Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cottage Love with Good Fences

Isn't this the most wonderful 'cottage', Dear Friends?
The 2nd story glass looks out onto the roaring Pacific Ocean <3
The blue doors are the perfect touch.

I hope you have been well
these last few days.
Thank you for your sweet visits.
I enjoy them so much!

We have had stormy weather
after our lovely snowfall, with heavy rain
and high winds that have brought down
trees and caused considerable flooding
in many places, here in Washington State. 

We lost our electricity for a few hours
 the evening before last,
but we had no damage,
although many were not so fortunate
and my heart goes out to them.

I've been staying close to home, 
so I thought I would use photos from 
our recent trip to Seabrook, WA
for 'Good Fences' today.

Come along with me (and my trusty Nikon camera)
 and we will take a peek at some pretty little fences
and a few pretty cottages, too. 

The shingled cottage with the blue trim was our rental. 
You can see how weathered the fence is
along the walking trail by the row of cottages. 

This area by the Pacific has fierce weather from
November to April. 
A great place to 'storm watch' in winter,
but lovely in every season. 

This fence frames a unique porch
and balcony with interesting detail.

I love how these cottages
are painted in sea colors. 

Here we have cottages with
a 'white picket fence'.

I particularly like all
the windows
trimmed in white.

The black inner trim on the windows
above the garage are a nice touch.

This rustic staircase has a colorful
collection of buoys.

The hanging gate is a nice touch.

I like the rustic board inner fencing
and walkway, too.

This beautiful house has a lovely Nordic feel
with its red siding and white trim.

More buoys line the neat fence.

More buoys! Love the pink shoes! <3
(And the street light)

It's good to know we're headed in the right direction!


A charming street corner.

I love the balconies.
Notice the 'Widow's Walk'?

A pretty fence.

So many wonderful architectural details
on every cottage, like this cupola on the roof.

A little surprise.....

Or two! This beautiful fuchsia
blooms in a protected alley
at the end of October!

Friendly front porches.

The cottage to the right is newly
constructed with stickers still on the windows.

A picturesque grouping.

I love the first cottage with
 the pretty pane windows.

Another view.

Don't you love the street lights?

Painted bicycles on a hill. <3

Not sure what this is all about....
a stand alone gate with a missing 'tooth'.

Wonderful walking lanes.

The fence around our rented cottage.

A unique latch.
(The board lifts up)

Time to go back inside.

Thank you for coming along, Dear Friends!

I hope you enjoyed this walk as much as I did!


Today I am linking with: The Run*A*Round Ranch Report - Good Fences

Won't you join the fun? 


  1. Hello, the cottages are beautiful. What a lovely place to live and or rent. I enjoyed the tour and your photos! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. Oh, that was lovely, Karen. Aren't they beautiful! My favorite was the red and white with the touch of blue. So pretty. The homes remind me of those in Newfoundland, Canada. Deb

  3. Oh how totally in love I am! This place is perfect for a vacation! how lucky you were to stay there a while! So much to see and enjoy around every corner!
    thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Hi dear Karen ,, qué bonitas esas casas , me encanta ese estilo muy propio de las casas de pueblo de usa

  5. Those 'cottages' standing wide, tall and handsome behind those fences are rather glorious! Mmmm......I could take residence in any one of them.....I can but dream! I love the bikes, particularly the rusty relic resting beside the fence.

  6. I am sorry you have had so much bad weather...We have had tons of rain and some wind but nothing like what you talked about.....I have really enjoyed your posts of that beautiful beach town where your family celebrated your birthday. The cottages there are just beautiful.....

  7. really, really nice! picket heaven! :) glad you didn't have damage at your place!

  8. I enjoyed that walk with you, lovely houses.

  9. It's so pretty! Is that a little Father Christmas buoy hanging there? Probably not, but it looks like it! x

  10. Hi Karen,

    Love all the wonderful homes and fences and lovely to see a little of your side of the world.
    Never nice having the power go out and glad that there was no damage at your place.
    Enjoy the weekend

  11. What an awesome display of lovely,colorful homes and fences.

  12. We had high winds but not like they did in Spokane and not the rain that you've had on your side of the state although it is raining here today. - Those "cottages" look almost as big as our entire house. They do paint them in lovely colors and the sea decor on the gates is really a nice touch. It would be a lovely place to visit or live.

  13. What a pretty and quaint place to stay on vacation. I love it and thanks for sharing these photos!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend. If I don't talk to you again have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  14. Karen, I love all those old weathered fences. They look much loved! Thank you for sharing with us!

  15. I always think you find the neatest fences for good fences. Don't you love those old bikes all lined up! Enjoy your evening sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  16. Ooooooh those fences are pretty awesome but I am so distracted by those beautiful, seashore cottages. You can always tells when you are near the beach, the bikes are lined up, the buoys hang in plain sight and there is always a sign, guiding you to the beach!!

    Awesome captures, we are having a pleasant rain day here at the jersey shore!!

  17. Dear Karen,
    this is really such a wonderful place! Lovely cottages and wonderful fences! Thank you for all those wonderful pictures! Great,to come along with you :O)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, filled with Love and Joy,
    Hugs and Blessings to you, my dear friend,
    Claudia xo

  18. I love this style of cottage! So different from our swedish houses here...
    A lovely post again!
    Have a happy weekend, take care...

  19. I love these cottages; their colors and how they are decorated.
    Have a great Friday

  20. It looks like such a wonderful place to vacation! I love that third photo especially. Gorgeous!

  21. Pure fence love here in your awesome photos. Love each and everyone and what a wonderful place to walk and vacation. Love the cottages. I could live there forever. Glad you didn't have any damage in the bad weather. Have a wonderful weekend and blessings to you. xo

  22. The fences and the cottages just look so cozy! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! Lynn

  23. Very beautiful cottages and fences and I also like the unique vintage style lampposts. I really enjoyed the walk with you around this cottage community. Have a lovely weekend Karen.

  24. I always love walking through areas to see the homes. I live in Oregon City, the end of the Oregon Trail and oldest city in Oregon, and it is filled with historic old homes! Towns with history have some unique homes to see. The coastal homes are also fun to see.

  25. How pretty are the houses of your buoys, balconies and bicycles post. It looks a magnificent spot for a holiday, I was just reflecting how same, same but different our ocean houses are! Those star fish in the windows are clever.
    Keep safe and dry this week!
    Wren x

  26. I've gotta go there one of theses days for it would be the perfect vacation .. It's on my wish list!!
    Thanks for sharing all the unique photos -- I am in LOVE with this place. I can see why you love the place too!

  27. wow, you can spend a lot of time in this area just to see what people have come up with. Very interesting area.

  28. Sorry to hear about your storms and flooding, I didn't know that, glad to hear you made it through and didn't lose your power for any longer than you did.
    I just love this area you all went to, it is just beautiful, I too love the colors and the gray of the wood weathered from time. Those street lights are cool. My favorite is the gray house with all the balconies! Have a good weekend


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