Thursday, November 12, 2015

Weekend at Seabrook - Part 4 - A Walk to the Sea

On our recent visit to Seabrook, WA
we rented a beach house close to 
the Pacific Ocean. 

The call of the sea rings loud in my ears, 
having grown up near Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 
My Grandfather, John Leo, who 
was married to my grandmother, Beatrice Euphemie
for almost 60 years, was a commercial fisherman, 
as was his Father before him, who emigrated 
from County Cork, Ireland to Newfoundland
where my Grandfather grew up. 

He met my Grandmother, who was working
as an Au Pair in Connecticut, at a dance
one Saturday night when he was on furlough
from his ship, which was based in Quincy, Mass. 

The rest is history.......

Come along with me as I walk with my family
down to the beautiful sea on the rugged 
Pacific coast. 

As we get closer, we hear the pounding surf 
and breathe in the salt air as the wind 
gets stronger, sending our hair flying. 

Pausing to enjoy the view and button up.

We descend the long staircase to a beach
at low tide. 

You can see the location's namesake, 
Seabrook, as it flows towards the sea.

Dustin throws the football down to Eric.

I just love their youthful enthusiasm :) 

Once on the beach we see the high tide mark
where it has eroded the banks. 

Weather systems coming in from the Pacific
are very fierce with copious amounts
of rain and strong winds all winter long. 

We were very lucky to have a lovely, relatively
warm October day for beach combing. 

Here you can see the staircase that we just descended:
one of two staircases going down to the beach.

My two daughters, Jennie and Heather.

A beautiful stretch of sand, as far as the eye can see. 

A treacherous coastline keeps ships
far out to sea. 

Dangerous rip-tides and cross-currents,
along with very cold waters
makes this coastline unsuitable
for bathers. 

Even in summer, temperatures are
generally very cool and windy. 

Which makes it perfect for kite flying! 

Here I have zoomed in on the next 
beach further down the coast - Pacific Beach. 

This little fellow was very friendly
and watched us taking photos
for quite a while.

Then he joined a friend searching for clams....

I wish I brought a gathering bag.....

The guys throw the football.

Father and son <3 
(They have the same expression :)

My Four children and grandson:
From left to right - Jennie,
 Gabe with baby Ethan,
Dustin, and Heather.

My Three Sons :)

All My Girls xo

Here we are, all together....
Jennie, Heather with Eric, Jen with Dustin, 
me with my Ramblin' Man, Gabe with Erica and baby Ethan. 


Grandpa with Grandson <3

A sweet smile :)

Time to head back - we choose the second
of the two stairways. 

Windswept hillside. 

Hawk-weed still blooms. 

A little hideaway :)

Trees have a hard life here.

Ramblin' Man with a tuckered out, sleeping baby.

Baby Ethan enjoyed his first visit to the sea!

Looking back for one last glimpse.

It was a beautiful day
with wonderful memories.

Thank you for joining us, Dear Friends!

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  1. Karen, I grew up in Northern California and can appreciate the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Thank you for sharing your family time with us. The pictures are gorgeous and your family too. Love the pictures of the baby! :-)

    You are cordially invited to a Cottage Christmas Giveaway. Hope to see you there!

  2. Such beautiful scenery. A place I haven't been to...yet!

  3. Beautiful! I haven't been to the Northwest, but since I love the ocean, it is a place I want to visit. You have such a wonderful family. Isn't it fun to get everyone together?

  4. I absolutely LOVE seeing your family, Karen. They are a beautiful bunch!! What a precious time to be all together like that. There is nothing like the ocean, is there? I love it and I always feel like it is "calling me" home.
    I am so glad you had a good time and I do think you should make it an annual event! xo Diana

  5. What a beautiful post bout your beautiful family and such a beautiful place.....
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  6. The ocean pictures are wonderful, Karen. I long to be near the ocean sometimes. These are great pics of your family. They all look like a close bunch. Your girls are so pretty, and there's Jennie again with her exotic face and smile. : ) Tell her I'm a brunette too and I love to wear red. Yes, youthful enthusiasm is always nice to see in our children. I love the picture of your husband with precious grand baby, and also the one of lovely YOU.

    Thanks for sharing your trip to the ocean with us, Karen. It was if I was right along there with you enjoying the water.


  7. Beautiful family and scenery! You are very blessed! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Lynn

  8. Wow this place is simply breathtaking. How wonderful to have your family together like that. I enjoyed this post. This is a part of the state I live in that I've yet to visit.

  9. Such beautiful scenery and what an amazing family get together. Memories which will last forever

  10. Such a beautiful place with beautiful beautiful people. Thank for sharing the story of the your granparents story behind that place.

    Have a wonderful day Mrs Karen :)

  11. Dear Karen,
    thank you for all those wonderful pictures! What a lovely walk to the see!
    Thank you for sharing wonderful pictures from a wonderful family! Wonderful Memories!
    I love the picture from Grandpa and Grandson, watching the big waves :O)
    Wishing you a blessed weekend ahead, filled with Love and Joy,my dear friend!
    Claudia xo

  12. Thank you for inviting us along to see the beautiful beach scenes and gorgeous trees, not to mention your wonderul family

  13. OMG this plasce is so stunning and your family too!
    Have a nice Friday

  14. Great story, beautiful landscape and the best family, What else?


  15. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos from time spent with your family, such precious times, often hard to arrange, but so well worth it. Looks like a beautiful place to visit. I love the coast and sea even if it is wild and rough.

  16. Hello, beautiful images of the coast and beach. Your family is just beautiful, lovely photos of your son and daughters. It does look like a great place to stay and enjoy the beach. Wonderful photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  17. Hola amiga querida ,, que lindo paseo por esas playas ,, tu familia luce muy feliz y es muy bellas , yo aforé esas imágenes de tus hijos
    Buen finde

  18. Wow, just wow. Your family, the location, the weather...all perfection.

  19. what a beautiful place! and beautiful family, too. loved the 'same expression' pair. :)

  20. The seashore there looks beautiful, wild and cold. It was nice that your whole family could enjoy making these memories together. Ethan is adorable!

  21. oooooooh i so enjoyed this view of your family vacation!!! i have lived my entire life in ocean county at the new jersey shore, the ocean is my home!!!!

    i have never seen the pacific ocean, it is especially beautiful. i never walk the shore without a bag to collect shells and sea glass.

    a beautiful place and such a beautiful family!!! and an especially pretty picture of you!!!!

  22. Dear Karen, looks like you had wonderful time with your family in Seabrook! Your photos of the Pacific and the coastal landscape are breathtakingly beautiful! But the area definitively looks a little rough and wild, though. I can imagine, that the weather is not always as pleasant as it was on the day when you were visiting the beach. I am sure you have fond memories for a long time to enjoy!
    Warm regards,

  23. That was quite a set of steps but the beach is beautiful! lovely rugged coastline!
    You have a wonderful family. I enjoyed your post very much!
    Happy weekend!

  24. Such a beautiful family...handsome all the way around! Wonderful that you could all get together at the same time. I love and miss the ocean so much. I hope to have a get away this winter some time...early spring probably would be better. I don't know this area, what is it near?

    1. Hi Karen, thank you for your sweet visit! I hope you do get to visit the coast - this area is out of Olympia if you are coming from I-5. Follow the signs towards rt.101 to Aberdeen and Pacific Beach. Seabrook is just North of Pacific Beach and Ocean Shores. xo K

  25. Such a lovely family! It sounds and looks like everyone had a great seaside vacation.

  26. We live on the other side of the Pacific and our beaches are so different but they both have a vastness and the song of the sea is just beautiful to listen to, to share it with family is a perfect day.

  27. What a fabulous birthday celebration, Karen! I loved seeing photos of all your family. Isn't your grandson the most precious thing??!!

  28. Such a beautiful place Karen - and such gorgeous photos!! Your family is beyond adorable and I can tell how much you all love each other right through the screen. I can't believe how big Ethan is already (seems like he was just born!).
    Thanks so much for sharing and hope you have a wonderful weekend my sweet Friend. xoxo

  29. Karen, your pictures are stunning and your family is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing it all with us! I agree with Carrie above. Your love for each other is so evident. Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. What a lovely walk...with your lovely family! Stunning pictures too...
    Have a great weekend, take care!

  31. Dearest Karen,
    Very happy moments captured forever! Indeed a historic first beach visit for baby!
    It for sure was a very healthy stay too, fresh salty air and no pollution in that area.
    Sending you hugs and many repeat blessings of such gatherings!

  32. Fabulous! What a special place and nobody there to enjoy it. Apart from you and your lovely family, you'll have a lot more first occasions to enjoy with baby Ethan. Best wishes x

  33. You have such a lovely and close family Karen, you are truly blessed. I particularly loved the shot of your ramblin man and grandson xx

  34. That is great they had a nice set of stairs to get down to the beach, and that you were able to check things out since the tide was out. So special to all get together and I am sure you all have great memories of your time together. You have a great looking family!

  35. It really is an incredibly beautiful place isn't it! Even though it looks as though it was cold, still good! Fabulous pictures of you and your beautiful family as well! Especially good to see you and Ramblin' Man! You both look so very happy! xx


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