Thursday, November 5, 2015

Weekend at Seabrook - Part 2

Come along with me, Dear Friends, 
and we will take a tour 
of the lovely beach cottage 
where we stayed during
 our weekend at Seabrook, WA. 

Let's go inside, shall we? 

You can hang your coat here! 

A comfortable living room with 
sea-grass rug. 

I fell in love with the knitted 
floor cushions! 

It was a cool weekend 
so we had a nice fire burning
 in the gas fireplace both evenings. 

My son-in-law, Eric played his guitar and sang
for us. With the fire burning, and the family
gathered, it was very cozy. 

Woven reed armchairs 
draped with knitted throws
and soft cushions, flank the fireplace. 

Adirondack chair lamp
and tic-tac-toe game 
on the table in between. 

Lovely details reflect the locale.

Starfish and shells inside a nautical lantern
and tiny starfish in a wooden burl bowl. 

Sea-grass place-mats on the long wooden table. 

Inside the tall, rustic cabinet....

Love the 'tall ship'! 

The whole ground floor was 'open concept'. 

You can see the kitchen with its granite
topped center island which housed 
a large farmhouse sink. 

Regretfully, I didn't take photos beyond this point, 
but there were 3 stools against the island, 
and a stainless steel double door refrigerator
on the back wall.

The kitchen was fully stocked with dishes, 
pans, cutlery, appliances, etc. 
There was even a crock pot! 

A large laundry room/bathroom
and a pantry hide behind these doors
on the right side of the kitchen. 

The baby was fascinated by this driftwood sculpture, 
and would reach for it whenever he was held ;)

There was another clay sculpture by the back door
that he liked even more. <3

Walking back through the living area, 
behind the sofa, 
we find these beautiful carved wood panels.

Heather decorated these for my birthday

Just past, behind the sofa -
the entry hall where we came in.

Daughter Heather and baby Ethan
have a snuggle.

The walls throughout the entire home
were painted in the same sea-glass color
which changed in varying light.

All of the beautiful woodwork and trim
was white. Every window had white
wooden blinds.

Speaking of light....
I love this lamp.

Pretty shells on a bed of sand.

I would not want to knock this one over!

A pretty coat locker just by the entrance.
The lantern and seashell candle sconces
belong on the table under the carved panels
but Heather moved them when she set up
my birthday decorations. :)

I forgot to put the sconces back when I took the photo.

Continuing on, across from the front door 
are the stairs to the second floor. 

There are 3 floors and a carriage house! 

A driftwood seahorse sculpture
at the top of the stairs. 

 The master bedroom. 

Beautiful lamps. 

So many wonderful lanterns! 
The spheres are carved stone. 

A comfortable sitting area. 

Whoo are you?

Wall gate <3

There are 3 bedrooms on this floor, 
each with their own full baths. 

A pretty, shell-framed mirror. 

'Ocean Air - Salty Hair'


I hope you have enjoyed the tour so far! 

Next time we will explore the rest of the cottage
and the carriage house. 

I hope you will join me! 

Forgive me, Dear Friends, if I have not
stopped by for a visit yet.

Time has taken on a rather fluid quality
of late, moving backwards and forwards
and swirling around.

I have been both light-house and ballast
for my family
during the ebb and flow
and am trying to get back on an even keel.

I am so very grateful for your love and support.
You make me smile and keep me strong.



  1. Karen, this cottage is so lovely with all the nautical themed decor and the soft colours. I hope you get your 'sea legs' soon and that all will be well with you and yours. Thanks for sharing today. Blessings,

  2. Such a lovely cottage with a wonderful beachy "feel". Perfect idea to rent something like that so you could all stay together as a family too. Thanks for the tour - I love all of the little coastal details.

    Hope that everyone is feeling a bit better and that your world rights itself now soon. xoxo

  3. Karen, this looks like the perfect cottage for your family to spend special time together celebrating your birthday. It seems both perfect for the summer with its nautical decor but perfect for the cooler weather as well with the fireplace. All around a gorgeous place....

  4. Oh Karen best 60th birthday ever. Ethan is so adorable and that is the nicest place I have ever seen to stay. I did read part one but did not comment but your family is truly awesome. HUGS B

  5. What a wonderful place I love all the touches of interesting things.

  6. What a sweet spot to reconnect with family. And, beautiful too!

  7. Karen, the cottage is simply beautiful. I hope that its beauty and serenity was a balm to your hearts.

  8. Hi dear Karen ,, esa casa es realmente bella , espero que tengas un buen dia

  9. Man, Karen! That is just a beautiful place. How special that all of you could gather there. It looks like there was plenty of room for everyone to spread out a bit and not feel crowded, too. GREAT kitchen...the whole set up is great. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. xo Diana
    ps. That baby is just downright adorable.

  10. Hello Karen, my dear friend, thank you for walking with us through this beautiful cottage! I love it, all those lovely treasures and nautical things... it is beautiful!
    I really enjoyed all the pictures you amde for us!
    Thank you !
    Wishing you a wonderful and blessed weekend, sending Love and hugs, and looking forward to see the rest of this lovely place!
    Claudia xo

  11. It's a pretty holiday cottage that looks like home rather than somewhere that passes through lots of different families' lives. Such a good place for your special celebration. :-)

  12. What a lovely time that you had! I love the home! Just my cup of tea! Enjoy your weekend and thank you for the lovely tour! Great memories you made. Lynn

  13. Hello Karen, I am so delighted to stop by your blog today...oh! What a beautiful sea cottage and exquisitely decorated too...simple and sweet which is just what a like! I am sure you must have had a special visit...and aww! How precious is little Baby Ethan! What a blessing babies are!
    I hope to visit again have a lovely spot!
    Blessings and love...

  14. Karen, so such a lovely place to visit. I'll have to jot this down as we want to take a road trip up north at some point, and would love to stay in Washington.

  15. What a lovely cottage filled with so many wonderful bits and pieces to look at.

    Glad you had this loving time with your family to celebrate 60 years of your life.


  16. Karen, what a beautiful place (!!) and a wonderful birthday celebration, to have your family around you in such a lovely and relaxing setting. It looks just fabulous. A great place to get much needed oxygen back into our lives (so to speak.) I am so happy you had that time with the family. - Judy

  17. so many lovely things in that home! The decorator did a great job!

  18. Happy belated birthday Karen! What a lovely cottage you stayed in. It looks really cosy and comfortable. It must have been lovely to spend it with your family!

    Have a good weekend Karen. Take care!

    Madelief x

  19. Looks like a wonderful house and decorated so nicely for a cottage by the water, I love all the lanterns and the gate on the wall is very cool.
    Hope your able to have a nice relaxing weekend!

  20. Dearest Karen, I finally find a peaceful moment to leave a comment. I'm late but I want to express my deepest sadness on the loss of Ramblin' Man's Father. My sweetest thoughts to you all.
    Second, my belated wishes for your birthday Karen.A life full of love! This an elegant and beautiful cottage you were lucky to visit and stay in for such a special event!
    May your life is always filled with love and happiness

  21. What a beautiful cottage, Karen, to celebrate YOU! I love all the attention to detail inside the lovely cottage by the sea. What fun for your whole family!

  22. It really is a very beautiful place isn't it! So many lovely little details and touches. Glad you enjoyed your time away. xx

  23. Dearest Karen,
    Lovely post with so much warmth in it. Not only from this charming place but from the family that shared the weekend together and from your words.
    Even if you are emotionally swirling around, you did make me laugh out loud about that sand filled lamp that you didn't want to knock oner. Just imagine...
    Glad you captured lots of photos and some more private ones for sure so you will have fond memories to go by as you age.
    Life is short and at one point in time it becomes just a memory to those that were dear to us.
    The older we get, the more we also learn that we cannot please them all, not even continue to waste giving our love and time to those that never return it.
    May you both find strength in knowing that no matter what, there will be one final judge at the end of our life's journey. How and where we will check in, is only up to him and let's hope we will be together again with all that were dear to us!

  24. I would LOVE to stay in that cottage! Just beautiful...and very cozy!
    Have a great sunday, take care...

  25. What a very charming place, filled with sweet little details and great ideas. Would love to be there too!
    Happy days and all my best

  26. What a nice place to stay and so spacious. I really like the exterior. It's so cute! xoxo Su

  27. Happy belated birthday to you, Karen. What a charming cottage and a perfect getaway spot. Love every detail!!

  28. Karen, this beach cottage you stayed at is wonderful. I really like the knitted floor cushions. They look soft and cozy. That sea glass lamp is so cool. You know, Jess loves the ocean, and used to have an ocean theme in her home. Since then, she's changed her décor, but she will forever love the ocean. That shell mirror is so pretty, and I think I would like that in my own home. And I love the decorations that Heather put up. They look like fans to me. Thanks for the house tour. It's always fun to see how people decorate. Stop by tomorrow if you want to see my red kitchen. : )

    Have a great week.


  29. Karen this is just a lovely cottage, and what a great place for a family gathering and birthday. Love your photos of your daughter and her sweet little one. He is so cute! I too love those knitted floor cushions.

  30. I love that every room has such a distinctive style. And it's nice to rent something together and share the cost. I hope you have a good week and things go well. Sweet hugs, Diane


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