Sunday, November 15, 2015

First Snow (with Comfort Food)

We woke up early Sunday morning
to our first snow. 

I was so surprised,
as it was not forecast! 

So was Kai! 

He kept running over to the window
and looking out curiously. 

He was finally brave enough to go outside, 
stepping gingerly, 
but soon he was running
and sliding, and having a good time! 

Whitey Bear was not as excited :) 

Ling Ling and Maggie looked out disdainfully,
 then waited until the bed was made
to express their opinion of the situation. 

I certainly enjoyed the sugar frosted view, though! 

Everything looks prettier with a little sparkle! 

Including these little beauties. 
(Steller's Jays)

It's safe to say that we won't be dining out..... 

It's a good day for home-made 

Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies are nice for dessert. 

A little crocheting by the fire.
(Something for the Grand-baby :)

Small comforts.

As the late afternoon sun melts the frozen world,
leaving the cottonwood glowing,
we pray for peace in this troubled world.

Thank you, Dear Friends for all of your lovely friendships.
It makes this world a much better place.


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  1. Dear Karen,
    oh, you got the first snow ... looks beautiful ....thank you for those lovely pictures, my dear friend!
    You have been so busy with cooking, baking and crotching :O)
    Wishing you a wonderful new week,
    sending Love, Hugs and Blessings!
    Claudia xo

  2. I can't think of a more perfect day to spend inside when it is snowing. Your home looks so cosy and I enjoyed all these super photographs. And those two great recipes :)

  3. Beautiful photos. The jays are a wonderful capture; they really are beautiful. Home, family, and friends are the best. xoxo Su

  4. I wish I could be there; watching the snow through the window with a mug of tea in my hands!!!
    I pray with you for this world and for our French friends!

  5. What a beautiful morning you had waking to a drift of white... I love surprise mornings like this where a early snow inspires so much out of us.
    We get very little snow here, yet have had some storms come through that will cover us I. A couple feet of snow for a few days and the sun will then melt it all away. I hope to have a beautiful surprise like you woke to, and I am sure you will wake to much more of days of snow soon enough.

    Enjoyed your post.


  6. Beautiful pictures and beautiful views...and the first snow, lovely! Your home is so cozy and warm...
    Have a great week, take care!

  7. Goodness, snow already! At least it didn't last long, just long enough for some lovely photos. x

  8. Brrr!! That looks very cold indeed! Just the right sort of day for staying in with some yummy home cooked things to eat! xx

  9. Wow, That's so pretty, we don't get much in the way of snow in Sussex England, your fireplace looks very inviting!, enjoy your weekxx

  10. That little bit of snow looks so pretty and makes the inside of your house look all the more cozy. I love homemade chicken pot pie! And those cookies look yummy too. Isn't it fun to make things for a precious grand baby?

  11. We have yet to see snow here which is very odd. I'm not complaining, though as our winter is very long. I love the first fall, too, but the kitties won't care. :) Your chicken pie and cookies look delish. Mmmm...mmmm Deb

  12. Thank you for the lovely photos, Karen!
    Snow! :D It's beautiful outside and warm and cosy in your home.
    Have a lovely new week! xx

  13. It looks very pretty, but you can keep that snow! :) We haven't had snow just yet in Ohio!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  14. A snow... oh my. But, isn't it so beautiful, especially that first one when you are tired of all the hot summer days and ready to move on. I like it that the cats took a nap. I'd do that, too.

  15. Oh, first snow and comfort food... Sounds like perfect November Sunday!
    Enjoy your week! xx

  16. I always enjoy the view from your home, Karen! What beauty to behold each and every day. The pot pie looks so comforting and of course, oatmeal cookies are my favorite ever! Stay nice and cozy by your fire. xo

  17. This beautiful, cozy, and peaceful post just hit the spot on this troubled soul Karen. The events of this world keep reducing me to tears. But I keep the faith. I continue the prayers. I BELIEVE the good continues to overpower the bad and evil. They will never win.

    I want to come enjoy that beautiful frosted view, gab over some tea as we smell your wonderful meal bake away! And cookie perfection to top it off. Yep, definitely hits the spot.
    Blessings on your week ahead my lovely dear Friend. xoxo

  18. What absolute beauty you have through your window! I love the picture of the Kale with the frozen ice! So pretty! Have a beautiful week, Lynn

  19. Keep warm and enjoy the delicious food!

  20. Oh Karen, you have shared an idyllic setting today with the lovely snow scenes and your beautiful home. I so enjoyed the photos of your little ones too with the first snowfall. They're predicting lots of rain for our area this winter. I hope the weather people are correct. Have a great week. Pat xx

  21. What a lovely post! The first snow is always pretty.

    Your chicken pot pie and cookies look delicious, your crochet work for grandbaby sweet and your scenery just breathtaking.

    Happy November ~ FlowerLady

  22. Sweet friend, what a delight to pop in for a sweet visit - how I have missed you and your beautiful posts. As I write this we are enjoying our second snow storm and right now it's a blizzard outside. The fire is oh-so-cozy and my little black cat is out like a light :)

    Thank you for sharing your charming and lovely photos, dear friend. Hugs and blessings!

  23. Hi Mom! We woke to a blanket of snow with big plump flakes still coming down. Puts an ear to ear smile on my face! I sure hope we get more of it this year. 😊 I'm wicked jealous that Dad gets to enjoy that delicious pot pie and cookies! Love you! XO

  24. Karen, simply beautiful! I love the first snow! So cute the puppy wants to play outside and the cats want to chill on the bed! And I think your chicken pot pie looks perfectly delicious especially for a snowy dinner.

  25. Hi Karen, what a beautiful post sharing your first snow. It really is lovely and your home looks so warm and cozy. From comfort food to relaxing with crochet in your lap, you have the perfect setting. Looks like the fur babies think so too. So nice to visit and smile when so many are hurting in the world. Blessings and hope to all.
    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment. Have a nice evening. xo

  26. That is so beautiful. I confess I am looking forward to our first snow.

  27. Hi Karen,
    Wow snow already? It does look pretty though. Perfect for cooking and baking and crochet!
    I'm not ready for snow yet!
    Thanks for joining and sharing at our party Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  28. really lovely, that sneaky snow! cute pups and kitties, too.

  29. Ooooooh we do have so much in common!! I LOVE snow, especially those unexpected light dustings, no clean up required. Second, comfort food is a must if it snows, yours was perfect. I am a knitter and knitting and snow go so well together. Your home looks so warm and cozy, I like all the windows, open to the outdoors!!

  30. Nice blog post.
    And here across the Atlantic we got the first snow yesterday!

  31. Nice blog post.
    And here across the Atlantic we got the first snow yesterday!

  32. Dearest Karen,
    That was for sure a surprise!
    We got Saturday night 34°F so Pieter did bring the tender tropical plants inside the greenhouse.
    Now it is mild again and it had been during the day before as well, just that sudden plunge.
    It is the time of year though and I wonder if Kai lived through any show season before?
    Our pets live such a warm and sheltered life; which is good!

  33. We had our first snow last week and tonight we are getting more snow! Winter has come to Colorado. You chicken pot pie looks delicious, and oatmeal cookies are my favorite!

  34. I could handle the comfort food but I am not ready for snow yet. Thankfully we have had unusually warm weather, but when snow comes it is gonna be tough.

  35. Beautiful to wake up too, even more so when your not expecting it, I love your different reaction from all your furbabies, the fire looks so cozy. Will we see the finish project for your grandbaby?

    1. Hi Connie - yes! I will show it when I am done - hopefully with a chubby baby to model it! Thank you so much for your sweet visits. xo Karen

  36. Oh how pretty, Karen...this whole post makes me want to curl up with hot cocoa and a good book. Your home is so welcoming and beautiful. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments on my blog, Karen...xo

  37. Your first snow is beautiful, Karen. And the chicken pot pies look delicious (one of my favorites). My father-in-law made the best oatmeal and raisin cookies, and I always think about him when I see oatmeal cookies. : ) Everything looks wonderful around your house, and your dog, Kai, seems curious about the snow too. It must be so nice to be able to look out your large window and see the beautiful snow.


  38. Hello, the snow is pretty. Your view out your windows are lovely. I would be like the kitties, happy to see it melt away. Your Chicken Pot pie looks delicious as do the cookies, YUM! Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  39. Hi dear Karen , ya llego el invierno allá ,lindas imágenes de la nieve

  40. A little crocheting in front of your toasty fire, chicken pot pie, old fashioned oatmeal cookies and a sprinkling of snow in your gorgeous wintry is beautiful! Oh how glorious is that view of yours, Karen.

  41. So beautiful! But I'm not ready to deal with it here yet, lol. I'm a fall weather person or early Spring. Not too hot and not too cold. ;-) The chicken pot pie looks delicious!! Animals look like they are enjoying the days too. Have a lovely day!


  42. It looks like you will have a white christmas stay warm and cosy.

  43. Oh pass me a cookie! You do a really good job of making winter look good! The snow is so pretty, I wonder what the crazy poodle would do in the snow?!

  44. I'm catching up on visiting today and found this post I missed. The first snow is always so pretty. Chicken pot pie and cookies - perfect for a cold day. (or any day for me)


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