enjoying it. Love banana bread, may have to check the pantry and see if I can make a loaf.

  18. Still envious of your view. We have sunshine, at least at the moment, here in Oregon City, OR! I think the cats will enjoy some time in their catio!

  19. I too love Banana bread in cold weather, it's lovely toasted with lots of butter.

  20. What a great post! I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

    Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  21. Oh sweet girl! I enjoyed another morning of reading your stories! I love the birds but we sure don't have as many as you! I am now reminded to go get more bird food on the way home from church! I also was admiring your vintage new bread pan. Our daughter and her husband are coming over after church and I should of made some banana bread.(it looked so yummy) :) Oh well we thought muffins, bagels and fruit would do the job. She wants to make Valentine cards for her classroom so we will be busy! She teaches a combined class of first and second graders! It's her second year and what a joy it is for me to be able to go in an volunteer! (on my off days with our new grand love). Oh a new iPhone!! Fun Fun, I am hoping between one of our children, that they can help me with my iPhone today. Oh I miss the fact that they are all grown and married and it's not easy when momma doesn't have things "fixed" when she wants it!! It sounds like your sister doesn't live far from me! We're in's been a pretty mild winter, just a little snow but chilly! I guess this week it is supposed to rain and be in the 40's.My son and husband take charge of many miles of snowmobile trails here and are anxiously waiting to get tons of snow. Sorry to ramble on but you're blog is such an inspiration and joy, blessings, gayla

  22. I so enjoyed reading your post, I felt I was right there with you. I just love the gardens, you're so lucky to be able to work on them in the winter months when the weather is decent. Mine are under snow. Mind you...I see a little bit of grass peeking through today but I know that will change. I love seeing all the animals, you sure had a house full. And your daughters are beautiful, you must be proud. Enjoy your new phone (I'm still using a Blackberry LOL). Best wishes and enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

  23. I so enjoyed reading your post, I felt I was right there with you. I just love the gardens, you're so lucky to be able to work on them in the winter months when the weather is decent. Mine are under snow. Mind you...I see a little bit of grass peeking through today but I know that will change. I love seeing all the animals, you sure had a house full. And your daughters are beautiful, you must be proud. Enjoy your new phone (I'm still using a Blackberry LOL). Best wishes and enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

  24. We have actually had some warm temps the last few days but in the forecast I see we will be going back to winter by mid week :( but I am thankful for those warm days that remind us that spring will come one day.
    Wow you have a house full, they look so cute there on the sofa together. Our dachshund isn't allowed on the furniture anymore since she hurt her back jumping down, Vet's orders.
    Congrats on your new phone, I broke down last year and bought one and I will have to say I have enjoyed having it, that gps does come in handy :)
    Have a fantastic week!

  25. Your daughters are beautiful:) Thank you for the tour of your garden. Mine is mostly under snow, but it rained and now it's more of a dirty, semi slushy mess. I've been browsing the seed catalogs to make up for the lack of herbs and flowers. Your banana bread looks delicious!

  26. When I can stay home, I love the windy, dark days outside. Your gardens are lovely and your daughters are beautiful! You had quite the house full with all the cute doggies. I do love banana bread and it looks great in your new dish. Thanks for the link!!!

  27. I love seeing the pictures with all the dogs around you, seems so peaceful.

  28. Again Karen, what a beautiful share! Love love love, oh and do you make the crochet baskets to sell?! :) I would love to buy a few?! If not , maybe I could find a pattern and my daughter could make me some! love and joy, gayla

  29. I just love your sky lights and don' think I have ever seen those in one of your photos before. We had a skylight in our home but sad to say , we began having problems with it leaking and after numerous tries to fix it which were unsuccessful, we finally gave up and removed it. I sure missed those light beams. Your daughters pups are so cute and I know they enjoy visiting with you. how fortunate your daughter is to have you dog sit!


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